How to Become a Product Tester for Reebok (& Get Free Shoes!)

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Reebok is renowned for its innovative and performance-enhancing athletic shoes and apparel.

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It is always looking for ways to refine and improve its product offerings. One crucial way they do this is through the feedback of product testers, people who get to use and review their products before they are available to the public.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can become a product tester for Reebok and even get your hands on some free Reebok shoes, this blog post is for you.

Understanding the Role of a Product Tester

What Product Testers Do

Product testers play an incredibly pivotal role in the product development cycle.

They are assigned the task of wearing, using, and rigorously testing products under a variety of real-world conditions.

The purpose of this thorough testing process isn’t merely to wear a new pair of shoes or try on a stylish piece of activewear.

Instead, it’s to ensure all Reebok products meet the highest standards of quality, durability, and performance.

As a Reebok product tester, you will be expected to use the product in the way an average consumer would.

However, you’ll be doing it with a keen eye for detail, noting any points of discomfort, performance issues, or anything that stands out – for better or worse. It might be putting the shoes through their paces on a long run, a high-intensity workout, or a casual walk.

This rigorous testing ensures that the product’s real-life performance matches the promises made by the brand.

Importance of Product Testing to Companies like Reebok

The role of product testers is invaluable to companies like Reebok.

They provide critical insights and feedback, serving as the brand’s eyes and ears on the ground.

This direct line of communication helps Reebok identify potential improvements and make necessary adjustments to its products.

These improvements could range from minor tweaks, such as changing the position of a seam or adding a bit more cushioning, to significant changes, such as a total redesign of a shoe model.

All of these adjustments aim at creating a product that meets consumer needs and expectations to the utmost degree.

Product testers help Reebok keep a finger on the pulse of the consumers, ensuring they stay true to their commitment to performance, style, and comfort.

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It’s about continuous improvement and maintaining the excellent reputation that Reebok has built over the years.

Impact of Product Testers’ Feedback

The feedback from product testers directly influences the final product that hits the shelves.

Your observations and recommendations won’t end up on a forgotten post-it note; instead, they will be thoroughly analyzed and used as an input in decision-making processes.

If the shoes you’re testing don’t offer enough ankle support, your feedback could lead to an adjustment in the design.

If the apparel isn’t breathable enough during high-intensity workouts, your input could inspire the development of a new fabric technology.

This vital feedback could lead to the next big innovation in athletic shoes and apparel, making your role as a product tester extremely valuable and impactful.

Being a Reebok product tester isn’t just about getting your hands on the latest gear.

It’s about playing a part in the product development process and seeing your feedback materialize into better products that cater to the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Eligibility and Requirements for Becoming a Reebok Product Tester

Basic Qualifications

Becoming a Reebok product tester requires meeting specific criteria. You must be above 18 years of age, live in the United States, and have a valid email address.

These are standard requirements for most product testing opportunities to ensure legal compliance and effective communication.

However, Reebok also requires a significant level of physical activity from its product testers. As a tester, you’ll be testing athletic products, which means you must be active in a sport or exercise that aligns with the products you’ll be testing.

For instance, if you’re applying to test running shoes, you should be a runner. If you’re testing yoga wear, you should be practicing yoga regularly.

This condition is necessary as it ensures that the feedback is relevant and reflects the experiences of the target users of these products.

Activities and Responsibilities

As a Reebok product tester, your primary responsibility is to use the product as much as possible during your daily training or exercise routines.

You must remember that you’re not merely using the product but actively testing it. Pay close attention to every detail—comfort, fit, performance, durability—and note your observations.

After the testing period, typically between two to four weeks, you’ll need to complete an online questionnaire about your experience with the product.

This survey will cover various aspects, including product fit, comfort, performance, and possible improvements.

Your answers should be honest, thorough, and timely. Late or incomplete feedback may affect your chances of participating in future tests.

Privacy and Data Considerations

To match you with suitable product testing opportunities, Reebok will require some personal information.

This information includes but is not limited to, your shoe size, clothing size, and details about your workout routine.

Your privacy is a top priority for Reebok, and all your personal data will be handled according to Reebok’s privacy policy.

Reebok uses this information to understand better how their products perform for various body types, activity levels, and environmental conditions.

Your profile information helps them to select a diverse range of testers, ensuring they gather a wide range of feedback to improve their products.

It’s crucial to provide accurate and honest information to help Reebok and to enhance the effectiveness of their product testing program.

Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Reebok Product Tester

Visit the Reebok Product Testing Application Website

The first step to becoming a Reebok product tester is to navigate to the Reebok Product Testing page.

On this page, you’ll find information about the testing program and a sign-up form for creating your testing account.

Take your time to read through the provided information to understand fully what you’re signing up for.

Filling Out the Application

Once you’re ready to proceed, start filling out the application form. This form is quite detailed as it aims to collect all necessary information to match you with the appropriate product testing opportunities.

The form will ask for standard demographic information, such as age and gender. You will also need to provide information about your sports and exercise activities.

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This section is crucial as it helps Reebok understand what kind of athletic activities you engage in and how often. This way, they can send you products that align with your activities and which you can thoroughly test.

Furthermore, you’ll be required to provide your shoe and clothing sizes. This information ensures Reebok sends you products that fit you.

Make sure to provide accurate measurements to avoid getting products you won’t be able to test effectively.

After Applying

After you’ve filled out the form and submitted your application, it’s time for some patience. Reebok will review your application, considering the current testing needs.

If your profile matches their testing needs, you’ll receive a product in the mail for testing. Remember, the product you receive will be determined by the information you provided during the application.

Tips for Success

To increase your chances of being selected as a tester, here are a few tips:

  1. Detail is Key: Ensure your application is as detailed and accurate as possible. The more specific you are about your activities and your measurements, the better Reebok can match you with the right testing opportunities.
  2. Keep Your Profile Updated: Regularly updating your profile can improve your chances of being selected. If you start a new sport or change your shoe size, make sure to update this information on your profile.
  3. Consistency Matters: If you’re selected for a test, ensure to provide detailed and timely feedback. Testers who consistently provide high-quality feedback are more likely to be selected for future tests.

Insider’s Tips for Being a Successful Product Tester

Providing Valuable Feedback

Being a product tester means more than just using a product and submitting a yes or no verdict. To be successful and truly valuable, you need to provide detailed, thoughtful, and constructive feedback.

Remember, the main reason Reebok involves product testers is to gain real-world insights that can help them improve their products.

As such, your feedback should delve into the pros and cons of the product. What do you like about the shoe’s design? How comfortable are the shoes during long runs or intense workouts?

Did you experience any discomfort or inconvenience while using the product?

Don’t shy away from pointing out areas where you believe improvements could be made.

Could the cushioning be better? Is the shoe too narrow or too wide?

Your honest observations are what Reebok is after, and providing them increases your value as a tester.

Understanding Your Commitment

Becoming a product tester might seem like all fun and games, but it’s important to remember that it’s a commitment.

When you receive a product for testing, you’re expected to use it extensively in your regular activities and evaluate its performance in detail.

This task requires a conscious effort and a fair amount of time commitment.

In addition, you’re expected to provide your feedback within a given timeline. This responsibility is crucial, as delayed feedback can delay the product development process.

Being a reliable and punctual tester is part of your commitment and will improve your standing as a tester.

More Testing Opportunities

The relationship between you and Reebok is somewhat reciprocal. The better and more consistent your feedback, the more valuable you are to Reebok. And when you’re valuable to Reebok, they’re more likely to keep you in the loop.

In other words, high-quality, consistent feedback can lead to more product testing opportunities. This rule doesn’t just apply to the quantity of products you’re sent, but also the quality.

Testers who consistently provide excellent feedback are more likely to be entrusted with high-profile testing tasks. This could be a yet-to-be-released shoe or a new line of clothing.

Perks of Being a Reebok Product Tester

Getting Free Reebok Shoes and Apparel

Perhaps the most exciting perk of being a Reebok product tester is the opportunity to receive free Reebok shoes and apparel.

These aren’t just any items from the Reebok line; they’re often new or upcoming products that you get to try out before they hit the market.

You can be one of the first people to test out a new shoe design or a new line of activewear.

And the best part? These products are yours to keep after you’ve completed the testing and provided your feedback.

Whether you’re a fan of the brand or a fitness enthusiast who loves trying out new gear, this perk alone is quite appealing.

Contributing to Reebok’s Innovation Process

As a product tester, you’re not just a recipient of free products; you also become a contributor to the development and innovation process of Reebok products.

Your feedback plays a significant role in how Reebok designs and refines its products.

Every time you test a product and provide feedback, you’re helping shape the future of Reebok’s product line.

Your insights can lead to improvements in comfort, fit, functionality, and style of Reebok products.

This role can be incredibly rewarding, knowing that your input has the potential to improve the experience of countless consumers around the world.

Real Stories from Testers

To understand the perks and benefits of being a Reebok product tester, nothing is more compelling than hearing directly from people who’ve experienced it.

Check out these testimonials from real Reebok product testers to see how they’ve enjoyed and benefitted from the process.

These stories provide insights into the testing process, the types of products you could be testing, and the impact of your feedback.

Reading these stories will give you a better understanding of the testing experience and might even inspire you to apply!


Becoming a Reebok product tester is an exciting and rewarding opportunity.

Not only do you get free Reebok gear, but you also contribute directly to the development and refinement of their products. So why wait? Start your journey towards becoming a Reebok product tester today.

Are you ready to start your journey? Head over to the Reebok Product Testing page and apply to become a product tester.

Remember, the perks are awesome – especially the free Reebok shoes!

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