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This post is a stop along Tanya Peterson’s Blog Tour 2010.  Tanya is the blogger behind Blogelina, where she writes about blogging your way to success.

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10 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog
The question to be asking these days isn’t if you can monetize your blog, but how you can monetize your blog.  Successful bloggers don’t usually rely on just one way of making money, but will often use a combination of a few monetization techniques.
The list of ideas that follows will help get you start earning money through your blog.  Try each of them for a set period of time to find out which ones might work best for you.  If something isn’t working, move on to the next idea – find what fits best with your blog.
Affiliate programs – This is a very popular way for bloggers to earn money.  You promote products for others and earn a commission whenever you sell one of their products.  There are so many affiliate programs out there – take a look at some of the products that you use, and that you think your readers would use, and the chances are good that those products have affiliate programs.  Or, you can check out the following directories.  I’ve worked with all of them and can recommend them:
          Commission Junction
          Logical Media
          My Savings Media
          Link Share
Write reviews – If you enjoy reviewing products and resources that you have used, there are several websites out there that will pair you with the reviews that you want to write.  A word of caution here: Don’t alienate your readers by reviewing every product out there.  Try to choose products that fit with your blog’s topic and that you know would interest your readers.  Here are a few sites to check out if you are interested in making money through writing reviews:
          Sponsored Reviews
Ask for sponsors – have something special going on?  A blog event or a particular feature on your blog?  Ask for sponsors of those particular events or columns and then make sure you clearly promote who’s sponsoring them.  Help your sponsors get the word out about their products or websites by mentioning them in posts, putting their ads in your sidebars, and talking about them on Twitter, Facebook, in your newsletter – wherever you can.
Memberships – Selling premium content through an exclusive membership portion of your blog can be a great way to increase your profits.  Readers will pay a fee each month to have access to information or tools that regular readers cannot see.
Sell a product or service – Is there something that you are known for?  Some bit of insight that everyone turns to you to find?  You’ll find that it’s actually a lot easier than you think it is to create that product or find that service to sell.
Sell advertising space – You can directly sell ad space on your blogs.  Advertisements can be placed in your sidebars, posts, header, footer – just about anywhere!  You could also offer to write a post to advertise a product or site.  If you have an e-newsletter, you could sell advertising space in it, as well.  Take a look arou
nd at other blogs that are similar to yours in following and see what they are charging.  Then, be sure to create your media kit to help you attract more advertisers to your blog.
Project Wonderful – Project Wonderful is a free service that can help you get started with selling advertising space on your blog.  You define the space that you want to sell, the number of ads that you want to sell, and Project Wonderful fills those ads with the highest bidder.
PPC Ads – With PPC ads, you will receive a small payment each time one of your readers clicks on an ad on your blog.  This is an easy way to earn money, though not a lot of money, as you simply place the ads on your blog and wait for readers to start clicking.  Some PPC Ad programs are:
            Google Adsense
Readysite        (Right now, ReadySite is offering a $25 sign-up bonus to new publishers)
RSS Feed Ads – These days, a lot people are following blogs through feed readers (I love Google Reader!).  When they follow your blog in this way, the odds are good that they will just read your content from their reader and rarely actually visit your blog.  This means that the ads you are placing on your blog itself won’t be seen from the feed readers.  A simple solution is to add advertisements in the footer of your RSS feeds.  These sites will help you do that:
            Feedburner      (paid by number of impressions/views)
            CrispAds         (paid by number of clicks)
            Q-Ads                         (keyword based ads are shown; paid by number of clicks)
            Feedvertising (Text-link ads – flat-rate pricing)
Text Link Ads – Text Link Ads allows you to monetize your blog similar to the pay-per-click ads.  The different is that the links to advertisements are placed directly into your blog text.  If you have a lot of followers who read your blog through feed readers, this can be a great way to still get your PPC ads in front of their eyes.
Bonus Ways:

Sponsored Posts- Collaborate with brands and businesses to create sponsored content on your blog. You can write posts that promote their products or services in exchange for compensation. Some platforms that connect bloggers with sponsored post opportunities include Bloggers Required and Cooperatize.

Digital Products: Create and sell digital products directly on your blog, such as ebooks, online courses, templates, or digital artwork. Platforms like Gumroad and SendOwl can help you handle the payment and delivery process.

Freelance Services: Leverage your expertise and offer freelance services related to your blog’s niche. This could include services like writing, graphic design, consulting, or coaching. Websites like Upwork and Freelancer can help you find clients for your freelance services.

Donations: If your audience values your content, you can give them the option to support your blog through donations. Platforms like Buy Me a Coffee and Patreon allow your readers to make one-time or recurring donations to support your work.

Have you monetized your blog?  What has worked well for you?  Please share in the comments below.

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Tanya @ Blogelina

November 9, 2010 at 1:54 pm

Thank you, Miranda, for posting this! For even more tips on making money with a blog, be sure to visit my blog,! I recently did a whole series on how to make money with your blog which gives more information and tips for implementing the information above.


November 9, 2010 at 10:44 pm

i had google adsense and amazon affiliate thing on my blog, plus a few others, but since putting htem on i have still a big fat ZERO. so i took them off. i have a thing about paying for something that is supposed to make me money, and i think that i will just enjoy my blog for what it started out as; my little corner of the interwebz where i could write. good for you if you can make money at it, tho'. guess i will stick to a very part time work from home job as a telephone interviewer. have a GREAT day~

WAH Adventures!

November 10, 2010 at 8:21 am

I have google adsense on this blog. Since June of this year I have accumulated 65 dollars. However, I hear a lot of people are rejected for a variety of reasons and do not receive their payout at 100!? So, I am not expecting any of the money…just hoping. If not, I will most likely just take the ads off and not attempt to make any money from it all. It is a nice incentive, but never the reason I began writing here. Some people are making a full time income from their blogs. But I am sure it takes a lot of dedication, innovation and luck.


November 15, 2010 at 8:16 am

Awesome content, great blog, keep up the great work.

Anne @ Quick and Easy Cheap and Healthy

November 15, 2010 at 8:35 am

I have Google adsense, and a few affiliate programs, but haven't made much, if anything at all. I think I want to try ebooks, though, I've heard you can be very successful with those. And when I reach a larger number of readers, I'm going to start doing ads as well.