25 Remote-Work Influencers You Should Be Following

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy
A remote work influencer on the job

The rise of remote work has transformed the way we approach our careers, and following the right thought leaders can be a game-changer.

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Whether you’re a seasoned remote worker or just beginning your journey, staying connected with the top remote-work influencers can offer valuable insights and inspiration.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the 25 most influential figures in the remote work landscape, each one a beacon of knowledge in this ever-evolving field.

25 Remote-Work Influencers You Should Be Following

The rise of remote work calls for expert insights and strategies. The following 25 real influencers have shaped the way remote work is understood and practiced today, offering a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone looking to navigate the remote work landscape.

1. Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg is the co-founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic. He’s been a powerful advocate for remote work, setting an example with his company, which operates with a global distributed team.

Matt regularly shares insights into how to manage remote teams, build culture that transcends physical locations, and maintain productivity and creativity in a virtual environment. Following him will provide a masterclass in thriving in a remote environment, an essential voice in the remote work movement.

2. Sara Sutton

Sara Sutton is the CEO and founder of FlexJobs. Her passion for promoting remote work led to the creation of a platform dedicated to flexible and remote job opportunities.

Sara actively speaks about remote work’s benefits, job searching, career advancement, and growth in remote settings. Her leadership in the remote work industry offers valuable insights for remote job seekers, employers, and professionals.

3. Buffer Team

The Buffer Team is known for their transparent remote work practices. Through blogs, social media posts, and open-source documents, they share experiences and lessons learned from remote work.

Their emphasis on transparency, work-life balance, and company culture provides a real-world view of what makes a successful remote company, serving as an essential guide for anyone looking to succeed in the remote work environment.

4. Darren Murph

Darren Murph is GitLab’s Head of Remote. He has literally written the book on remote work.

Darren’s hands-on approach to building and managing remote teams is shared through various channels, including talks, webinars, and articles. His guidance covers everything from managing remote teams to building a thriving remote company culture.

Darren’s insights are invaluable for those looking to dive into remote work management.

5. Kate Kendall

Kate Kendall is the founder of CloudPeeps. She has actively contributed to the gig economy and remote work through her focus on community building, freelancing, and virtual connections.

Kate’s unique perspective on work, remote culture, and online freelancing offers rich insights for both remote professionals and freelancers looking to build their careers online.

6. Jason Fried

Jason Fried, CEO at Basecamp, has been a pioneer in remote work. Authoring “Remote: Office Not Required” and giving insightful talks, he has challenged conventional office-based work.

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His ideas focus on the feasibility, benefits, and long-term sustainability of remote work, providing compelling arguments and insights for remote work’s continued growth and success.

7. Liam Martin

Liam Martin is the co-founder of Time Doctor and Running Remote. His expertise in productivity within remote work, software solutions, and remote work conferences brings together remote work advocates.

From tools that track productivity to networking events that foster connections, Liam’s multifaceted approach offers a comprehensive view of remote work.

8. Laurel Farrer

Laurel Farrer, a remote work strategist and CEO of Distribute Consulting, is a global thought leader in remote work. She often works with governments, communities, and businesses to establish remote-friendly legislation and frameworks.

Laurel’s expertise and insights into remote work policy and strategy make her an essential voice to follow for anyone interested in the broader implications and future directions of remote work.

9. Daron Robertson

Daron Robertson, CEO of BroadPath Healthcare Solutions, leads a company that employs a fully remote workforce. His leadership showcases how remote work can be successfully applied in the healthcare industry.

Daron’s perspective is invaluable for those looking to understand how remote work can be implemented across various industries, including those that are traditionally office-based.

10. Tara Vasdani

Tara Vasdani, Founder of Remote Law Canada, has changed the way legal practices can be conducted remotely. Her work in making legal services accessible online is pioneering and offers insights into how traditional professions can evolve to embrace remote work, a fascinating area of exploration for legal professionals and beyond.

11. Bryan Miles

Bryan Miles, CEO and Co-founder of BELAY, is a prominent voice in virtual staffing solutions. He champions the idea that organizations can achieve remarkable success by leveraging virtual assistants, bookkeepers, and web specialists.

BELAY’s work culture is built around remote work, providing key insights into remote staffing and leadership. Bryan’s thoughts on remote culture are instrumental for businesses looking to adopt or optimize remote work environments.

He also frequently shares practical tips on leadership and remote team collaboration.

12. Tammy Bjelland

Tammy Bjelland, Founder and CEO of Workplaceless, is an expert in remote work training and education. Her company develops training solutions that enable businesses to succeed in flexible and remote environments.

With a focus on key remote work skills, tools, and best practices, she provides actionable insights that help remote professionals thrive. Tammy’s contribution to remote education has paved the way for successful remote work adoption across various industries, empowering both individual remote workers and companies to adapt to the remote work landscape.

13. Hiten Shah

Hiten Shah, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of multiple SaaS companies like Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, is a strong advocate for remote work. He regularly shares insights into building and scaling remote tech companies.

Hiten’s entrepreneurial journey, grounded in remote work principles, provides invaluable lessons for tech professionals, startups, and entrepreneurs interested in leveraging remote work to drive business growth, innovation, and team collaboration. His writings on product development, marketing, and remote team management are widely followed and respected.

14. Dom Price

Dom Price, Work Futurist at Atlassian, is a thought leader in the evolving nature of work. His work encompasses research into global work trends, including remote, agile, and adaptive work practices.

Through workshops, speaking engagements, and research, Dom offers a comprehensive view of the future of work. His insights are critical for professionals and leaders who want to stay ahead of the curve and understand how work is transforming.

He also actively engages with organizations to help them adapt to new work methodologies.

15. Sid Sijbrandij

Sid Sijbrandij, CEO of GitLab, leads a company known for its fully remote team. Under Sid’s leadership, GitLab has become a model for remote work efficiency and innovation.

Sid’s transparent approach to remote work, including open documentation of the company’s remote work policies, provides real-world insights into building, managing, and scaling a fully remote organization. He frequently shares his thoughts on remote leadership, culture, and collaboration, contributing to the wider understanding of remote work’s potential to transform the way businesses operate.

16. Mariano Suarez-Battan

Mariano Suarez-Battan, CEO of MURAL, specializes in online collaboration tools that empower innovation and design thinking. Leading a company that actively supports remote collaboration, Mariano offers a unique perspective on fostering creativity and problem-solving in a remote setting.

His leadership in MURAL reflects an understanding of how technology can facilitate collaboration among dispersed teams, and his thoughts on design, innovation, and remote work culture are invaluable for businesses looking to create a thriving remote creative environment.

17. Rachel Carrell

Rachel Carrell, CEO of Koru Kids, has integrated technology into childcare through her tech-enabled platform. Rachel’s innovative work demonstrates how traditional industries can leverage remote work principles to create new and efficient business models.

Her approach has transformed childcare coordination and service delivery, bridging gaps in an industry not typically associated with remote work. Rachel’s expertise extends to entrepreneurship, healthcare, and social innovation, making her insights relevant for a wide array of professionals interested in how remote work can disrupt conventional industries.

18. Greg Caplan

Greg Caplan, Founder and CEO of Remote Year, connects remote work with travel through programs that combine working remotely with living in different cities around the world. His innovative approach to lifestyle design, travel, and remote work offers a fresh perspective on work-life balance and global experiences.

Greg’s insights into building a global community of remote professionals, coupled with his knowledge of travel logistics and international living, provide an enriching view of how remote work can redefine conventional work arrangements and lifestyle choices.

19. Sarah K. Peck

Sarah K. Peck, Founder of Startup Pregnant, focuses on women’s experiences in the workplace, including remote work. Her work explores themes of diversity, inclusion, and work-life balance, shedding light on unique challenges and opportunities that women face in the remote work environment.

Sarah’s podcasts, writings, and speaking engagements provide a vital perspective on remote work from a gender and diversity angle, promoting inclusive work cultures that support women in various stages of life and career.

20. Ian Siegel

Ian Siegel, CEO of ZipRecruiter, has a bird’s-eye view of the online job market, including remote work trends. Leading one of the most popular job marketplaces, Ian’s expertise provides insights into the evolving dynamics of employment, including how remote work fits into the broader hiring landscape.

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His thoughts on recruitment, talent acquisition, and remote work policies are essential for hiring managers, job seekers, and business leaders navigating the shifting terrain of modern employment.

21. Laurel Farrer

Laurel Farrer, CEO of Distribute Consulting, is a thought leader in the remote work community. With her extensive experience in virtual operations management, she actively consults with governments and industries on remote work strategy.

Her insights into remote work policy, team management, and operational efficiency provide valuable guidelines for organizations looking to transition to or optimize their remote work environments. Laurel’s frequent articles, podcasts, and speeches delve into the complexities of virtual collaboration, offering practical advice for a wide array of remote work scenarios.

22. Liam Martin

Liam Martin, Co-founder of Time Doctor and Running Remote, focuses on remote team productivity and efficiency. As the mind behind productivity management tools, he offers vital insights into maintaining and measuring productivity in remote environments.

His initiatives in Running Remote, a community for remote business leaders, facilitate knowledge sharing and best practices in remote team management. Liam’s perspectives on remote work technology, culture, and performance metrics are integral for managers and leaders looking to build and sustain effective remote teams.

23. Kate Lister

Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics, specializes in flexible work strategies, including remote and telework. Her extensive research and publications on remote work trends, benefits, and implementation challenges offer a comprehensive view of remote work’s impact on businesses and employees.

Kate’s thought leadership in workplace flexibility is recognized by governments, employers, and industry bodies, making her insights crucial for anyone looking to understand or leverage the economic and societal advantages of remote work.

24. Darren Murph

Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab, has a unique role that exemplifies remote work leadership. In overseeing the culture, processes, and growth of GitLab’s entirely remote team, Darren’s insights into remote work are both practical and visionary.

His work in establishing and documenting remote work practices sets a benchmark for companies aspiring to create efficient remote work environments. Darren’s transparent approach, along with his regular contributions on remote leadership and culture, provides an actionable blueprint for remote work success.

25. Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg, Co-founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic, has been an early advocate of distributed work. His leadership in running a largely distributed company provides authentic insights into remote work’s potential, challenges, and solutions.

Matt’s reflections on asynchronous communication, remote work tools, and global collaboration offer a window into the future of work. His philosophy on distributed work is influential, and his public conversations on remote work transformation have inspired businesses and professionals to embrace the flexibility and innovation that remote work enables.


Navigating the remote work environment can be complex, but these 25 influencers have paved the way with their wisdom, experience, and innovative thinking.

By following their guidance, you can stay ahead of the curve and thrive in your remote career.

Explore their content, engage with their communities, and let their expertise guide your path as you embrace the exciting possibilities that remote work offers in 2023 and beyond.

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