TestSpin Review – Not All Market Research Is Created Equal

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

Survey companies aren’t all the same. Here’s why Testspin falls behind from the rest.When you agree to undertake a job, at the very least, you should get paid for it.

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Unfortunately, TestSpin has fallen down in this most crucial area.

While signing up for a paid survey site is a great idea if you want to make some extra cash from home, there are much better sites out there.

Let’s look at them and whether it’s worth joining.

What is TestSpin?

TestSpin is a market research company that mostly offers surveys and consumer panel research.

They claim to have 11 million members worldwide – that is a lot of people.

They have been on the market for over 20 years.

They have a clear Terms and Conditions section, as well as an informative FAQ.

They are listed on the Better Business Bureau website, but they are not accredited and have the lowest possible rating of F.

They do seem to be a legitimate company, but there are overwhelmingly negative reviews on the business.

Key Features

  • Free to join
  • Earn with surveys and focus groups
  • Earn in “itcoins”
  • Redeem itcoins on another site
  • PayPal, gift certificate or products on offer
  • Claims $1 – $30 payments, depending on the task
  • 30 days before rewards appear in your account

Who can join?

TestSpin has one of the most open membership policies, with membership open worldwide to people over the age of 13.

You should remember that your age, demographics and especially where you live will impact on the number of opportunities that are made available to you.

How to join

TestSpin has a similar process to most market research sites.

You go to their website – which already rings alarm bells with its dated design, inflated claims and flashing banner ads.

After filling in your personal information and confirming your email address, you can follow emailed links to surveys, which will reward you based on difficulty or sometimes on how big or small the desired demographic is.

Surveys are the most common offers, and this site claims they can earn you from $1 – $10.

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There are specialized business and IT surveys that earn slightly higher than average at $3 – $4 each.

There are also focus groups on offer.

Like most survey companies, these groups are rare and very specific to your location and demographics.

Focus groups normally require increased participation, and many are held in person which means living close to an area that hosts a panel discussion, and finding your way there.

Others are simply held online, and some require follow up questions at a later date.

They claim to offer up to $30 per focus group.

Earning rewards

Once you complete the task, you will be credited with the amount you have earned within 30 days – which is the length of time before the survey closes.

Points are paid in “itcoins.”

The minimum cash out amount is 1,000 itcoins which seems to equal around $10.

To redeem your itcoins, you need to sign up to a separate site called “Redeem it Now.”

You can log in with your TestSpin email address and password to gain access to your itcoins.

They can then be redeemed for PayPal, Amazon gift certificates or products.

What the reviews say.

No communication.  Many reviewers are unhappy with TestSpin’s lack of communication.  With problems ranging from lack of access to the website, survey problems, and issues with cashing out itcoins – according to the customers, their requests for information go unanswered.  The phone number is apparently faulty, so it’s not worth seeking resolution that way.

Lots of emails.  Members receive a lot of email – even though they might be attempting to contact TestSpin and failing to get through, the emails keep coming.  Anyone wanting to sign up for a survey site should have a special email address just for that purpose to avoid being flooded with survey invitations – but they are worse than usual.

Not qualifying for surveys.  It is common for surveys to require further information before offering you the survey – that’s to determine if you fit in the demographic they are looking for.  What sets high-quality survey companies apart is their ability to pre-screen candidates, or at least make the pre-qualification short and simple. TestSpin seems to send everyone surveys, and you can spend significant time completing them before being told you don’t qualify, and find it was all for nothing.

Not getting paid.  This is clearly the biggest issue as no one would choose to answer long, tedious surveys without any reward at all.  The main focus of complaints is that Redeem It Now isn’t actually cashing in itcoins.  So, if you actually find surveys you qualify for, you successfully complete them, the points are correctly totaled and you accumulate enough to redeem them – you still might not get rewarded.

Conclusion: Should you join TestSpin?

There really is no reason to join them, and with the negative reviews, I would choose a different company – even if the rewards were greater.

But the rewards are not even higher than most sites!

Your best option is to find a similar site, but that has a better reputation and will actually pay you for the time you have worked.

I definitely recommend reading “39 Legitimate Paid Surveys That Pay Cash” – a list of the most rewarding and free to join companies.

There you will find something trustworthy that suits your preferences.

No one taking surveys should be looking to get rich – but nonetheless, you can definitely do better than TestSpin.

Official Website: www.testspin.com

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