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A mom shares her experience taking surveys for is a relatively new survey site out of Canada.  They allow users to earn points by doing surveys.  Their website offers an address, links to their BBB rating (which is an A), and there are plenty of users.  All of these point toward them being a legitimate, paying survey company.  You get 100 points for registering and the more information you give the more points you get.  Information like your phone number, shipping address, and that related to specific survey specifications can earn up to 25 extra points.

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What Are TellWut Surveys Like?

I was crazy surprised and pleased at the surveys.  Frankly, most sites make you do 15 to 20 minute (or longer) surveys for just a few points or a dollar or two.  These surveys were only 5 to 10 questions long, there were a ton of them to do, and most of them were worth 10 to 15 points.  Also, they were not the sort that you get started on and then they kick you out because you don’t qualify like often happens on other sites.  You simply click a survey, answer the questions, and watch your points rack up.

How Do You Cash Out?

The TellWut rewards catalog is full of awesome gift cards and products that you can cash in points for.  The lowest I saw was 4,000 points for a $10 Amazon gift card.  This may sound like a lot, but remember the surveys are super short and fast to take. Honestly, if someone was just looking to make a little side money in the form of gift cards for Christmas and such, an hour or so a day could lead to a big payoff.  I am considering paying for diapers this way!

How Else Can I Get Points?

In addition to points for surveys, signing up, and building your profile, there is a generous referral program at TellWut.  They offer 25 points for each person signing up under your referral link.

What is the Catch?

I don’t see one.  I guess it depends on what you are looking for.  I can’t see how anyone could make a living doing this.  Even the tons of surveys available would run out eventually doing them for 8 hours a day.  No one is going to get rich here, but there is definitely some side money to be made with TellWut.


Though I have yet reached the point to be able to cash out, I did several surveys and watched those points be added to my account.  That whole process was smooth.  I cannot personally attest to the rewards redemption process, but I could not find where anyone has had any trouble with it, and that is a big plus.  If there is a problem, someone will almost always say so.  TellWut appears to be totally legit and a great way to earn some extra play money.


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Jessica Weaver

June 14, 2014 at 9:05 pm

If I only had time for surveys! It’s amazing the amount of time I used to spend trying to make money and how I have no time for that stuff now. Maybe some day!