Equivity Hires Virtual Assistants to Work From Home

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Equivity hires Virtual Assistants and pays around $15/hourTraditionally, a virtual assistant is someone that works from home and provides companies/businesses with support in many different areas. Administrative support, technical support, sales assistance and help with marketing are some of these areas. Equivity is a company that hires virtual assistants to provide services, while working from home, to their clients of professional people and businesses. The role of the Virtual Assistant at Equivity is to support their clients to have more time to do what they do best by taking care of the administrative and other basic tasks.

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While working as a virtual assistant, you may perform duties such as setting appointments, making client calls, entering data, maintaining website information, completing bookkeeping and much more.

If you have experience in administration or just good at a multi-tasking, a virtual assistant career might be the perfect work from home positions or business venture for you.

Who is Equivity?

Equivity is a San Francisco based company that provides virtual assistant services to companies and employers that are in need of support with their day to day business activities. The company’s business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm, but customer service is available on a 24/7 basis.

Virtual Assistants working for Equivity help clients to become organized by performing various duties. These may include things such as appointment scheduling, managing calendars, and planning meetings/other events like personal vacations.

Equivity is currently looking to hire individuals interested in become a part of their virtual assistant team. These assistants need to be detail oriented and excited about helping others get organized.

What Duties Will I Perform?

The virtual assistant team will receive administrative tasks from their clients. These tasks may include things such as:

  • Formatting and proofreading documents
  • Entering Data
  • Bookkeeping
  • Calling and Emailing clients
  • Organizing contact information
  • Online Researching
  • Managing Social Media Outlets
  • Managing Calendars
  • Scheduling and coordinating meetings
  • Performing email correspondence
  • Scheduling Delivery Services
  • Scheduling car services
  • Performing restaurant reservations and ordering meals
  • Completing Travel arrangements (scheduling flights, booking hotels and organizing car rental service)
  • Completing billing and invoicing

How Much Do Virtual Assistants at Equivity Earn?

Equivity hires Virtual Assistants and pays around $15/hourWage for the Virtual Assistant Positions is said to start around $15 per hour. This is a fairly standard rate for Virtual Assistants working under a company, like Equivity. However, virtual assistants working for themselves, finding their own clients often charge more, depending on their specialty. The benefit to working for a company like Equivity is not having to spend non-billable hours looking for new clients and work.

Is The Scheduling Flexible?

Virtual Assistants are hired on a part-time basis. Equivity needs their Virtual Assistants to be available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm Pacific Time.

What Kind Of Skills Are Required to be a Virtual Assistant?

You must be currently completing a four-year college program or have a college degree to be considered for a position with Equivity. Additionally, in order to be successful, you need to have excellent communication skills.

What Equipment Do I Need?

For this position, you will need a laptop and a smart-phone. You will also internet with broadband access and a quiet work environment in which to complete work related calls.

Does Equivity Hire Internationally?

It is not made clear if Equivity hires outside of the United States. If you speak fluent English, have qualifying skills, and are available during the hours needed, it may be worth applying to Equivity’s Virtual Assistant position.

Pros and Cons of Equivity

Working for Equivity may come with some ups and downs. Such could include:


  1. Remote Work: Equivity hires virtual assistants, meaning all the work is done remotely. This is a significant advantage for those seeking flexible work-from-home opportunities.
  2. Variety of Services: The company offers a range of services, from administrative support to marketing and paralegal assistance. This diversity allows for a variety of job opportunities and experiences.
  3. Work with Different Clients: Working with a company like Equivity can provide exposure to various industries and clients, which can be both interesting and beneficial for career growth.


  1. Variable Workload: As with many virtual assistant roles, the amount of work can vary. There may be periods of both high and low workload depending on client needs.
  2. Lack of Control Over Clients: As an assistant, you may not have the ability to choose your clients. Depending on the client, this could potentially lead to challenging work situations.
  3. Limited Face-to-Face Interaction: While remote work offers many benefits, it can be isolating. Lack of personal interaction is a common challenge in remote work environments.

How Do I Apply?

In order to apply, send your resume with 3 or more references to [email protected]. Your resume will be reviewed and you will be contacted if you are a good fit for the company. You can visit the career page on Equivity’s website to check on current openings and learn more about being a Virtual Assistant.

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Ronald Paul

April 30, 2015 at 8:21 pm

I will be able to work 8 am to 3 pm EST. I’ve got an MBA.


August 9, 2017 at 6:50 pm

So – you work 5-20 hours a week, but are to be available 40 hours; $15/hr w/o benefits; and you use your own equipment without reimbursement. And if you work 40 hours, still no benefits. Doesn’t seem right to me.