10 Unique Accesories for Your Home Office

Updated on: by Miranda Grimm

Unique Accessories for a Home Office

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Working from home certainly has its many advantages. Being able to decorate and arrange your home office however you feel is one of them! I should be taking this perk a bit more seriously. My home office space is crying out for some personality. Which is what led me to browsing Amazon for unique and fun office supplies. Let me share some of my favorite things with you!

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Retro Pointer Finger Mouse

This is just absolutely awesome! A mouse shaped like a pixelated pointer finger. It just doesn’t get any better than that. This would certainly add some personality to my home office. I just wish it were wireless.

Buy a Retro Pointer Finger Mouse Now


Woopsy Table Lamp

Oops! Looks like someone is dumping paint all over my desk. This desk lamp is perfect for my creative side. What is even cooler is this lamp, or rather art piece, comes in lots of colors.

Buy a Woopsy Table Lamp Now



‘Numeros’ Rubber Coasters

I always have a drink sitting on my desk while I’m working. Currently I use some beautiful crocheted coasters but there is something about the vintage look of these number coasters that caught my attention.

Buy ‘Numeros’ Rubber Coasters Now.



Magnetic Hand Pen Holder

Keep all your pens handy. HaHa.

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I love how this pen holder has a magnetic end on it- that would actually come in most handy to keep my earrings safe. I tend to take my earrings off while working and I’m always losing them.

Buy a Hand Pen Holder with Magnetic Back Now


Stress Ball Paul

No home office is complete without an easily accessible stress ball. This balled up guy looks like me when I try to work in the coding of my websites.

Buy This Stress Ball Today


Dead Fred Pen Holder

Stress ball Paul and this pen holder must be related. Or maybe whatever happened to Fred is why Paul is so stressed out! Whatever way it works – I’m certain it’s related.

Buy a Dead Fred Pen Holder



Money Memo Pads

I guess I like to surround myself with the very thing I am working so hard toward – thousand dollar bills baby!

Buy Some Money Memo Paper Notepads



 I Just Drink Coffee Sign

I would smile every day when I looked at this hanging over my desk. Its perfect for my home office.

Buy a Just Drink Coffee Sign


Butt Station

While I guess this tape and pen holder is a bit crude – I still find it to be a pretty fun and unique desk ornament. The back of what is suppose to be the toilet bowl is a post it note holder. The inside of the toilet bowl has a nice little well to store little things – and this guy’s butt is magnetic too!

Buy Your Own Butt’ Office Supply Station


Fit Bio Shaker

This one is a bit different than the other, more creative, office supplies I found on Amazon. This foot stool – like creation promotes blood circulation for those long hours of sitting. We always recommend getting up at least every 2 hours to take a walk around your house. This is an easy way to prevent life-threatening blood clots in your legs. However, it is very easy to get wrapped up in what you are doing – causing you to forget to stand up and shake your legs around once in a while. This Bio Shaker helps keep your blood moving and also functions as a massager! Need I say more?
Get Your Fit Bio Shaker


What unique items do you have in your home office to show your personality?

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