Finally, a Work-at-Home Company For Technically Savvy Women

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Tech savvy work from home jobs for women by PowertoFlyIn your past life, were you a woman who worked for a technology company?

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Did you begin working at home to accommodate your kids, spouse or parents?

Would you like to combine your former technology career and working from home?

Well, then PowerToFly definitely has something for a woman of technology like you. 

What Exactly is

The is a site that prides itself on connecting technically savvy women to jobs, which ultimately lead to a better and more balanced work/life balance.  Launched in 2014 by two women entrepreneurs, this new startup company is on a mission to connect work-at-home women to high-tech positions and have them work remotely.  Many of these women held high ranking IT jobs when they were employed full-time outside of the home, but now for whatever reason need to focus on their families just as much as on their careers.

PowerToFly hires women from 94 different countries and allows them to work virtually.  These women sign up with an account and then go through a series of three interviews to become qualified for these technology positions.  There are full or part-time positions.  Both hiring managers and workers sign up and try to find one another.  This, of course, is a similar process comparable to a job or bidding site.

How Does PowerToFly Work?

There is actually a five-step process for finding work on PowerToFly.  You will:

  • Create a profile of yourself and your skill sets.
  • Get “vetted” or qualified for work via the three interviews.
  • Get matched to a job that would be a considered a good fit for you.
  • Do the two to four-week paid trial.
  • Continue working the job after the trial and continue getting paid.

You will also be held to their Code of Conduct, which is listed on the bottom of their How We Work page.  While you can read it for yourself, which is recommended before applying, it is basically what you would expect from a company hiring remote workers.

In summary, The Code of Conduct asks that you work efficiently, proactively, responsibly, and ethically.  All of this and then reminds you that working remotely comes with higher client expectations.

What Are the Hours at PowerToFly?

The hours are flexible and can be 24/7 as most of the positions are international positions.  In other words, you might be located in Egypt, but you are working remotely for a company in New York City.  Many companies like the idea of a 24/7 staff, since business never really stops.

However, most projects do require that you work at least 20 to 25 hours per week.

Which Certifications Do You Need?

As for certification, most IT jobs do have their share of certifications and ongoing certifications.  You would simply mention any and all relative IT certifications that you do have in your profile.  Should you accumulate more while under contract at PowerToFly, then you may add them to your current profile.  All certifications should be and will be verified.

What Types of Positions Are Listed?

There is a variety of technology positions listed.  You can browse them for yourself.  There are positions such as IOS Developer, QA Engineer, Web Developer, Backend Coder, and a variety of Project Management positions.  Occasionally, there will even be a posting for an Executive Assistant or a Virtual Assistant too.

What Are the Computer/Equipment Requirements?

Tech savvy work from home jobs for women by PowertoFlyThe computer and equipment requirements will vary per job, but will be the responsibility of the contractor unless otherwise stated.  If you have been working from home for any length of time, then this should come as no surprise.

Are You an Independent Contractor or an Employee?

You are an independent contractor and responsible for your own taxes.  You should receive a 1099 Tax Form, and if you don’t, then you may request one.

What is the Pay Like and When is Payday at

This will vary based on the position and the company.  This will be worked out either before your trial or renegotiated during your trial.

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What Do Others Think?

Because it is a startup company, there is not too much out there as far as reviews are concerned.  There was one positive and one negative review.  This is common many times with a startup.

What Do I Think About PowerToFly?

I think that it is about time that more technology-type jobs are available for women wanting to work from home.  If it is as wonderful as some people are saying it is then great.  For those who aren’t ready to sign up yet, there are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter groups available for connecting with those who are currently working at PowertoFly or would like to work there.

How Can Someone Interested Apply?

Go to “jobs” page and sign up.  Good luck to all who apply.

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