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Minute WorkersThere are many many sites online where you can complete simple tasks for a set rate. Erica recently reviewed mTurk and there are also companies like Shorttask and cloudcrowd. While these sites are pretty much known for cheap labor, many people have been fortunate to find recurring and well-paying work and some have even landed long-term gigs. While the pay is usually low and you have to sift through the work, I would never just write-off working for a task based site. When I first read a little about Minute Workers I wondered if there was anything different from all the others. I found that a friend who writes at AllStayatHome.com shared a little information about them and it sparked my interest to dig a little further.


What is Minute Workers and Short Task Based Work?

Minute Workers, like other short task sites,  is a place where people who need quick and simple web-based tasks completed can go to post their work as well as the pay per task. Workers like you and I can log in and sift through the work available and complete the tasks for the pay. Although, Minute Worker is the ‘middle man’,  they handle and ensure pay.


What kind of money can be made at Minute Workers?

This is going to vary quite a bit. Minute Workers does have a minimum they require their clients to stick with. No task will be under ten cents. Considering many tasks are quick to complete, the pay is often low but easy to make. However, there are some tasks that can take a lot of time and the pay is really low. Being successful with short task based sites is all in sifting through the work. Often times you can find good paying and fun gigs, but most tasks listed are not worth the time to mess with. I suggest keeping sites like these in your bookmarked or saved files and return once in a while to see if you can find some good gigs.


When does Minute Worker pay?

Minute Workers pays through either PayPal or something new to me called Alert Pay. I am going to assume that since Minute Workers accepts registrants from all around the world that Alert Pay is a more internationally accepted form of payment.

Minute Workers pays after you ask them to send your money if you have at least $2. If you cash out at $10 or more then there is no charge. If you have less than $10 then you will be charged 10%. Considering PayPal charges Minutes Workers fees and in a way to prevent excessive pay-outs- the 10% fee for balances under $10 is understandable.

Minute Workers pays on the 15th and 30th of each month for accounts who have requested pay out.


Can I trust the work at Minute Workers?

As with most short task sites, you will need to sift through it to find work that is right for you. There are many listings for things like signing up for an insurance quote. I would not suggest giving out ANY information that makes you uncomfortable. Expect that if something requires your phone number or email that you WILL receive a call and lots of email! Setting up a secondary ‘junk’ email is good, but again, don’t do anything (especially for a quarter) that you may regret later.


What is the sign-up process at Minute Workers like?

Registering at Minute Workers is free and simple. They do not require a lot of detailed information, just your name, email and country of residence. A confirmation is emailed to you and you must click on the link inside the email to activate your account. Once you activate your account, you can log-in and immediately see the list of work available!


Minute Workers has a referral program. Although it is chance to earn some money, I often become disappointed when I see companies who pay referral pay.  It is a great way to get the word out about Minute Workers, but it also presents many biased opinions online. It becomes hard to know the truth about working for a company when so many are just promoting to earn referral pay. Please know that I have chosen to NOT share my referral link for this reason.


  1. Jazmin says

    This site is down? Is this a legit company? Here is what is said once you click on the link

    The website is in the process of being transferred back to the original owner. The site will remain down while the negotiations are taking place.

    Update (02/06/2013): The original owner has agreed to relaunch Minuteworkers on the 10th of June. All deposits made in May have been refunded.


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