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Zirtual has *paused* their business. More info to come. – 08/2015

Zirtual Assistant

I have heard the word Zirtual muttered around the work at home world for quite some time. I am now heavily into virtual assisting and I got excited when I was asked to review the company.

Who is Zirtual?

Zirtual, based out of San Francisco, has a very interesting and exciting background. You can learn more about it in this article by the founder herself- Maren Kate. Zirtual was created with passion and a drive to help people. In fact, Zirtual’s self-proclaimed calling is to “save people’s most precious asset, their time”.

Zirtual hires virtual agents to work from home as professional assistants to take on tasks such as Scheduling, Research, Reservations and other projects that can be completed remotely and online.


What Would You Do?

Working for Zirtual is a little different than many of the other familiar sites online. In fact, when hired with Zirtual you are known as a ZA, which is short for Zirtual Assistant. You are expected to handle a variety of tasks. One day you might be booking a flight and the next you may be doing research. Really, you do not know what kind of task you will be doing. So, being flexible is probably an important trait to have when working at Zirtual as an assistant.

Taken from Zirtual’s website, this is what they expect from their ZA’s.

What we expect from a Zirtual Assistant:

  • Prompt responses to clients’ questions and requests
  • Internet savvy
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong internet research skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • A high-speed internet connection
  • Solid phone access; landline or dependable cell phone
  • Availability during working hours to respond to and engage with your clients
  • Familiarity with standard assistant tools like Google docs, Gcal, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, etc.
  • Strong desire to help people and a positive attitude


Who does Zirtual serve?

The clients of Zirtual are unique in their own. Mostly they are successful individuals just looking for a little help from a ZA.


Pay at Zirtual

The pay range is not specifically shared on their website and is kept under a non-disclose agreement. However, during the application process Zirtual gives a hint when asking how many hours you are interested in working. The break down shows the pay may be around $12.5-15 an hour. If you would like to work 5-10 hours a week, they show you could make $250-500 a month. If you are looking for 30-40 hours a week then you can expect around $2500 a month.

Another website that listed a job opening at Zirtual showed a pay rate of $15 an hour with 10-20 hours per week.


Application Process at Zirtual

Applying to work for Zirtual is a pretty lengthy and in-depth process. Zirtual is very careful about who they hire and therefore, have a pretty unique hiring process.

You can begin the application process for Zirtual on their website by completing the online application.

Part of the application process asks if they can check your Facebook and LinkedIn account as verification! This makes me a little nervous, not that I have anything to hide. However, they use a third-part called Virtrue and claim you will receive a report that shows exactly what Zirtual finds out using this social background check program.

Considering we are living in a day of Social Media and this is an online, professional, job I personally can understand why they choose this method of verification.

If you do not like it whatsoever, Zirtual has made it optional and not required to apply. You can also do more research on the Virtrue program to ease your mind.


Once your application is submitted a Zirtual rep will review it and decide if you are what they may be interested in. I have seen in online forums that Zirtual may requre you to make a video of yourself answering some basic questions. The hiring process also includes a Skype Video Interview and a Skills Test.


What Others Are Saying about Zirtual

Not a whole lot. I am guessing only a small percentage of applicants are actually hired. Many people who like their job at Zirtual, are not going to break their  non-disclosure agreement and therefore don’t talk about too many details of the job. However, there have been reports of a few who have made it through the hiring process and are happy with their job at Zirtual.



  1. says

    This sounds interesting. I wanted to point out that California’s governor signed into a law a ban on companies asking for access to social media accounts during the hiring process a couple of weeks ago. As you mentioned this company is San Francisco based, this could be an issue for people to look out for. I don’t know if the law covers only Californians applying for jobs or all applicants.

    • Lucy says

      Actually, while this is partially true, it is not in entirely true. The ban is on companies demanding usernames and passwords to social media sites. They can still ask for the information that will allow them to see public information you post to your timeline for example, but can not demand as terms for employment the ability to read private messages and things that are only posted to friends or family for example.

      This is to not only protect the prospective employee’s privacy but that of the others who are expecting a private conversation as well.

      My understanding of what Zirtual asks for is only access to what is public – i.e. your name on facebook – which anyone can search by typing into the text box at the top, and then looking at what is publicly available. As far as I know they are not trying to get your private conversations.

      One should still be careful and conscientious of what they post publicly via social media sites.

  2. says

    I have actually been a ZA for almost a year now and could not be happier. Over the year that I have worked for Zirtual, I have seriously fallen in love with the company’s inovations, aspirations and culture.

    I know that how payment works, as mentioned in this article, is a bit unclear. Each ZA is actually not payed per hour, but instead per client and as such, it’s flexible!

    If you are interested in learning more about Z, beyond what you see on our website, check out our Facebook page:

    On our FB page you will see comments from ZA’s and Clients alike. Even though everyone works remotely, we have a strong sense of community. Without meaning to sound totally sappy, we really are one giant family.

  3. says

    Yes, the pay rate is confusing and should actually be clarified. It could save the contractor and company a lot of wasted time and effort if they are not willing or able to work for a certain amount.

    As Jess mentioned above, the pay rates as stated on the application leads us to believe that the pay rate is $12.50/hr for 5-20 hours. Once you hit 30 hours, however, it jumps to $15.38/hr. I wonder if this is an increase for the VIP ZA’s who have night and weekend availability? It’d be nice if Chelsea could clarify for us.

    However, in doing further research I’ve read in multiple articles that Zirtual splits the charges with the ZA 50/50. When you look at the charges for clients per month, then split that in half, the pay rate comes out to $10/hour for every level of service — even for the VIP ZA’s with night & weekend availability. Interesting. And odd. Unless there is extra fees tacked on not advertised?

    In doing these calculations I’m well aware that hours can fluctuate as Chelsea stated above, but that does not change the base pay structure.

    So I’m wondering 2 things:

    1. What’s the real pay structure? The information provided is clearly conflicting.

    2. Why is Zirtual so cheap? US based qualified dedicated Assistants make an average of $30/hr, and I’ve seen it go much higher. They are charging $20/hr. Is it because they are hiring college students? It seems as though they should have another tier for other ZA’s with more qualifications — I’m sure many clients would gladly pay more for a ZA with a bachelor’s degree or more life experience (not to say there aren’t any now, but IMO they are worth more than $10-15/hr). This way they can acquire more clients who were previously hesitant to delegate to less qualified individuals (in their minds, though I’ve always thought that a person with a degree is by no means any better than one without one…but unfortunately the perception is what it is). It would also allow more qualified SAHM’s to work for the company instead of endlessly searching for a job that will pay them somewhat what they are worth.

    • Keisa says

      I work for Zirtual and would like to correct a couple
      of things from R’s comment.

      1. VIP ZA’s do not work nights and weekends. There is a separate service to provide for these hours.

      2. ALL ZA’s must have at least a Bachelor’s degree to even be considered for hiring.

      3. People of all different ages and backgrounds provide a very high level and quality of service to Z’s clients. Again, all very well qualified.

      5. As Chelsea stated, we are actually paid by the client and so are able to be in control of the income we make. I love it for that very reason. It’s definitely one of the best, if not THE best, wah company I’ve found and I’m grateful to be a part of it!

  4. Susan says

    I heard you don’t get paid very much for training. I hear its a set fee that’s pretty low and I don’t think you get paid a whole lot for your work because its not an hourly pay. A friend of mine basically said it was 50/50 and you may not make enough money. It sounds like a way to get around paying minimum wage for training. He said he was paid a measley and worked his butt off just to be let go because his uncle died and he was slow on his training tasks. Thats pretty cold. Its not for me. That’s for sure. I was a va for six years and I was paid well and treated wonderfully. That’s what happens when people go corporate I guess.

  5. notreally says

    Actually you do NOT need a bachelors degree to work for this company!
    I would know since they were interested in hiring me at one point and I don’t have one but have lots of other experience in various fields.

  6. Becca says

    I’m looking into applying to this company… how does it work with the person you assist? Can you essentially choose the qualities of the person you would like to assist (ex. male, female, career field?)? do you work with just one person at a time, or several? How much of a time commitment is this? Any suggestions for getting hired? Thanks!!

  7. Shawna says

    I was looking at this website possibly interested in the company. My question is how do you the hours a person works? How do you get paid? How often do you get paid (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)? What happens if you don’t want to give access to my social media website? Why do you need to see “what kind of person” someone is on social media?

  8. Mae says

    When I first heard about Zirtual I was skeptical in applying. Did not hear much about the company so I waited. About a year later Zirtual comes up again and I decided to give this company a chance, as I read many positive reviews. So I begin the application process which is lengthy. Fast forward I receive my acceptance letter, and told that I had to wait for certification to be open as they were full. The ETA for the next round of certification was about a month or so, so I said no problem. After a month past, still no word about certification. Another two weeks nothings. Checked on their website, checked forums and others were waiting as well so I knew I did not miss any emails. Another two weeks past, so I decided to send a follow up email. I received a response in about 2 days, saying that Zirtual was still thinking about me, sorry for the delay, etc. So I said, sure no problem. About 5 days later I received a rejection letter. I was speechless. I was hurt and I was disappointed. I wrote back, and the explanation was a business decision and upon further investigation I learned that Zirtual had more new hires then they did available clients aka hiring freeze. Now in the process I was offered another position however because I received an acceptance letter from Zirtual I declined the other because of conflict of interest. (Never should have I done that, nor will I ever again). But it was horrible. To go through a process, to be asked to wait, and to wait, and to be rejected is unprofessional and horrible. I wonder if I never sent the follow up would I have received notice. In the end, from what others have posted this happened to quite a number of applicants. I can understand that things happen but to tell an applicant they were hired, and to send a follow up stating they I was still hired and being thought about, only to be rejected is beyond harsh. I would have preferred if they just were honest and said, due to the number of applicants we have to further delay certification but don’t send me an email saying how hard it was to write this email, and to be positive etc. Do the right thing by the new hires and applicants by being honest, upfront and not wasting their time.

  9. Very Happy says

    After seeing the review of Zirtual on your website, I decided to apply. The application process took a few weeks. I finally got a skype interview, and the next day I got an acceptance email! I am in the middle of training, and so far I am extremely happy with the company! Thank you for your review on Zirtual! I am so glad that I read it!

  10. Worried says

    Hi Very Happy,

    How long is their training? Does that mean that you are automatically hired once you go into training?



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