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With the rise of platforms like Carvertise, car owners have found an innovative way to generate income by turning their vehicles into moving billboards.

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As technology continues to redefine traditional advertising methods, a slew of new apps is emerging to offer similar opportunities.

Whether you’re looking to maximize your car’s earning potential or seeking fresh advertising avenues, these 15 apps like Carvertise deserve your attention.

But before we proceed, what is Carvatise?

Carvertise is an innovative advertising solution that connects drivers and brands, allowing everyday cars to become moving billboards for a variety of advertisers.

It is a platform where businesses can advertise their products or services on regular commuters’ and rideshare drivers’ vehicles. This turns everyday cars into moving billboards, creating a unique and extensive marketing reach.

How does it work?

Drivers sign up on the Carvertise website and, after a vetting process, are matched with campaigns based on their driving patterns. Once selected for a campaign, the driver’s car is professionally wrapped with the advertisement, ensuring the vehicle is not damaged.

Drivers then continue their daily routines, earning money while advertising for the brand.

Earning Potential:

Carvertise typically pays drivers between $100 to $200 per month, depending on the campaign. However, the exact amount may vary based on factors such as the duration of the campaign, driving routes, and size of the advertisement on the car.

Who can join?

Most campaigns require cars to be from 2008 or newer, with a factory finish paint job, and drivers should have a clean driving record.

Additionally, driving a minimum number of miles might be a criterion for some campaigns, ensuring maximum exposure for the advertisement.

1. Wrapify

What is Wrapify?

Wrapify stands out in the realm of performance-driven advertisement. Unlike traditional platforms, Wrapify measures ad exposure in real-time, determining reach and impressions as drivers move through various locales.

How does it work?

The app tracks drivers’ routes, measuring the advertisement’s exposure and impressions. This data-driven methodology ensures advertisers know their ad spend’s impact, making it attractive for businesses seeking measurable advertising results.

Earning Potential:

Drivers are remunerated based on the exposure they generate. Their earnings relate directly to the geographical areas they cover and the number of impressions their ads gather, making daily commutes or drives more financially rewarding.

2. StickerRide

What is StickerRide?

StickerRide offers an engaging twist on car advertising by gamifying the process. It’s not just about showcasing ads; it’s about making the experience interactive and enjoyable for drivers.

How does it work?

Drivers earn points based on various factors: the distances they travel, specific tasks they complete, and even particular locations they visit. This system ensures constant driver engagement and keeps the displayed advertisements in constant motion.

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Earning Potential:

The interactive model has a dynamic pricing structure. Campaigns are tailored to specific budgets, allowing drivers to maximize their earning potential based on the campaigns they opt into and the tasks they fulfill.

3. Nickelytics

What is Nickelytics?

Nickelytics is perfect for those who spend a significant portion of their day on the road, such as rideshare drivers. It understands that prolonged driving sessions mean extensive ad exposure.

How does it work?

It offers advertising campaigns tailored to drivers’ habits. By tracking regular routes and driving patterns, Nickelytics ensures ads reach the desired demographic, making it valuable for brands aiming for specific market segments.

Earning Potential:

Given the prolonged periods these drivers spend on the road, they have the potential to generate substantial ad exposure, leading to more substantial earnings when compared to short-distance drivers.

4. ReferralCars

What is ReferralCars?

ReferralCars differs by emphasizing commission-based ads, a departure from the traditional fixed-rate car advertising models.

How does it work?

Drivers actively promote services or businesses via their vehicle displays. When customers engage due to the displayed ad – such as visiting a website or making a purchase – drivers earn a commission.

Earning Potential:

This model can prove lucrative, especially in densely populated areas where the likelihood of customer engagement is high. The potential earnings are directly tied to the effectiveness of the advertisement and the driver’s strategic placement.

5. Carwango

What is Carwango?

Carwango focuses on the intersection of mobile advertising and community connection. It’s not just about national brands; it’s about promoting and supporting local businesses.

How does it work?

Local businesses can collaborate with drivers in their area to advertise their offerings. This localized approach ensures ads resonate with viewers, as they are directly relevant to their communities.

Earning Potential:

For drivers, this means not only earning additional income but also actively supporting their local economies, often leading to stronger community ties and potentially better remuneration from local advertisers.

6. Vugo

What is Vugo?

Vugo is distinct as it focuses on rideshare drivers, especially those working for services like Uber and Lyft. They have a digital platform displaying ads to passengers inside the vehicle.

How does it work?

Rideshare drivers install a tablet in the back seat for passengers. As they ride, passengers view short advertisements, and the driver earns money for each ad displayed.

Earning Potential:

For those frequently ferrying passengers, especially in busy cities, Vugo can offer a nice boost to their regular earnings. Depending on passenger count and ride frequency, drivers can earn a significant amount monthly.

7. CarQuids

What is CarQuids?

CarQuids extends its reach by collaborating with major brands, ensuring a variety of advertising campaigns that drivers can opt for.

How does it work?

After registration, drivers are matched with suitable brands. The cars are then adorned with non-damaging ads, and drivers go about their daily routes, promoting the brand.

Earning Potential:

CarQuids drivers can make up to £100 per month. Their unique proposition ensures brands get a considerable amount of visibility, and drivers are compensated appropriately for their role.

8. Pay Me For Driving

What is Pay Me For Driving?

Pay Me For Driving is primarily oriented towards residents of the St. Louis area. This local focus ensures ads are geo-targeted, resonating better with the local population.

How does it work?

Drivers apply and, once selected, are paired with local businesses in need of mobile advertising. Their vehicles are wrapped with these ads, turning them into mobile billboards.

Earning Potential:

While specific earnings are contingent upon the campaign and driving areas, local drivers benefit from promoting businesses they are familiar with, which can lead to community-based incentives and offers.

9. Adz In Motion

What is Adz In Motion?

Adz In Motion capitalizes on high-density traffic areas, ensuring advertisers get maximum visibility and drivers earn while they navigate through their daily routines.

How does it work?

Drivers apply and are selected based on their driving patterns and locations. Advertisements are then placed on their vehicles, transforming them into advertising agents.

Earning Potential:

The earning potential varies based on the campaign, location, and duration. However, consistent driving in bustling areas ensures higher visibility and better remuneration.

10. BrandCar

What is BrandCar?

BrandCar focuses on creating memorable mobile advertising experiences. Through high-quality vehicle wraps and strategic placement, it offers a dynamic advertising model.

How does it work?

BrandCar assesses each driver’s habits, ensuring the ads they carry resonate with the areas they frequently travel. This strategic alignment maximizes the ad’s impact.

Earning Potential:

Depending on the ad campaign, drivers can earn a consistent monthly income. The emphasis on strategic ad placements ensures both brands and drivers benefit from this model.

11. AdverCar

What is AdverCar?

AdverCar promises a straightforward and effective approach to car advertising, leveraging the daily commutes of everyday drivers.

How does it work?

Drivers are paired with suitable brands and receive non-damaging decals to place on their vehicles. As they navigate their daily routes, they amplify brand messages effortlessly.

Earning Potential:

AdverCar drivers can pocket anywhere from $100 to $200 a month. Their simple yet effective model ensures that drivers earn effortlessly while brands enjoy widespread visibility.

12. Adzze

What is Adzze?

Adzze offers an interesting twist on traditional advertising by focusing on placing ads in unexpected locations to maximize visibility, and this includes cars. Their unconventional approach can be an advantage for businesses wanting to stand out.

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How does it work?

Drivers can sign up and get chosen for campaigns that fit their driving pattern. Once approved, they receive the ad material, typically magnets or stickers, to display on their cars.

Earning Potential:

With Adzze, earnings can vary based on the prominence of the ad placement and duration of the campaign. However, consistent driving can lead to stable monthly earnings.

13. AdMobilize

What is AdMobilize?

AdMobilize blends the realms of car advertising with advanced technology, focusing on real-time data and analytics. They offer an engaging platform for brands looking to get insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns.

How does it work?

Upon signing up, drivers get their vehicles equipped with cameras and sensors. These tools capture data about who views the ads, providing invaluable feedback to advertisers.

Earning Potential:

Given the advanced nature of their campaigns, AdMobilize often pays drivers more than traditional car advertising platforms. The added responsibility of maintaining and operating the tech equipment is rewarded with higher compensations.

14. Rollin’ Ads

What is Rollin’ Ads?

Rollin’ Ads emphasizes high-quality, full-car wraps that turn any vehicle into a captivating mobile billboard. Their vibrant ads are hard to miss, ensuring maximum brand visibility.

How does it work?

After a driver is vetted and approved, their vehicle is wrapped in a premium-quality advertisement. The driver then just continues with their regular driving patterns, making money as they move.

Earning Potential:

Rollin’ Ads offers competitive compensation, with drivers potentially earning between $300 to $600 per month based on the campaign and the geographical region they cover.

15. MyFreeCar

What is MyFreeCar?

MyFreeCar aptly encapsulates its model in its name, offering drivers the opportunity to offset vehicle costs through advertising. Partnering with several brands, they provide various campaigns drivers can engage in.

How does it work?

Drivers sign up and, once approved, are matched with a brand campaign. They receive the necessary branding materials, which they then place on their cars, turning them into roaming ads.

Earning Potential:

While earnings can vary, consistent driving and longer campaigns can see drivers earning several hundred dollars over the campaign’s duration.

Bonus: Adverttu

Adverttu leverages technology to create dynamic, data-driven car advertising campaigns that offer drivers an opportunity to earn from their daily commutes.

What is Adverttu?

Adverttu is a car advertising platform that blends data analytics and technology to create impactful campaigns for brands. It turns drivers’ cars into smart, data-collecting billboards.

How does it work?

Drivers sign up on the Adverttu platform and install a digital advertising screen on their car. The screen displays real-time advertisements tailored to the driver’s location and demographics.

Earning Potential:

Adverttu offers drivers a monthly earning potential based on their driving patterns, the screen’s visibility, and the campaign’s reach. With the incorporation of technology, earnings can vary widely but often provide a competitive income opportunity for participants.

Wrap Up

The domain of vehicular advertising has truly evolved, providing drivers with an array of platforms to capitalize on.

It not only allows them to make a substantial passive income but also offers advertisers a cost-effective method to enhance their visibility.

In the modern age where every space is becoming a potential advertising platform, vehicles are proving to be one of the most effective.

So, whether you’re looking to advertise or earn, it’s time to hit the road and drive your message home.

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