Top 30 Seafood Places That Accept EBT Near Me & Food Stamps 

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Top 18 Seafood Places That Accept EBT Near Me & Food Stamps 

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Seafood is a highly nutritious source of food. It is needed for the health and wellness of individuals and family members of all ages. Consuming seafood provides omega-3s, calcium, iodine, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, B, B3, and D vitamins, and protein.  

Eating seafood is essential for bone and brain development, improves the immune system, and is linked to a lower risk of depression, liver cancer, and a healthy heart. 

Despite the importance of seafood, many families and individuals cannot afford the vital commodity. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formally the food stamps program, is a US federal program that provides food-purchasing assistance for low- and no-income people.  

The SNAP program lets low-income families receive benefits through a transfer called the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT). The card is connected to the recipient benefit benefits account. 

While EBT cards function like regular debit cards, they can only be used to pay at authorized retailers for eligible food products. It has a magnetic strip and pin to secure the cash like other debit cards. The set of items you can buy with the EBT cards is limited and are generally survival food items. 

Once the benefits are loaded into the account, you can use EBT cards to buy seafood from several stores, restaurants, and local groceries around you. The card can purchase frozen, fresh, and packaged seafood. You cannot use the EBT card for hot foods or food prepared at the point of sale.  

EBT cards can be used in all states in the District of Columbia, the US Virgin Islands, and Guam. Retailers that accept the EBT cards are authorized by the USDA’s SNAP program. Some states may bundle EBT with the Restaurants meals program allowing the recipients to eat in restaurants.  

Other recipients under the Temporary Assistance Program can withdraw money from participating ATMs. 

Who Qualify for the EBT Card  

Snap benefits are meant for the less fortunate in society and low-income families hence not everyone qualifies. You may apply for the card from your current state of residency. The program has several ways of determining qualifications. Here is the list of people who can receive the EBT benefits. 

– Homeless 

 There are so many homeless people in the US who cannot get access to food. Some myths suggest that homeless individuals cannot receive SNAP benefits since they do not have a place to cook food.  

However, you do not need a fixed residence or mailing address to receive benefits. Homeless individuals can qualify for prepared meals under the EBT program. A homeless individual can use a letter from homeless shelters to apply for the snap benefits. 

– The Elderly 

Most elderly individuals have either outlived their working years and may not have a fixed source of income. Due to this, the elderly are very vulnerable and may not afford the food they need to survive. Most elderly people are eligible for many government benefits and assistance programs. Once the elderly qualify for the program, they can receive the seafood in the designated places. 

– People Living with Disability 

People living with disabilities face many challenges putting food on the table. Some are discriminated against or even face challenges preparing a meal. It is because of the challenges the people with disability face that they receive the SNAP benefit. 

– Low-income Families 

Families that earn income less than 130% of the poverty level are generally eligible for the EBT benefits. These families can easily visit the restaurants, soup kitchens, and other seafood markets that accept EBT near me.  

While the card is limited on what that family can buy staples to have a balanced diet for the whole family. The card lets families access the meals they can prepare at home and eat with the entire family. Apart from the seafood, families can get access to fruits and vegetables, meat, candy, dairy and poultry products, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, and bread and cereals. 

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What are the SNAP eligible food items? 

According to USDA Food and Nutrition Service, the SNAP-eligible food items include meat, poultry and fish, fruits and vegetables, bread and cereals, dairy products, snack foods and non-alcoholic beverages, seeds, and plants. More so, the fish category includes fish, shrimp, shellfish, mussels, oysters, crab, scallops, and lobster. 

Ideally, the SNAP benefits seek to help you buy staple food items and non-alcoholic drinks. Hence, you cannot use SNAP to purchase nonfood items, food items that are hot when sold, live animals (except shellfish and fish removed from water), food supplements, cigarettes, and alcoholic beverages. Hence, your EBT card will not buy pet seafood, fish products with a Supplement Facts Label, seafood that is hot when sold, and alcoholic beverages containing fish ingredients.  

Seafood Places that Accept EBT (And Those That Don’t) 

If you are receiving SNAP benefits and wish to change your diet to more nutritious seafood, there are a lot of places where you can get the food with your EBT card. The card will let you cook and eat fish, crab, oysters, shrimp, or lobster. You can buy seafood products in the following places. 

Fish Markets 

Fish markets are simply marketplaces that sell seafood. The market may be dedicated to wholesale or retail markets. The markets may range in size and types of products sold. There are multiple seafood markets in the United States. Unfortunately, not all have the authorization to accept EBT cards. Here are some physical marketplaces you can use with your card: 

1. Boston Public Market 

Boston public market is a popular marketplace that opened in 2015. It is open all year-round, selling produce originating from New England and Massachusetts. The public market is regulated by a non-profit organization and mainly deals with seafood. It has got up to 30 New England artisans that stock seafood, fresh produce, baked goods, and the like. 

The market is open to both the city’s residents and visitors alike and supports the purchase of food items using the EBT card. The center is located in Boston Massachusetts, and is open throughout the year all week long. You can purchase food from the store from 8 am to 6 pm. The market is spacious and provides variety to complement the seafood in the store. 

Then, use your EBT card to shop for locally sourced and seasonal seafood. Plus, you can buy dairy and poultry products, specialty items, fruits and vegetables, and prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for complete shopping. 

2. John Yi Fish Market 

When you need variety in the seafood, then John Yi seafood market will never disappoint. The market has been open the Philadelphian residents for over 30 years. There is a lot of variety as the market offer both wild and farmed seafood products. The product can be fresh, frozen, or prepared. 

The market is open all year long. It provides the freshest seafood in Philadelphia all year long. The market offers an impressive collection of famed and wild-caught seafood such as fish, lobsters, shrimp, salmon, crabs, shellfish, scallops, fillets, sushi-grade tuna, and salmon. You can check out the catalog on the website or visit the market for some tantalizing seafood and secret recipes. 

3. Portland Fish Market 

Portland city is at the confluence of two rivers and has a rich source of fresh water and saltwater seafood. The epicenter that can allow you to enjoy the tasty fish species in the city is the Portland fish market. The market has been preapproved for the SNAP benefit and allows eligible shoppers to purchase sea foods using the EBT card. 

The shopping center is open from 10 am to 7 pm throughout the week. There are different fish species, such as Albacore tuna, black cod, and halibut. You can also find other aquatic foods such as shellfish, such as octopus legs, mussels, clams, shrimp, and oysters.  

Depending on the kind of benefit you are eligible for, you can also enjoy smoked salmon, scallops, and trout. You can also access the seafood from the market online through their website. 

4. Saltwater Seafood Market and Fry Shack 

Saltwater Seafood and Fry Shack is a family establishment operating in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is the largest and most popular establishment selling fresh seafood in the entire city. The market has been open for the last 50 years and can offer you both locally produced fish and imported seafood to relish your taste buds and improve your nutritional seafood intake. 

The amazing collection of seafood includes oysters, shrimp, crabs, clams, lobster, bass, catfish, mahimahi, scallops, shrimp, tuna, perch, and much more. The center is one of the very few places where you can buy crab in Raleigh using your EBT card. It is open between 10 30 am and 6 45 pm daily except on Monday and Sundays. 

Popular Seafood Markets that Don’t Accept EBT 

Sadly, there are more seafood markets and restaurants in the United States that don’t take EBT than those that do. Those that decline EBT cards include: – 

  • 4th Street Shrimp Store 
  • Andria’s Seafood Restaurant & Market 
  • Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips 
  • Atlantic Seafood Market 
  • Bahama Breeze 
  • Bonefish Grill 
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Company 
  • Captain Ds Seafood 
  • Carolina Meat & Fish Co. 
  • Conrad’s Crab & Seafood Market 
  • Crab Cake Cafe 
  • Crab Pot ATL 
  • Crabby Bil’s 
  • Jersey City Fish Stand 
  • Joe’s Crab Shack 
  • King’s Fish House 
  • Legal Seafoods 
  • Long John Silver’s 
  • Mac’s Seafood Markets 
  • McCormick and Schmick’s 
  • McGrath’s Fish House 
  • Milwaukee Public Market/St. Paul Fish Company 
  • Monahan’s Seafood Market 
  • Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen 
  • Pappas Seafood Co. 
  • Red Lobster 
  • Rockfish Seafood Grill 
  • San Pedro Fish Market 
  • Santa Monica Seafood Market & Café 
  • Shells Restaurant 
  • Paul Fish Company 
  • The Crazy Crab 
  • The District Fishwife 
  • The Lobster Place Seafood Market 
  • Truluck’s Seafood Steak and Crab House 

Grocery Stores 

Seafood marketplaces are the number one spot you can access the freshest and most nutritious seafood. Unfortunately, the marketplaces are not spread throughout the country and may not be available in your neighborhood.  

The major challenge with using the EBT card is that most seafood markets are not approved hence you may have to access the approved grocery store in your area to benefit from the SNAP program. 

The grocery shops may allow you to get fish and shellfish, like salmon, shrimp, and cod. Additionally, you can pair up the seafood with other groceries for a healthy diet. There was a time when the snap benefit could only be used for in-store purchases. Currently, the federal program has grown its wings to cover physical and online seafood stores so you can pay for your items with confidence. 

 Purchasing Seafood using Food stamps and the EBT is handled under the SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot. The program is available in a few states at the moment. The program is convenient and allows shoppers to order seafood conveniently without the need to leave their homes. Buyers can buy the seafood using the EBT either in part or in full in the participating stores. 

5. Albertsons Sea Food 

Alberson is a large home delivery retailer located in 25 states in the United States. The retailer sells fresh & frozen seafood, sushi, and shelf-stable tuna products all over the nation. The products have been inspected to ensure they deliver fresh and healthy products to all of the customers all over the country with the in-house seafood certification logo. 

6. ALDI 

ALDI is a popular discount grocery chain with 1,700 outlets in 37 US states. Unlike most giant retailers that stock up to 30,000 items, ALDI opts for approximately 1,300 low-priced, a limited selection of grocery items, including frozen meat, poultry, and seafood. That way, it keeps its outlets small, with minimal operational costs.  

Now, ALDI has been licensed by the USDA to accept the EBT card for purchasing seafood both online and offline from multinational retailers. That way, if you are a SNAP participant, and are an ALDI customer, use your EBT card to shop for seafood items at ALDI in-store or online. The seafood items on sale include fresh Atlantic salmon, steelhead trout, tilapia fillets, and cold smoked salmon.  

To order online for pickup and delivery of eligible seafood items using your EBT card, go to ALDI’s Instacart page and select the ALDI outlet. Still, your EBT card will only pay for the eligible seafood items. You will need to pay for the ALDI Instacart pickup and delivery fees and tips using another payment mode.  

7. BJ’s Wholesale Club 

Bj’s is a popular American grocery store with locations in Massachusetts, Ohio, and Michigan. They have a wide base of seafood suppliers that can present the customers with a large list of seafood for consumption. Customers can purchase seafood from the retailer either fully or partially with the EBT card. 

In September 2022, BJs Wholesale Club, announced it now accepts SNAP EBT cards for online purchases chain wide. Then, use your EBT card to shop online at the company’s Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island clubs. 

Hence, members can use their EBT cards at checkout on or the BJs mobile app to purchase eligible seafood items. The eligible seafood items at BJs Wholesale Clubs include fresh and frozen lobster, crab, salmon, and wildly caught Calamari and shrimp. Plus, members access free pickup, shipping, or same-day delivery options for their SNAP EBT eligible purchases.   

8. Costco 

Costco is the third largest retailer globally, just behind Amazon and Walmart. It has a lot of locations in the nation. The discount store operates as a membership-only providing the consumer with their favorite groceries and essential household items. 

You can almost find any type of grocery at the store that you can add to your seafood to complement your menu and ensure you get a proper diet. The seafood selection is big, and the government subsidy and the discounts may allow you to walk home with a sizable meal. 

9. Food Lion 

Food Lion is one of the fairly large seafood places that take EBT, operating in 10 states of the US. It has about 1100 supermarkets in the Mid-Atlantic and the Southeastern United States. It has been in operation since early 1960, delivering value to the local residents. It has a fairly good menu of fresh seafood that you can purchase for cooking at home or in a homeless shelter. 

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Then, do you shop at Food Lion’s Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, or West Virginia stores? If so, use your EBT card to buy eligible seafood items in-store or online. The SNAP EBT eligible seafood items at Food Lion include fresh and frozen fish, shrimp, inland Atlantic salmon, crab, and shellfish.  

Food Lion accepts EBT cards via the Instacart marketplace, the Food Lion site, and the mobile app. Also, customers can link their MVP loyalty cards to the EBT account to earn reward savings and redeem them against digital coupons.  

10. Giant Eagle 

Giant Eagle is one of the oldest grocery stores in the US that opened its door to the public at the start of the first world war. The company is found in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland. It has a large loyalty program that can let you get 2% off the groceries for purchasing fuel from the convenience store. It has a vibrant seafood section with a whole host of canned, frozen, and fresh seafood that is eligible for the EBT card purchase. 

11. Hy-Vee 

Hy-vee has a large selection of both farm-raised and wild-caught seafood selection in its shelves. Those in the EBT program can buy the seafood both in their stores and online. The retailer has displayed a list of SNAP/EBT Online Eligible Stores, so you can receive your groceries and seafood from the comfort of your home. 

12. Kroger 

Kroger is a large chain of grocery stores that has over 2,900 locations. The different locations operate as supermarkets and convenience stores under the labels Dillon’s, Bakers, Fred Meyer, City Market, Fries, QFC, and Kroger. You can check your local Kroger shop for EBT eligibility as the stores are managed independently; however, most stores have been satisfied selling groceries and seafood on the EBT program. 

13. Publix 

Publix is the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the United States. It has outlets in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. The grocery chain sources fresh seafood from the dock both locally and internationally to not only provide variety but also value for every purchase of seafood.  

The seafood department at Publix stocks 60 varieties of fresh and wildly caught seafood, including halibut, tuna, salmon, trout, and snapper. This selection of coast-to-coast seafood from the store is meant to enhance regional flair. And, anyone can be eligible to the SNAP/EBT program can get the seafood from the store either by fully using the card or making a partial payment with the card and completing payment with another means.  

And, even though you cannot buy hot seafood using your EBT card, Publix allows its customers to buy crab legs using their EBT cards and have them steamed to their liking.  

14. Safeway 

Safeway has one of the most efficient grocery deliveries at home in the US. the homeless can visit any of its stores and purchase the seafood and other food items they need conveniently. The store is available in California, Idaho, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Maryland, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Washington DC. The retailer is owned by Albertsons after it was sold to a competitor in 2015 after about 100 years of operation locally and globally. 

15. Sam’s Club 

Sam’s Club is a member-only club operated by Walmart. It actually named after the Walmart founder Sam Walton. The retailer has been in operation since 1938. It offers different groceries ranging from fresh meat, fresh produce, and precious seafood. Sam’s Club is duly approved to offer EBT sales and food stamps to its customers. 

16. Target 

Target is a large store that offers a wide variety, both online and offline, from groceries and essentials to clothing and electronics. Customers can get contactless pickup as well as experience an in-person shopping spree while shopping for their favorite products. There is a lot of seafood variety customers can enjoy as well as user access to their food stamp benefits.  

17. Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe’s is a large grocery chain with over 530 countrywide. The retailer stocks a variety of seafood though the customers argue that the quality of food in the store can vary greatly. You can choose between fresh or frozen seafood. It also approved retail seafood on the SNAP program. 

18. Wegmans 

Wegmans Food Markets started in New York and currently has 108 stores to its name countrywide, concentrated in the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions. The small retailer has a happy bunch of workers as it has been consistently ranked in the 100 Best Companies to Work For since 1988, and it currently sits third on the list. You can feel the hospitality of its staff while buying food stamps with your EBT card. You can feel free to ask about the types of foodstuffs eligible for those benefits. 

Now, Wegmans Food Markets joined the SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot program on March 22. In turn, it accepts EBT cards when buying eligible seafood in-store or online. The stores work with Instacart to facilitate paying for online purchases using EBT cards. Then, when shopping online using your EBT card, start by creating an Instacart account and enter your EBT card details as your mode of payment. Use your ZIP code to locate the nearest Wegmans location and begin your shopping. Then, decide how much of your SNAP benefits you wish to allocate to your shopping cart at checkout. Besides, Instacart is available on their websites or mobile app, making the online service accessible to more persons on SNAP benefits. Visit for further details. 

19. Whole Foods Market 

Whole Foods Market is renowned for its organic and nutritious food options. Now, the food giant accepts EBT cards when paying for eligible food items at all of its 500 stores across the United States.  

Now, you can use your EBT card to buy wildly caught and responsibly farmed seafood, including salmon, shrimp, fresh and frozen shellfish, canned tuna, lobster, scallops, and sushi.  All the seafood selections at Whole Foods Market have no added antibiotics, preservatives, growth hormones, or animal byproducts.  Plus, they cater to the needs of persons on special diets.  

Currently, the company relies on Amazon for its online deliveries, which only accepts Whole Foods gift cards, Apple Pay, and major credit cards. Hence, you can only purchase seafood in-store using your EBT card.  

20. WinCo Foods 

Winco Foods is a privately-owned company selling groceries at bargain prices. It keeps its prices low by sourcing food items directly from farms and manufacturers. Also, the company spends less on advertising to minimize its operational cost.  

Often, WinCo Foods alerts its loyal customers of special and seasonal sales, helping them access more discounts. And, if you participate in the SNAP program and shop for your groceries at WinCo Foods, you can use your EBT card to buy assorted seafood at a discount.  

Now, most WinCo Foods outlets accept EBT cards at checkout. Still, confirm with a customer care agent before shopping with your EBT card at a newly opened WinCo Food store. 

21. BI-LO

BI-LO is a supermarket chain primarily located in the southeastern United States. The company was founded in 1961 and has its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. BI-LO offers a variety of products including groceries, household items, and health and beauty products.

BI-LO is an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) participating retailer, accepting EBT cards for eligible purchases. These purchases typically include unprepared food items and seeds or plants that can produce food.

22. Raley’s Supermarkets

Raley’s Supermarkets is a privately owned, family-operated supermarket chain that is headquartered in Sacramento, California. The company was established in 1935 and operates more than 120 stores in northern California and Nevada.

Raley’s Supermarkets participate in the EBT program and accept EBT cards in all their locations. EBT cardholders can buy unprepared food items, as well as seeds or plants that produce food for household consumption.

23. Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is a supermarket chain that operates primarily in the South Atlantic states. It’s headquartered in Matthews, North Carolina. Harris Teeter offers a variety of products, including a wide selection of groceries, bakery items, and a deli.

Harris Teeter is also a participant in the EBT program, allowing cardholders to use their benefits to purchase eligible items, including most grocery items.

24. Jewel-Osco

Jewel-Osco is a supermarket chain headquartered in Itasca, Illinois. The company has locations across Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. Jewel-Osco provides a range of products, including grocery items, bakery goods, and pharmaceutical products.

EBT is accepted at all Jewel-Osco locations for eligible purchases. This generally includes unprepared food items and plants or seeds that produce food.

25. Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less is a national warehouse store grocery chain, currently owned by Kroger. It’s known for a strategy of customers bagging their own groceries, helping to save on operational costs.

Food 4 Less is a participant in the EBT program, accepting EBT cards for the purchase of eligible food items in their stores.

26. Smith’s Food and Drug

Smith’s Food and Drug, simply known as Smith’s, is a leading supermarket chain primarily operating in the western and southwestern United States. It’s a division of Kroger and provides everything from groceries to jewelry and fuel.

Smith’s accepts EBT for eligible purchases, including most food items and seeds or plants that can be grown for food.

27. H-E-B

H-E-B is a supermarket chain based in San Antonio, Texas, with its origins dating back to 1905. The chain operates over 350 stores throughout Texas, as well as in northeast Mexico.

H-E-B accepts EBT cards for eligible food purchases in all its locations. EBT-eligible items typically include unprepared food items and seeds or plants that produce food.

Grocery Stores in States Accepting EBT Cards for Online Seafood Orders 

The United States Department of Agriculture introduced the SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot program. Through it, anyone with food stamps can use them to purchase eligible food items online from participating retail stores in select states. Then, if your favorite online store stocks qualifying seafood items, use your EBT card to pay for them at checkout. Here is a list of retail stores accepting SNAP payment online by state: – 

28. Amazon  

Amazon is a giant online retailer with vast grocery items on its Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, and main Amazon stores. These are shelf-stable, pantry staple grocery items, including seafood items like caviars and roes, fresh crab cakes, dried, fresh, and frozen seafood, imitation crab and Surimi, and smoked and cured fish.  

Now, the retail giant participates in the SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot program. Currently, it accepts SNAP EBT online in all US states except Alaska. In turn, Amazon customers with a valid SNAP EBT card can shop online for deals and SNAP-eligible groceries and pay using their EBT cards.  

Go to and add your SNAP EBT card to shop for eligible grocery items and deals on Amazon using your EBT card. Then, all the eligible items have the “SNAP EBT eligible” label near the product name. Select the eligible seafood items and enter your EBT PIN at checkout. Like ALDI, you will need another payment mode to settle applicable delivery or service fees and tips.  

29. Price Chopper Supermarkets 

Price Chopper Supermarkets has select stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont participating in the SNAP program. That way, it accepts payments for SNAP-eligible food items using EBT cards. The SNAP-eligible seafood items at Price Chopper include fresh, frozen, and packaged seafood, wildly-caught cod, raw shrimp, and smoked salmon. Then, when shopping, click on the product to confirm that it is SNAP eligible before adding it to your shopping cart.  

30. Walmart  

The Meat and Seafood department at Walmart has a variety of fresh and frozen fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, and seafood seasonings. More so, Walmart allows SNAP participants to use their EBT cards at checkout in 49 states. Alaska residents may use their EBT cards at pickup. Then, update your payment information to include an EBT card. Next, proceed to the Walmart website or mobile app and sign in to your Walmart pickup and delivery account. Select seafood with the “EBT Eligible” label next to the product name. Fill your cart, proceed to checkout and select EBT as your payment method.  

Eat Healthy, Eat Seafood  

The value of seafood cannot be contested nor debated, while its taste is sure to get your kids relishing for more hence offering more to the table. It is wonderful knowing that low-income families and the less fortunate can afford to get seafood on the table thanks to a government program. There are a lot of facilities where you can buy seafood, and we have listed the top places you can use the EBT card either online or offline, or both.  

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