Review: Report Your Mail and Earn Rewards

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If you’re looking for alternatives to online surveys, how about using a site that rewards you for reporting and sharing your feedback on your snail mail? ReportEZ claims to give you rewards for scanning your mail every day, but will it really work? If you follow this website, you probably already know that it’s possible to make money online by sharing your feedback and opinions via surveys.

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But did you know that you can also share your opinions about the snail mail you receive to make some extra cash?

At least, that’s what one website known as ReportEZ says you can do.

Is it real? Does it really work?

We have all your questions answered in this review, so read on!

What is ReportEZ?

ReportEZ is a website supposedly made by IBM, the same company that makes computers, hardware, and other techie stuff.

I say supposedly because I’m not sure if this is a true statement because I haven’t been able to find anything from IBM confirming that this site is, indeed, a child site of the company’s.

ReportEZ does use the IBM logo and links to its privacy statement, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

If you look at the site, it hardly looks like something IBM would create because it’s kind of simple, messy, and looks outdated.

Anyway, the site states that IBM has a contract with the USPS (the United States Postal Service) to perform research to help the USPS learn how good it is at doing its job.

ReportEZ does this by using its members to provide feedback about the mail they receive, like how quickly it comes, the condition in which it arrives, and whether you receive all of your mail.

Then, ReportEZ sends this information to the USPS to let it know how well it’s doing with delivering your mail.

To thank you for your time, you’ll receive some cash.

It’s kind of like taking surveys online, only you’ll be strictly giving your feedback about your mail and mail service.

Who Can Join the Site?

The site doesn’t specifically state who can join, but since it focuses only on the USPS, it’s safe to assume that only people who reside in the United States can join.

You likely also need to be of legal age, or 18, to join the panel.

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I also believe that you need to have your mail delivered to your home or business rather than a post office box for this process to work.

How Do I Join?

You’ll need a Prospect ID to join ReportEZ, which is basically a referral code.

It seems like, at this time, ReportEZ usually reaches out to people it wants on its panel, probably through the mail, so you’ll need to look out for a letter from the company.

Once you have a Prospect ID, you can head to the Join page to log in using the information you were given.

If you don’t have a code, you’ll need to go to the Join page and click the Referral button to fill in a form that indicates your interest.

Once you fill out the form, ReportEZ will see that you’re interested and may send you a Prospect ID to become a part of the panel.

ReportEZ Panel Options

You’ll have two options when joining the ReportEZ panel.

The first membership option is the External First Class Mail Panel.

Members of this panel will receive test mail sent by IBM to their homes or businesses.

The mail doesn’t contain any real letters or correspondence.

Instead, it’s simply to test how quickly mail reaches your home or business and its condition.

It looks like a regular piece of mail to hide that it’s test mail from postal service workers.

Once you receive it, you can open it to find instructions on how to report it, and you’ll report it just like you would any of your other mail.

You’ll report either via phone or the internet.

The second membership option is the Scanner Panel.

This panel requires you to use a scanner that plugs into your computer to scan the barcodes on mail you receive.

You’ll need to scan both test mail and regular mail you receive – anything that has a USPS Intelligent Mail barcode on it.

This panel requires an internet connection because you’ll only be reporting your mail over the internet.

How ReportEZ Works

As you can tell, ReportEZ isn’t your typical market research survey site.

You’ll only be dealing with mail and you’ll need to commit to reporting your mail.

In fact, ReportEZ requires that participants report their mail every single day that mail arrives (in most cases, that means that Sunday will be the only day you don’t report).

So, what happens if you’re going to be away for a business trip or vacation?

You need to let ReportEZ know so that it knows not to expect your reports during that time – and you need to try to do it at least four weeks in advance.

You should also contact the panel if you think you won’t be checking your mail for a day or two for any reason because any unreported missed time could be cause to drop you from the panel.

ReportEZ also requires you to commit to reporting for at least six months, which is unlike other panels that you can try out for a little bit and discontinue using if they don’t fit your needs.

Once you join a ReportEZ panel as an IBM test mail reporter, you’ll wait for instructions and begin reporting mail as soon as you’re told to do so and according to the requirements of the panel you choose.

Reporting needs to be done on the same day your mail arrives by logging into the website or calling the 24-hour phone line.

Fortunately, reporting is a quick process and should only take you a few minutes to complete each day.

I suggest setting an alarm every day or getting into the habit of reporting your mail as soon as you take it out of your box.

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What Rewards Does It Offer?

Now, for the rewards!

ReportEZ states that you can receive postage stamps or points toward other rewards for reporting your mail.

This is the case with either one of the panels you can join.

However, nothing on the website states exactly how many points you’ll get for doing this.

From my research, it seems like it’s not much, but most reports state that each point you make equals $1.

Unfortunately, it looks like it takes a while to really add up to anything.

One blogger, for example, mentions making only the equivalent of $13 for reporting daily for three months.

Yes, it’s only a few minutes a day that you’ll be spending on this.

But 5 minutes on every mail day works out to about 2 hours of work each month.

To me, a fairer payment would be at least $20 a month, and this person didn’t even receive that much for three months.

This person also had some issues getting their points to work to redeem for a prize, which I’ve seen other people make similar comments about too.

So, not only is the pay low, but you may also have a problem turning in your points for a reward.

And, you can’t even see what rewards are available unless you’re already a member.

Here’s the rewards site, which you can see lists no information on it unless you log in.

Try Out This Alternatives Too!

USPS’s Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery is a service from the United States Postal Service (USPS) that allows you to digitally preview your mail and manage your packages.

While this service doesn’t directly pay users, it provides added convenience and security for mail recipients.

It can help users plan their schedule around important mail or package arrivals.

SBK Center (Small Business Knowledge Center)

The SBK Center is a market research company that pays participants for sending in their junk mail and email.

The company uses these to conduct research about marketing trends and techniques.

Participants can earn points that can later be exchanged for gift cards.

They accept both direct mail and email covering a wide range of topics from insurance, credit cards, mortgage and loan, banking, and much more.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is an online market research panel.

They pay members to take online surveys, watch videos, read emails, and purchase products.

Payments are made via PayPal.

The focus is not strictly on mail but on a broader range of activities, which might include email promotions and offers.

The Hauser Group

The Hauser Group is a national mail decoy service.

As a mail decoy, users collect the mail they receive and enter specific information about it into a system.

This information might include the sender, postmark date, and the date it was received.

Users are paid monthly for their services.

The aim of this process is to help companies improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their mail distribution.

Is ReportEZ Legit or a Scam?

I’ve read some reports that claim ReportEZ is a scam and others say it’s legit.

Some members have okay feelings about the site while others aren’t happy with it, and it seems like there’s more negative comments floating around than positive, which leads me more toward a scam on this one.

I’m also not 100% sure this is a legitimate IBM site because there’s no company information on it other than a logo and my research didn’t yield anything that connected IBM with it, which raises some red flags to me.

Other reports saying the pay is low and rewards don’t always work are enough to make me want to steer clear of the site.

However, we would love to hear your thoughts if you’ve personally used ReportEZ: How did it work for you? Did you earn points and were you able to redeem them?

Let us know in the comments below!

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