Make Money Online with What Users Do

In the past I have talked about usability testing sites like What Users Do. These are a quick and fun way to make extra money online. So what is What Users Do?

What Users Do is based out of the UK but accept people from other countries, like the US to help gauge the usability of websites. Basically businesses contact usability sites like this to find out what every day users think of their site:: how easy is it to use, what is confusing , appealing or non appealing. If a site is wondering why they are having a lot of visitors but not making sales on their products, hiring What Users Do is a great way to get an insight to the average user experience.


In order to work with Usability Sites you will need high-speed internet and a microphone.

The microphone is important because as you browse the site, you will be asked to speak your thoughts aloud. This allows for honest and raw feedback.  Some people feel awkward speaking to a microphone as they visit a site, but that uncomfortable feeling does fade. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone.


How much money does What Users Do Pay?

Each task is paid its own amount. But they pay up to $8 per test according to other web reviews. Considering the tests generally take no more than twenty minutes. This is fair pay. But other usability sites pay an average of $10 per test.

What Users Do pays on the 25th of the following month to your PayPal Account.


Are there a lot of tests to earn money online with What Users Do?

This can vary. You may see several tests available one week and none the next. I am not an active user of What Users Do, so I cannot say from personal experience. But this is not something you should ever rely on. Think of it as a quick way to make money online from time to time.


What is the Sign Up Process like at What Users Do?

Signing up with What Users Do will require you to record a practice test. What Users Do claims the sign up process takes less than five minutes. Once your test has been reviewed, they will contact you when a test becomes available.


What are other Usability Testing Sites like What Users Do?

Check out my list of top Usability Testing Sites to learn about some others. I think it is a great idea to sign up for them all! The more easy money you can earn the better. right!?


Where do I go to sign up for What Users Do?

Sign up on their site and learn more by visiting their FAQ Page too.




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