15 Ways to Get Free CVS Gift Cards Today

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

Who wouldn’t love the convenience of a free gift card? Especially when it’s for a store as versatile as CVS, where you can find everything from your daily essentials to health products, beauty items, and much more. This blog post will unlock the secret to acquiring free CVS gift cards by revealing 15 proven ways. Let’s delve into it!

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What are CVS Gift Cards?

Let’s start with the basics. A CVS gift card is a prepaid stored-value money card issued by CVS Pharmacy.

Consider it as a wallet that’s already filled with money, which you can use as an alternative to cash for purchases at any CVS store or online at CVS.com.

Now, imagine not having to dig into your pocket for money but still being able to buy what you need, interesting, right?

These cards are incredibly versatile and easy to use.

Whether you want to purchase prescription medications, get that new mascara that just hit the shelves, or buy snacks for a movie night – a CVS gift card covers it all.

Therefore, if you’re a smart shopper aiming for convenience and savings, a CVS gift card becomes an essential tool in your arsenal.

Why are Free CVS Gift Cards Useful?

Let’s decipher the magic phrase – “Free CVS Gift Cards.” Free CVS gift cards are like free money, and who doesn’t like free money?

They are your ticket to stress-free shopping. With a CVS gift card, you have the freedom to purchase everyday items like toothpaste, paper towels, or coffee.

You can even use it to buy over-the-counter medications, cosmetics, and holiday gifts for your loved ones.

Imagine walking into a CVS store, filling up your cart with essentials, and not having to pay anything out of pocket at the checkout counter. Yes, that’s the power of a free CVS gift card.

Even if you fancy a special treat that usually isn’t on your shopping list, your gift card has got you covered. You can splurge on that scented candle or luxurious bath product you’ve been eyeing without a second thought.

15 Ways to Get Free CVS Gift Cards Today

Sign Up for Online Survey Websites

In the digital age, your opinions are valuable. Online survey websites such as Swagbucks and Survey Junkie offer a platform for you to share your views on various topics.

In return for your valuable input, you can earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards. Yes, including those for CVS!

So, not only can you voice your opinions but you can also get rewarded for it. Now, that’s a fantastic deal!

Join Reward Programs

If you love shopping and watching videos online, how about getting rewarded for it? Sounds intriguing, right?

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Reward programs like MyPoints offer points for doing just that and more. You can earn points for shopping at your favorite online stores, watching entertaining videos, and even reading emails.

The best part? You can exchange these points for gift cards from various retailers, including CVS. Thus, every fun activity turns into a rewarding experience.

Participate in Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are not just for shopping; they can also be your ticket to earning free CVS gift cards.

Websites like eBay often have promotional offers where you can earn free gift cards for purchasing specific items.

So, keep an eye on these deals, and you might find yourself with a free CVS gift card!

Use Cash Back Apps

Do you love shopping but also want to save money? Cash back apps are your answer.

Apps like Ibotta and Rakuten give you cash back on your purchases, which you can often redeem in the form of gift cards.

Just shop through the app, earn cash back, and choose a CVS gift card as your reward. It’s like getting paid to shop!

Enter Giveaways and Sweepstakes

Want a chance to win a free CVS gift card? Look no further than giveaways and sweepstakes.

Numerous websites and blogs host these events, offering you a chance to win free CVS gift cards. All it usually requires is your participation.

A quick Google search can lead you to these golden opportunities. Participate, and who knows, you might just be the lucky winner of a free CVS gift card!

Test Products or Services

Do you enjoy trying out new products or services? If so, you might be able to earn free CVS gift cards in the process.

Certain companies and platforms offer gift cards as a thank you for testing and reviewing their offerings.

Websites like Vindale Research serve as a starting point for this exciting venture. So, why wait? Start testing products today and earn free gift cards!

Refer Friends to Apps and Services

Referring friends to apps and services you love can be a lucrative business. Many apps and services run a referral program where you can earn free CVS gift cards for every friend you refer.

For example, Fetch Rewards offers such a program.

Therefore, you can benefit from sharing your favorite apps with friends and family and accumulate CVS gift cards along the way.

Use Credit Card Rewards

Many credit card companies run reward programs that offer gift cards as part of their benefits.

Depending on your credit card, you might be able to convert your reward points into CVS gift cards.

Hence, it’s worth checking your credit card benefits to see if this option is available to you.

If it is, then your everyday spending could lead to free CVS gift cards!

Check out Free Gift Card Websites

There are entire websites dedicated to helping you score free gift cards.

Websites like Gift Card Granny or Cardpool can be your gateway to free CVS gift cards.

These platforms offer numerous options to acquire or win gift cards.

Therefore, exploring such websites could lead to exciting gift card opportunities.

Participate in Online Communities and Forums

Online communities and forums, such as Reddit, are a goldmine of information, tips, and tricks for earning free gift cards.

Subreddits like r/giftcards often have threads where users share their experiences and strategies for scoring free gift cards.

By joining these communities, you can learn from the experiences of others and discover new ways to earn CVS gift cards.

Trade Unwanted Gift Cards

Sometimes, you might find yourself with gift cards for stores you don’t shop at. Instead of letting them gather dust, why not trade them for CVS gift cards?

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Websites like Raise allow you to sell unwanted gift cards and purchase others in exchange.

It’s a fantastic way to convert a gift card from a store you don’t frequent into a CVS gift card that you can use anytime.

Refer Friends to Apps and Services

In this era of digitalization, networking can become your key to earning free CVS gift cards.

Many apps and services offer a lucrative referral program where you can earn gift cards for every friend you bring on board.

One such service is Fetch Rewards, a shopping platform that rewards you for scanning receipts from your shopping trips.

The more friends you introduce to these platforms, the more gift cards you can earn. So, get ready to turn your social connections into potential earnings!

Use Credit Card Rewards

Utilizing your credit card rewards can be an efficient way to snag free CVS gift cards.

Some credit card companies, as part of their rewards program, offer an option to redeem points for gift cards.

If you are a frequent credit card user, you might have accumulated points that can translate into free CVS gift cards.

Check your credit card benefits or contact customer service to explore this option. Your everyday expenses could then turn into your pathway to free CVS purchases!

Check out Free Gift Card Websites

Do you wish to get your hands on free CVS gift cards without much hassle? Free gift card websites are your answer.

Platforms like Gift Card Granny or Cardpool can help you score free or discounted CVS gift cards.

These websites are essentially gift card exchanges where you can buy, sell, or trade gift cards at less than face value.

Browse through these platforms and secure your next CVS gift card!

Participate in Online Communities and Forums

The internet is a vast ocean of information, especially when it comes to finding ways to earn free gift cards.

Online communities like Reddit often feature threads where users share their strategies and experiences related to earning free gift cards.

Join these communities, participate in discussions, and you’ll discover a treasure trove of tips and tricks to get free CVS gift cards.

Remember, the best way to learn is often from the experiences of others.

Trade Unwanted Gift Cards

Have you ever received a gift card for a store you don’t frequently visit? Don’t let it go to waste.

Trade it for a CVS gift card instead!

Websites like Raise offer a platform where you can sell your unwanted gift cards and purchase others in exchange.

So, turn those unused gift cards into something more useful – a CVS gift card!

Complete Micro Tasks on Websites

Micro-task websites offer another avenue to earn free CVS gift cards.

Platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk allow users to complete small tasks for compensation. These tasks may include data validation, research participation, or content moderation.

The compensation you earn can often be redeemed for gift cards.

Thus, spending a few minutes on these tasks can result in a handy CVS gift card!

Engage with CVS Social Media

In the age of social media, staying connected can lead to unexpected rewards, such as free CVS gift cards. CVS often hosts giveaways and contests on their social media channels.

By following CVS on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can stay in the loop about these opportunities.

Remember to engage with their posts and participate in their contests – you never know when you might win a free CVS gift card!

Use Points Sites

Rewarding points sites are an excellent method to earn free CVS gift cards.

Websites like PrizeRebel allow you to earn points by completing various online activities such as watching videos, completing surveys, and more.

The points you accumulate can then be redeemed for gift cards. It’s a great way to earn while you surf the internet!

Join CVS’s own Reward Program

Why not go directly to the source to earn free CVS gift cards? CVS has its own rewards program called ExtraCare.

As an ExtraCare member, you can earn rewards on your purchases, which can be converted into free gift cards.

With regular shopping at CVS, your rewards can add up quickly.

So, sign up for the ExtraCare program and start reaping the benefits from your regular CVS shopping!

Tips to Maximize Your Earnings from these 15 Ways

While the prospect of earning free CVS gift cards sounds enticing, it’s crucial to approach these opportunities strategically to maximize your earnings.

Let’s explore some practical tips that can boost your chances of earning more gift cards and ensure that you get the most out of the methods discussed above.

Tip 1: Consistently Use Reliable Websites

Ensure that you are using safe, reliable, and trusted sites for earning gift cards.

Websites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and PrizeRebel have been in the business for years and have a solid reputation. Consistency is key here.

Regular use increases your chances of earning more points, which can be converted into gift cards.

Tip 2: Check for New Opportunities Regularly

To maximize your gift card earnings, regularly check your preferred survey sites, cashback apps, or reward programs for new opportunities.

These platforms often update their offers and tasks, and keeping an eye out for these changes can result in higher earnings.

Tip 3: Exercise Patience

Patience is indeed a virtue when it comes to earning free gift cards.

Some methods may take time to accumulate enough points or rewards for a gift card.

Don’t get disheartened. Continue with the tasks, and eventually, you’ll see your efforts pay off.

Tip 4: Take Advantage of Referral Programs

Most of the platforms that offer gift cards have referral programs.

Use this to your advantage. Invite your friends and family to these platforms using your unique referral link or code.

This way, you not only earn extra points or cash but also help others discover ways to earn free gift cards.

Tip 5: Combine Different Methods

Don’t limit yourself to just one method. Combine different ways of earning gift cards to optimize your results.

Participate in online surveys, complete micro-tasks, engage with CVS on social media, join reward programs, and more.

Each of these methods, when used together, can significantly boost your chances of earning more free CVS gift cards.

Wrap Up

There you have it – 15 ways to get free CVS gift cards today!

Now it’s time to start earning.

Remember, every little bit adds up, and before you know it, you’ll be saving money on your CVS shopping trips. Happy earning!

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