The Best 17 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money In 2023

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

Earn some extra cash for a vacation, savings, or paying off debt in 2021. Here are 14 quick and simple ways to make extra money, no job needed!The year may be halfway over, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to find ways to make some simple money.

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After all, the holidays will be here before you know it, and it’s always a good idea to have some extra money in savings.

Or, perhaps some extra money in your wallet will help you pay off debt faster. Save for vacation?

Help you purchase that car you’ve been drooling over?

Whatever your reason, extra cash is always good to have around.

What makes it even better?

When it’s easy to get, of course!

I’m going to show you some of the best ways to earn easy money this year, online and offline, so you can get one step closer to your money goals.

Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash in 2023

Use MyPoints to Get Amazon Gift Cards

We’ve talked about MyPoints before (you can read our MyPoints review).

MyPoints started out as a site with cash back rewards for shopping. Since then, it’s expanded into more of a Get Paid To (GPT) site with surveys, coupons, paid videos and games, and more.

You earn points whenever you do anything around the site.

One of the coolest things about MyPoints is that you can earn a high number of points by referring your friends.

You get 25 points just for a friend accepting your invitation.

Then, when your friend spends at least $20 shopping through the MyPoints portal, you get 750 points. From then on, you receive 10% of all points your friend earns!

That means that you can rack up points without even doing anything.

Points have different values depending on what you redeem them for.

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You’ll need 1,590 points for a $10 Amazon gift card, which you can get just from two friends accepting your invite and spending $20 each!

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to earn on MyPoints, so sign up and get started!

Scan Groceries for Cash

The National Consumer Panel, an app made by market research company Nielsen, can make you money simply by scanning your groceries.

You can either use an app on your mobile device or a scanner given to you by Nielsen.

Take it with you when you go food shopping, scan your stuff, and Nielsen collects your data.

Basically, the company uses this information to find out more about the nation’s customers and what they like to buy.

Each week that you participate, you’ll earn points toward various prizes. You can also gain more chances to enter cash sweepstakes up to $20,000.

The National Consumer Panel has an extensive catalog of prizes, including gift cards and cash.

Additionally, panelist members have special opportunities to receive exclusive discounts on products and services from their favorite companies!

Earn Cash with Quick, Simple Tasks

I’ve talked frequently about InboxDollars on Work at Home Adventures because I really think it’s one of the simplest ways to earn money online.

This GPT site has everything you’d expect: Surveys, games, radio, video, offers, paid e-mails, paid referrals, and more.

And, it even gives you $5 just to sign up!

You need $30 minimum to cash out your earnings for a check, but it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Offers on InboxDollars can pay good amounts if you don’t mind signing up for a few things.

I suggest creating a separate e-mail address for your GPT and survey sites so you can easily keep track of things you sign up for.

Even free offers pay a few cents to a few dollars each, so you can rack up your first $30 quickly.

You must be at least 18 years old to join, but it accepts members from any country.

Open a New Account

You’ve probably gotten offers in the mail or have seen online advertisements for free cash when you open a new bank or credit card account.

Offers from trusted banks are legitimate offers and really will pay you as long as you meet the requirements.

Usually, you must have your account open for a certain length of time, make a specific number of deposits or transactions, or make a minimum deposit.

The offers change often – usually month to month – so make sure you take advantage of a good one when you see it.

Within reason, of course. You obviously don’t need 10 bank accounts and 13 credit cards!

But, if you’re looking to open a new checking or savings account anyway, it’s a good idea to look for the best offer first.

A quick look at this month’s offers show $150 to $500 bonuses for opening new accounts!

Check out Nerdwallet for some of the most recent bank and credit card offers and stash away the cash for when you need it most.

Get Money Back for Shopping

If you’re like me, you shop online whenever possible.

It’s so convenient – no rush hour traffic, no long lines, and no searching through aisles for what you need.

I also love it because it gives you even more opportunities to find great deals than shopping in stores.

For example, I use the Honey browser extension.

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Anytime I shop online, Honey browses its database for discount codes for the store I’m visiting. Then, it automatically applies them to my cart!

Not only that, but I earn a percentage back on my purchases just for keeping Honey installed. You can exchange your points for Amazon gift cards.

You can also try Paribus, an app that scans your e-mail inbox for receipts from one of its partnered retailers, like Amazon, Old Navy, Walmart, Home Depot, and more.

If you purchased anything from one of the retailers, Paribus checks your receipt and what you paid against lower prices on items found elsewhere.

If you overpaid, Paribus works to get you the difference back!

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is one of the best ways to earn cash in your spare time.

It usually won’t pay all the bills, but it certainly can give you some extra income.

You can choose to do in-store or telephone mystery shopping, or some of both for extra opportunities.

You’ll be given tasks a client wants you to complete in the store or specific questions to ask on a phone call.

Then, you provide feedback on your experience, like how helpful the person you talked to was or how difficult it was for you to find the product you needed to look for.

Most mystery shops pay between $10 and $25. If you sign up with a few places, you may get a few opportunities each week.

Make Money with Your Phone

There’s an app for everything, including several that can make you money!

You can sign up for the Nielsen app, which will run in the background and gather information about your mobile activities for market and behavioral research.

You accumulate rewards that you can redeem for various prizes, like gift cards.

Or, download SurveySavvy’s app, which pays $5 per month for every month you keep it installed for behavioral research.

Rent Your Stuff

Rent your home, or space in your home, with Airbnb for some extra cash.

You can have travelers stay with you or rent your full space while you’re on vacation.

Or, you can rent your car on Turo if you don’t need to use it all the time. Make it pay for itself!

You choose when your car can be rented and you’ll get paid based on market value, your location, the time of the year, and other factors that influence pricing.

You earn up to 85% of the total rental price and Turo even protects you with liability insurance in case of damage or theft.

Sell Your Stuff

It might seem tedious to go through all your belongings to find things to sell.

But, you never know what might be lurking in the basement that could make you a pretty penny.

Clean out the closets, garage, and junk drawers to find things you could sell online or locally.

There are plenty of websites that will pay you for your stuff.

Decluttr, for example, takes used textbooks, electronics, movies, CDs, and more.

Or, use a mobile app like Letgo to find people locally who want to buy your stuff.

We’ve written a lot of articles about selling stuff, so here’s several to get you started:

Become a Political Activitst

This opportunity gives you a chance to become involved with politics in a very active way.

NextWave Advocacy provides grassroots services to get people involved in political organizations and other efforts.

You’ll do non-partisan work, so it doesn’t matter what political party you choose to align with.

As a NextWave@Home independent contractor, you can either call people to invite them to join a political effort, or turn other’s words into a written story about how a specific political issue affects them.

This is a fairly flexible position, but you’ll need to be able to commit to about 20 hours per week and be able to meet the scheduling needs clients.

All work can be done from your home office, so it’s a convenient way to earn some extra cash.

Do Quick Tasks

If you only have a small amount of time to spare, make the most of it by making some cash.

QuickThoughts is an app for Android and iOS that pays you in gift cards for completing surveys and local missions.

Turn on your location to be invited to more surveys and missions specific to your area.

Missions will require you to visit a store and complete a task or challenge.

Most will only take a few minutes of your time and you’ll earn between $1 and $3 for each mission or survey.

You can also try Zaarly, an app that you can join to offer your services, like home repair or lawn care. Others will find you through the app and you’ll get paid once your work is complete.

Field Agent is another quick-task app that can make you money.

It’s similar to QuickThoughts in that it’ll send you to stores or restaurants and pays you to take photos, fill out a brief survey, or gather information about a business.

You can make between $3 and $12 for most tasks with Field Agent!

Take and Sell Photos

Do you love taking pictures with your smartphone?

If so, you can make money from those, too!

Foap is an awesome app that lets you cash in on photos taken with your smartphone.

If they’re interesting enough to get accepted into the marketplace, you earn 50% of the sales for the license to your photo.

You can connect the app to your PayPal account so you can get your cash seamlessly.

Here are a few other apps and websites that let you cash in on your cell phone photos:

Sell Your Cash

“Wait, what?”

No, that wasn’t a typo. You can sell your cash. is all about buying in-demand cash.

The website has a list of the most wanted serial numbers on U.S. currency.

Typically, it’s collectors who search for very specific serial numbers to complete their collections, and they’ll pay a nice chunk to get it!

For example, there are some current listings of $1 bills for sale that are reaching into the $1000s!

To see if you have anything collectors want, check the most wanted list.

If any bills in your wallet match up to something on the list, you can e-mail the website owners to sell or trade.

Become a Delivery Person

Most people would rather pay for the convenience of a delivery rather than running out and getting something themselves, right?

Postmates knows that, which is why it created this awesome service where people can sign up to deliver and others can find people to deliver stuff.

Postmates currently only operates in some locations, but additional ones are consistently being added all over the United States.

As a delivery person for Postmates, you can earn up to $25 per hour plus tips and you only need to work when you want!

If you have time available, log into your dashboard to let others know you’re ready for business.

You can walk, bike, or drive – whatever makes it easier for you!

Participate in Online Surveys

Online surveys are a popular method to earn extra cash in your free time.

Companies and market research firms are always looking for consumer opinions, and they are willing to pay for your feedback.

By signing up for reputable survey websites, you can receive surveys tailored to your interests and demographics.

Survey Junkie is a well-known platform that connects users with a variety of surveys.

They offer points for each completed survey, which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

Swagbucks is another popular survey and rewards platform that offers multiple ways to earn.

In addition to surveys, you can earn points by watching videos, playing games, shopping online, and more. The points can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or for gift cards.

Become a Freelancer or Gig Worker

If you have marketable skills or talents, you can leverage them to earn extra cash as a freelancer or gig worker.

Many individuals and businesses are looking to outsource tasks or projects, providing opportunities for freelancers to find work in various fields.

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers can offer their services starting at $5.

You can create a profile and showcase your skills in areas such as graphic design, writing, programming, voice-over, and more.

As you gain experience and positive reviews, you can increase your rates and attract more clients.

TaskRabbit is a platform that connects people who need help with various tasks to local gig workers.

Whether it’s furniture assembly, house cleaning, moving assistance, or general handyman work, you can sign up as a Tasker and earn money by completing tasks in your area.

Participate in User Testing

Companies and website owners are constantly seeking feedback on their products and websites.

User testing involves providing your honest opinion and feedback on user interfaces, websites, apps, and prototypes.

This can be done remotely and is a straightforward way to earn extra cash.

UserTesting is a platform that connects users with companies seeking feedback.

You can sign up and complete tests by recording your screen and providing verbal feedback on your user experience.

Each test typically takes around 20 minutes to complete, and you’ll receive compensation for your time and feedback.

Conclusion: Making Easy Money is Possible!

Now you know what to do, so go ahead and make some money!

These are some of the most flexible, quickest ways to earn extra cash outside of a job.

You’ll have enough savings for a vacation or be able to pay off some debt in no time!

What other suggestions do you have for making some easy extra cash in 2023?

Let us know in a comment!

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