10 Best Places to Dance And Get Free Stuff

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

As a dancer, you might be wondering whether your passion for movement can go beyond the dance floor and lead to exciting opportunities. 

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Well, the good news is that it absolutely can! 

In fact, there are numerous places out there that not only embrace your love for dance but also offer you the chance to snag some fantastic free stuff. 

Imagine being able to strut your stuff and, at the same time, enjoy exclusive perks like free classes, discounted merchandise, or even complimentary tickets to thrilling performances. 

It’s like a dream come true, right? 

Well, consider this blog post your ultimate guide to unlocking these hidden treasures.

What Kind of Free Items Are You Likely to Receive After a Dance?

When it comes to reaping the rewards of your dance prowess, you’ll be delighted to discover a wide range of free items that await you. 

These goodies are designed to acknowledge your dedication to the art of dance and enhance your overall dance experience. 

Here are some of the enticing free items you’re likely to receive:

  1. Free Dance Classes: Many dance studios and schools offer complimentary dance classes as a way to encourage dancers to explore new styles or refine their techniques. These classes provide a valuable opportunity to expand your repertoire without any cost.
  2. Discounted Merchandise: Dancewear stores and online retailers often provide exclusive discounts to dancers. You can expect free dance shoes, apparel, accessories, or even discounted prices on high-quality dance gear.
  3. Performance Tickets: Some dance companies, theaters, and performance venues offer free or heavily discounted tickets to dance shows, concerts, or dance festivals. This allows you to witness breathtaking performances and gain inspiration from seasoned professionals, all at no cost or reduced rates.
  4. VIP Access: Certain clubs or dance events may grant you VIP access, allowing you to skip lines, access exclusive areas, or enjoy special amenities, all as a gesture of appreciation for your dance skills.
  5. Dance Workshops and Masterclasses: Renowned choreographers or visiting dance artists occasionally offer free workshops or masterclasses to dancers. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and further enhance your skills.
  6. Dance-related Merchandise: Some dance-related brands may offer free merchandise like dance-themed apparel, water bottles, tote bags, or posters as promotional giveaways.
  7. Complimentary Dance Accessories: Dance studios or retailers may surprise you with free accessories such as dance shoe bags, resistance bands, or custom dance jewelry.

Here are the places you can get these items: 

  1. Dance Studios

Dance is an art form that transcends cultural boundaries and allows individuals to express themselves through graceful movements and rhythmic sequences. 

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or a seasoned dancer seeking to refine your technique, dance studios provide a dedicated space for honing your skills and immersing yourself in the world of dance. 

A good example is the Broadway Dance Center

Located in the heart of New York City, Broadway Dance Center is a mecca for aspiring dancers.

With a diverse range of classes led by industry professionals, the studio offers training in various styles, including ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, and tap. 

Broadway Dance Center caters to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced dancers.

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Another one is the Millennium Dance Complex

It is a prominent dance studio with branches in Los Angeles and other major cities. 

Known for its energetic and vibrant atmosphere, the studio has been a training ground for numerous renowned artists. 

It offers classes in styles like hip-hop, jazz funk, contemporary, and heels. Millennium Dance Complex also hosts workshops and masterclasses with industry icons.

  1. Dance Clubs

Dance clubs are not only a fantastic way to let loose and enjoy a night out, but they can also be great places to score freebies and special perks.

From complimentary drinks to VIP access, dance clubs often offer exciting incentives to keep the party going. 

One such example is Marquee Nightclub. It is an iconic venue known for its high-energy atmosphere and A-list DJs. 

This multi-level club offers multiple dance floors, vibrant lighting, and a state-of-the-art sound system that ensures an unforgettable night of dancing. 

Marquee frequently offers free entry to women on certain nights, making it an excellent spot to dance and enjoy the party without breaking the bank. 

Additionally, the club often provides special drink deals for early arrivals, allowing you to indulge in your favorite cocktails while saving some cash.

Another one is the E11EVEN, a renowned 24/7 ultraclub that combines nightlife and entertainment. 

The club often provides complimentary admission for ladies before a specific time, allowing them to dance and enjoy the club’s ambiance without paying an entrance fee. 

Additionally, E11EVEN occasionally offers free drinks or free entry for special events, allowing patrons to experience the club’s vibrant atmosphere while enjoying extra perks.

  1. Community Centers

Community centers play a vital role in fostering a sense of togetherness and providing accessible dance opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds. 

These centers often organize dance events, workshops, and classes that are affordable or even free, aiming to engage and inspire the local community.

Community centers understand that dance can be a powerful form of self-expression and personal growth, and they value the contributions of dancers. 

They frequently offer programs tailored to different age groups and skill levels, ensuring everyone can explore their passion for dance.

  1. Dance Competitions

Dance competitions offer an exciting platform for dancers to showcase their talent, creativity, and technical skills. 

Beyond the thrill of competition, these events can also present opportunities to win a range of valuable prizes. 

Cash prizes are common, with top performers often receiving significant rewards. 

Additionally, many competitions offer scholarships or sponsored opportunities such as attending dance intensives, workshops, or even joining professional dance companies.

One renowned dance competition is the International Dance Competition, known for its prestigious panel of judges and impressive prize packages. 

Winners not only receive cash prizes but may also secure performance opportunities, exposure to industry professionals, and potential career advancement.

To stay informed about upcoming competitions, dancers should regularly check dance competition websites, join dance forums, and follow social media accounts dedicated to dance events.

  1. Online Platforms

The rise of online platforms has revolutionized the dance community, providing dancers with opportunities to connect, learn, and compete virtually. 

Various online platforms host dance challenges and competitions where dancers can showcase their skills and win exciting rewards.

One such platform is DanceOn, a popular online dance community that frequently organizes dance challenges with enticing prizes. 

These challenges often involve creating and uploading dance videos based on specific themes or choreography. 

Winners can receive gift cards, merchandise, or even opportunities to collaborate with renowned dancers or choreographers.

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Other platforms like DancePlug, offer online dance classes and workshops. 

They may periodically hold competitions or offer rewards for active participation, such as discounted class packages, exclusive content access, or personalized feedback from industry professionals.

Engaging with online dance communities, participating in challenges, and taking advantage of virtual learning opportunities can be a fantastic way to gain exposure, receive feedback, and earn rewards—all from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Dancewear Stores

Dancewear stores not only provide essential attire and accessories for dancers but also offer opportunities to earn discounts, freebies, or gift cards. 

These stores understand the needs of dancers and often organize promotional events to engage with the dance community.

For example, Spotlight Dancewear occasionally hosts events where dancers can win free merchandise or receive exclusive discounts. 

They may hold raffles, social media contests, or provide special offers during specific periods. 

Participating in these events can lead to receiving free dance shoes, apparel, or accessories that enhance your dance wardrobe.

It’s worth following your favorite dancewear stores on social media or subscribing to their newsletters to stay updated on their promotions and events. 

They often announce giveaways, discount codes, or limited-time offers that can help you save money while expanding your dance gear collection.

  1. Dance Festivals

Dance festivals are vibrant celebrations of movement, creativity, and cultural diversity. 

They gather dancers, choreographers, and dance enthusiasts from around the world to share their artistry and passion. 

Many dance festivals offer opportunities to participate in free workshops, open classes, or performances, creating a stimulating environment for dancers to learn, grow, and connect.

One notable dance festival is the World Dance Festival, which showcases a diverse range of dance styles and cultural expressions. 

In addition to performances by renowned artists, the festival often features workshops where dancers can learn from industry professionals or take part in collaborative projects. 

These workshops may be free of charge or available at reduced rates for festival participants.

Attending dance festivals not only exposes you to new techniques and styles but also allows you to network with fellow dancers, choreographers, and dance companies. 

It can lead to invaluable opportunities, such as invitations to perform, scholarships for further training, or collaborations with international artists.

  1. Dance-themed Events

Dance-themed events are occasions that celebrate the art of dance and provide engaging experiences for both dancers and spectators. 

These events can range from street fairs to dance showcases, offering a blend of performances, interactive activities, and freebies for attendees.

For instance, a local street fair might dedicate a stage to dance performances featuring a variety of dance styles from different community groups or professional dance companies. 

By attending such events, you can witness captivating performances, gain inspiration, and experience the joy of dance.

Additionally, dance-themed events often offer free entry or charge a nominal fee, making them accessible to a wide range of people. 

Some events may even provide opportunities for attendees to participate in dance workshops, join flash mobs, or try out basic dance steps in a fun and inclusive environment.

To find dance-themed events in your area, keep an eye on local event listings, community websites, or social media groups dedicated to dance. 

Participating in these events not only allows you to enjoy the festivities but also gives you a chance to connect with fellow dance enthusiasts and potentially receive freebies such as dance-themed merchandise or vouchers.

  1. Dance Scholarships and Grants

Various institutions, foundations, and dance organizations offer scholarships and grants to support the development of talented dancers. 

These financial awards can cover tuition fees, training expenses, or participation in prestigious dance programs or workshops. 

Scholarships and grants not only provide financial assistance but also recognize and validate the potential and dedication of the recipients.

To explore scholarship opportunities, research local dance schools, colleges, universities, or dance organizations in your area. 

They often have scholarship programs specifically designed for dancers at different levels of expertise and financial need. 

Additionally, national and international dance competitions or organizations may offer scholarship opportunities to exceptional performers.

Websites like Dance/USA or Scholarships.com provide comprehensive listings of dance scholarships and grants available for aspiring dancers.

  1. Dance-Related Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering for dance-related events, organizations, or community programs can be a rewarding way to contribute to the dance community while also gaining valuable experiences and perks. 

Many dance festivals, competitions, and non-profit organizations seek volunteers to assist with event management, stage setup, ticketing, or promotional activities. 

In exchange for your time and efforts, you may receive benefits like free entry to performances, access to exclusive rehearsals, or discounted dance classes.

Research local dance organizations, schools, or festivals in your area to inquire about volunteer opportunities. 

Websites like VolunteerMatch or Idealist can also help you find dance-related volunteer positions near you.

Wrap Up

There you have it. These are the 10 places you should know as a dancer to get free stuff and valuable rewards. 

Each of these places offers unique opportunities for dancers to explore, learn, connect, and receive exciting benefits. 

From community centers that provide affordable or free dance programs to dance competitions that offer cash prizes and scholarships, the dance world is full of possibilities.

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