3PlayMedia Work at Home Review

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3PlayMedia Work at Home Review

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3PlayMedia offers transcription, caption and translation services. Clients such as T-Mobile, the IRS, Netflix, P&G and many other reputable household names upload media files such as videos. Work at home agents working for 3PlayMedia then provide the services of transcription, captioning or translating. But 3PlayMedia is more than just a video transcription services. They offer a digital service that extends into features such as allowing viewers to search videos for spoken words along with other features that make 3PlayMedia stand out to their clients.

Work at Home Jobs at 3PlayMedia

3PlayMedia, as of the date of this review, is hiring transcription editors. It is not necessary to have experience as a professional transcriptionist but you must have the qualities of one. For example, you must have “perfect command of English usage, grammar, and punctuation”. Your typing speeds must be exceptional with at least 75 WPM. Although experience in transcription is not necessary for the Transcription Editor position at 3PlayMedia- a college degree is required.

According to a current work at home agent of 3PlayMedia, the media files are already transcribed using voice recognition software. It is the job of the Transcription editors to “listen/watch the videos and edit them, putting in the necessary punctuation and changing words that the software has incorrectly captured (i.e. there/their, too, two, to, etc.)”.

Benefits to Working at 3PlayMedia

Of course, as with most home based jobs, 3PlayMedia offers a high level of flexibility. It is a non-phone job so it can be done from anywhere you have internet access with a computer that meets their standards. Once you are hired as an independent contractor to work for 3PlayMedia you can access their job board and accept work as you have the availability. This gives you the opportunity to work as often as you want- provided you meet the deadlines of any work you accept.

The Transcription Editor position is great to use as a reference point when wanting to understand the pay benefits. In particular this job posting says compensation depends on your efficiency and can range from $10-25 per hour.

Pay is monthly via your choice of check or direct deposit.

Application Process at 3PlayMedia

The Application looks fairly simple. You must answer some basic and standard questions, take a typing test and then complete a small sample transcript of a 3 minute video using the general standards they list.

I am told after you submit your application there may be a wait as they often hire in batches. Once you are invited to training you will be asked to watch a series of videos that will teach you how to use the 3PlayMedia software. It seems the training is pretty relaxed and any certifying or testing allows for ‘open book’ of their standards guide.

3PlayMedia is looking for people with excellent grammar skills so keep a very close eye on your grammar and spelling!

What Others are Saying

Laura Rogers, a work at home adventure’s reader chatted with me on Facebook several weeks ago and introduced me to 3PlayMedia. Laura has worked for this company since May of 2010! Even after nearly 3 years she still has a high level of love and passion for her job.

Of course I researched a bit further than my conversation to find other experiences. One contractor who gave their experience with working as a transcription editor with 3PlayMedia 4 out of 5 stars said the cons to working there is

“If one is not a particularly fast typist, it is extremely difficult to exceed even Minimum Wage level.

Work availability is “Feast or Famine”; weeks can pass without any projects being made available.
Not all of the available work is necessarily appealing”

All of the other feedback at Glassdoor.com given by Transcription Editors seemed to say the same thing. They love the work but they wish for more consistency with how much work they can do. Apparently this job may not be something you can highly rely on for work because it simply comes and goes so quickly.

Others were able to verify a pay range that does seem to be at least $10 an hour.

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Pros and Cons of Working Here


  1. Diverse Work: As a company offering transcription, captioning, translation, and audio description services, the work is likely diverse and varies from project to project, which can keep things interesting.
  2. Skill Development: Working for such a company could allow for the development of a wide range of skills, including improving language skills, attention to detail, and time management abilities.
  3. Remote Work Opportunities: Companies in this sector often offer the flexibility of remote work, which can be a significant advantage for many people.


  1. Demanding Work: Transcription and translation work can be demanding and time-consuming, especially when dealing with complex or technical content. It may also involve working under tight deadlines.
  2. Irregular Workflow: The amount of work might fluctuate greatly, leading to periods of heavy workload followed by periods of little to no work. This can make income and work schedule predictability a challenge.
  3. Requires Concentration: The job typically requires a high degree of focus and concentration. Distractions can lead to errors, which in the world of transcription and translation can be significant.

How to Apply

If you would like to be considered during the next hiring batch at 3PlayMedia then visit their site, read through the job requirements and follow the link given for the application page. Good Luck!

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