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20|20 Research offers ways to make money online-

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Before working at home, were you a marketing professional?

Or are you a WAHer (work-at-homer) who just enjoys giving your opinion and filling out consumer surveys for extra cash?

Well, 20/20 Research might be the answer to both of these needs.

Founded in 1986, 20|20 Research, Inc. became a worldwide leader in online marketing research and support. As more companies recognize the need for marketing themselves on a global scale, 20/20 Research offers its clients a variety of online marketing support and assessable tools such as live seminars and e-book downloads.

What exactly is 20/20 Research?

20/20 Research offers marketing research services from professional marketers including online focus groups, hosted focus groups, and online surveys. Marketing research is handled by a QualBoard expert who will handle the discussion guides, participant lists, stimuli, reporting, and recruiting. The client only needs to moderate the discussion boards and panels.

Is 20/20 Research a legitimate work-at-home company?

Yes, 20/20 Research is legitimate and has been endorsed by nationally syndicated consumer expert, Clark Howard. As many of you know, Clark advises consumers how to manage their money and is the radio host of The Clark Howard Show and author of the popular book, Get Clark Smart. Each year, Clark Howard updates his list of the best top 20 work-at-home companies and his latest 2013 list can be found on his web site.

What types of jobs are available at 20/20 Research?

There are marketing professionals who may join by visiting the Job Board on the web site when positions are available. These jobs are for recruiters, project managers, and other marketing professionals as well as administrative professionals. The requirements will vary from job to job, so be sure to follow the instructions for each one when applying.

There are in-house focus groups located in Miami, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Nashville, Tennessee–however, there are also plenty of online focus groups to participate in as well.

The online focus groups for the work-at-homers (WAHers) will allow you to work at home and have more flexibility with your hours. You can make upwards of $50, $100 or as much as $150 for giving your opinion. No selling is ever involved.

Once you sign up and create an account, you will be contacted by either email or a telephone call. The recruiter will ask you a series of questions to see if you are a “match” for a particular study. If you are, then you will be sent the login and passwords the day before the study/survey. Online focus groups will consist of 15 panel members and a professional moderator. In-house focus groups are about half that size and only located at one of the three facilities previously mentioned.

20/20 Research has a list of clients which includes Rubbermaid, Frito Lay, Yahoo, Discovery, Dell, Microsoft, Kraft, and Disney to name a few.

What skills/special training do you need to work at 20/20 Research?

If you are interested in a professional position on the Job Board, then you will need to adhere to the requirements listed there. However, if you are interested in participating in a study and filling out the surveys, you just have to be ready to give an opinion. Cell phone companies, restaurants, and technology companies are ready to hear from you and pay for your opinion. You may also refer a friend.

What are the computer/equipment requirements to work at 20/20 Research?

A PC or Mac may be used as long as it has an anti-virus protection. You must also have an email account and a phone number should the recruiter decide to call you.

Are you an independent contractor or an employee at 20/20 Research?

You are an independent contractor and responsible for your own taxes. You will be sent a 1099 Form if you make over $600 in any calendar year.

What is the pay like at 20/20 Research?

Surveys are paid at $50, $100 or $150 depending upon the length of the study and time involved. Surveys are paid after completion by a mailed check. Sometimes gift cards or even the product itself (a computer game or gadget) can also be given as an incentive.

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Jobs on the job boards vary, but you will find out more information once you submit your resume.

Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings

Working as an independent researcher for 20/20 Research provides flexibility and a unique avenue for income. To maximize your earnings, it’s crucial to understand the strategies that can help you succeed. Here are some tips to consider:

1. Optimize Your Profile

When you sign up to work with 20/20 Research, you’ll likely be asked to fill out a profile. Make sure this is complete and up-to-date, as it will be used to match you with suitable research studies. The more comprehensive and accurate your profile, the more likely you are to get matched with projects that align with your skills and interests.

2. Be Consistent and Reliable

Consistency and reliability are key in building a good reputation. Deliver quality work on time, every time. Satisfied clients are more likely to seek your services again, recommend you to others, or provide positive feedback that could help you secure more projects.

3. Stay Active and Engaged

Stay active on the platform and respond promptly to any new project offers or communication from the 20/20 Research team. The faster you respond to new opportunities, the higher the chance you’ll get the job before others do.

4. Expand Your Skills

Invest in learning and expanding your research skills. The more skills you have, the more varied and higher-paying the projects you can take on. This could include learning new research methodologies, statistical analysis, or sector-specific knowledge.

5. Seek Higher Paying Projects

Once you’ve gained experience and built a reputation for quality work, don’t hesitate to seek out higher-paying projects. This may mean targeting more complex studies that require a higher level of expertise, but they can significantly boost your earnings.

6. Build Relationships

Establishing strong relationships with clients and the 20/20 Research team can lead to more opportunities. Good relationships can often lead to repeat work, referrals, and higher-paying projects.

How can someone apply to 20/20 Research?

To join panels to give your opinion and fill out surveys go to To apply for a marketing position, project management position or other jobs go to

Good luck to all of those who apply.

Miranda’s Notes

I once served on a 20|20 Research Panel and it was a lot of fun, I got free stuff to try and was paid very very well. However, most people do not qualify for the surveys. Many of us answer the few preliminary questions and rarely qualify. Even when we supposedly do qualify, that doesn’t mean you get a call. Even though I’ve only been able to participate once in the two years I have tried. I still enjoy answering those preliminary questions from time to time- just in case. But keep in mind, this is by NO means something you could ever possibly rely on.

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June 21, 2013 at 9:45 pm

I have never heard of them before. I recently got one with Pinecone like Miranda said it’s not money you can rely on. Every bit helps and I enjoy being apart of focus groups and research panels. I signed up we’ll see what happens. Gotta love Clark Howard he’s an good egg 🙂

Leisa Good

June 22, 2013 at 12:05 pm

Thanks for commenting, TraceyJoy!

I definitely love Clark Howard, his books, show, and what he stands for! Great guy!

Glad that you did sign up. Let us know how things turn out. Most “survey/research panel-type” sites aren’t money you can rely on, but they are enjoyable with some extra cash on the side. This one even gives out gift certificates as well as cash.

So, again. Thank you for commenting and let us know how things turn out.


August 17, 2013 at 9:22 am

I was an employee for 20/20 Research, I was a Client Services Assistant. This is just extra money but it’s great when there are panels available. As a CSA I was able to see just how hard both the Client companies and 20/20 worked together to make this an enjoyable experience for the Respondents. Most Client Companies had us cater meals or heavy snacks for panels that were over an over. Most respondents seemed pleased after their experience.

Leisa Good

August 19, 2013 at 7:01 am

Stephanie, thanks so much for sharing. Yes, I think you are right when you say that working for this company is “just extra money”. I am glad that you did have a positive experience even as an employee there. It does seem like a great–and fun–way to pull in some extra cash!

Dave H.

December 10, 2013 at 2:51 pm

Leisa , thanks for the post. I had heard of 20/20 Research before but never really looked into them. I just came from their site and, for the most part, they seem like a good site to consider. I’ll have to do some more research at their site to be sure but the sound of getting paid $50 to $150 per online study group does sound very appealing. Naturally, I’ll have to give their Privacy Policy a good once-over or more to make sure….which I strongly recommend anyone and everyone do before signing-up to any market research company. I currently belong to several sites like 20/20 and I’m on the lookout for a few more. Thanks for the info.

Leisa Good

December 10, 2013 at 7:57 pm

Thanks, Dave. A friend of mine actually works there, and turned me on to it. She is a skeptic from the word “go”, but is doing well there and enjoys it.

I totally agree about reading the “Privacy Policy” there and everywhere else!

Hope it works out for you, and you can add that to your WAH list. Take care and thanks again.


July 24, 2014 at 10:31 am

What a great site! I have completed a survey/panel for 20/20. It was so easy and I got a $75 Visa card. I qualified for another but we played phone tag and so I think they ended up finding another person to participate. The only bummer about this place is that even if you think you qualify, it can take 15 minutes to fill out the entry form. It is frustrating to not qualify, which is the case 9/10 times (actually more like 99/100). If you don’t mind spending time doing the intakes, it can really pay off! However when I calculate the time filling out the intakes divided by that $75, my time doesn’t end up being worth much!