Online Writing Jobs Review – Make Money With Your Writing Skills

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

You might be amazed at how many writing jobs are out there today.

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There are loads of great jobs for you to look for that cover a vast variety of subjects and topics.

But how are you going to find something that is attractive and great for you to work with?

Well, the Online Writing Jobs website will give you the help you desire.

It’s a place that helps you find great freelance writing jobs that you can complete at home.

I really like how this place offers so many positions for you to work with.

You can write on practically anything through this great site.

But what does the site have to offer in particular?

More importantly, can you actually make money by writing for the site?

The answer to that last question is indeed yes.

You can make money by writing for the site although it does have some strong standards in terms of what you have to do in order to earn money here.

About the Site

Online Writing Jobs was formed by Brian Scott.

Scott is a fellow freelance writer who wants people to understand more about the many jobs that they can take advantage of.

The site was formed to help people understand what types of jobs are available for their use.

It helps by providing writers with detailed information on many projects.

I bet you might be able to find something that works well for you here.

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Now, this site is primarily designed to help you find different jobs in many fields.

It has sections dedicated to journalism, copy editing, proofreading, copywriting and blogging.

The site is regularly updated with new information on all kinds of projects of value to you.

The information here is very specific and will help you to learn more about all sorts of great things.

But one thing you can do here entails writing for the site itself.

This place has its own blog that you can write for. But how can you write for the site?

Signing Up

To sign up to write for the site, you have to use the Write For Us section on the top right part of the website.

This will bring you to a section where you can learn about what you can do here.

You will have to sign up by filling in the application on the site.

You’ll have to enter in details on your personal website if you have one, any experience you have as a writer and links to samples of your work if it has been published online.

Brian Scott clearly has strong standards when it comes to hiring writers.

He even wants you to pitch a few article ideas.

At least you have the right to choose any kind of article topic you want so long as it relates to being a freelance writer and knowing how to complete certain tasks.

What Articles Can You Write?

The types of articles you can write for the Online Writing Jobs blog can be rather varied.

You can write articles where you direct people to certain websites or publications that are hiring people.

You can talk about how to use social media or how to develop skills among other things.

Just think about what could be done to help improve upon your writing skills so you can develop great article ideas.

If you went to this site on your own without writing for it you’d probably want to get really useful information, right?

Think about what you would want to find on a site like this.

Use that to determine what you think you should be writing and proposing.

How Big Are the Articles?

The articles you’ll write will often entail a bunch of points.

They really like numbered articles that list convenient steps and ideas in a carefully organized order.

Of course, you probably like those articles too if only because they’re so well organized.

The site wants about 1,100 to 1,500 words per article.

The good news is that you get the final say on how long each one will be.

I love how the site at least gives you some freedom as to what you can do.

What Are You Paid?

You will be paid $50 for each article that is approved.

You will have to use the PayPal system to collect your money though.

They will pay you after each one is accepted so you won’t have to wait long to get your money.

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You can get as much money as possible on the site provided that you’ve got loads of great funds to work with.

Overall Review

My final analysis of Online Writing Jobs is that it is clearly more than just a place that you can check out when finding information on writing jobs of all sorts.

It’s also a place that helps you to get money by writing about the profession in general.

It is an attractive site that provides you with a number of great ways for you to make money.

You will be pleased at how well the site works and what it can provide to you for your general working needs.

Be sure to check this site out if you are aiming to get more out of this great field of work.

Apply to Online Writing Jobs Here

Other Sites Like Online Writing Jobs

You can also try these other options:


Upwork is one of the largest global freelancing platforms where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.

It offers jobs in various categories, including writing.

Whether you specialize in article writing, blog writing, content writing, or copywriting, you can find a wide array of job postings on Upwork.

ProBlogger Job Board

The ProBlogger Job Board is a popular destination for freelance writers who specialize in creating blog content.

You can find writing gigs from a variety of industries and niches.

The platform attracts serious employers who understand the value of good content and are willing to pay for it.


Freelancer is another large global freelancing platform similar to Upwork.

It offers a variety of writing jobs, from SEO articles to technical writing.

On Freelancer, you can either bid on projects or be directly hired by clients.


iWriter is a platform specifically designed for freelance writers.

Clients post projects and writers can take up any project they are interested in.

As you complete projects and receive positive feedback, you can move up in levels, which provides access to higher-paying jobs.


Contently is a platform that connects freelance writers with enterprise-level clients.

After creating a portfolio on Contently’s platform, the Contently team may match you with clients when there’s a good fit.

While it’s not the best platform for beginners due to its high entry requirements, experienced writers can find well-paying gigs on Contently.

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