10 Legit Ways To Get Free Toys For Your Kid

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

As parents, it’s only natural that you want to provide your children with endless joy and boundless possibilities. 

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However, the thought of spending a fortune on toys that may end up forgotten after a few weeks can be disheartening. 

But did you know that there are actually legitimate ways to get free toys for your kids? 

This blog post compiles a list of tried-and-true strategies to help you navigate the world of free toys.

These ten foolproof ways will give you access to a treasure trove of toys for your little one, without spending a dime. 

Imagine the joy on your child’s face as they unwrap a new toy, knowing that it came to them completely free.

How to Get Free Toys for Your Kids

Here are the top 10 ways you can get toys for your kids without spending a dime! Read on for a better understanding. 

  1. Freecycle

Freecycle is an online platform that connects people who want to give away items they no longer need with those who are looking for those items. 

It operates through local groups, so you can find and join your specific community. 

Freecycle is a great resource for finding free toys for your kids. Members post listings offering various items, including toys that they are willing to give away for free. 

You can browse the listings or post a request for specific toys your kids are interested in. 

Many people use Freecycle as a way to declutter their homes and give gently used toys a new life, making it a win-win situation for both the givers and receivers.

  1. Craigslist

Craigslist is a popular online marketplace where people can buy, sell, or give away items. 

One of the categories you’ll find on Craigslist is “Free,” where individuals offer items, including toys, without any cost. 

To find free toys for your kids, navigate to your local Craigslist page and look for the “For Sale” section, then click on the “Free” category. 

You can search for toys in your area or browse through the listings to find ones that catch your interest. 

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Contact the listing owner to arrange for pickup. 

However, exercise caution when using Craigslist, as you should always prioritize your safety. 

It’s recommended to meet in public places and bring someone along when picking up items.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a convenient platform where people can buy and sell items within their local community. 

It’s accessible through the Facebook website or app. 

While Facebook Marketplace primarily focuses on buying and selling, you can often find individuals offering free toys as part of their listings. 

To find them, use the search bar at the top of the Facebook Marketplace page and enter keywords like “free toys” or “giveaway.” 

You can also browse through the “Baby & Kids” category to discover free toy listings. 

When you find a listing that interests you, you can message the seller to inquire about the free toys. 

Remember to exercise caution and meet in public places when arranging pickups.

  1. Toy Swap

Toy swaps are events or organized platforms where parents can trade toys that their children no longer play with. 

These swaps can be organized by community centers, schools, parenting groups, or even online platforms. 

Participating in a toy swap allows you to bring toys that your kids have outgrown and exchange them for other toys that they will enjoy. 

Toy swaps provide an opportunity for families to refresh their toy collection without spending any money. 

To find local toy swap events, check with community centers, schools, or parenting groups in your area. 

You can also look for online toy swap platforms, such as Toy Swap, where parents can connect with each other to trade toys. 

These platforms typically allow you to list the toys you have available for swap and browse other listings to find toys that your kids will love. 

Toy swaps promote sustainability through toy reuse and can be a fun way to connect with other families in your community.

  1. Toy Lending Libraries

Toy lending libraries are community-based organizations that allow parents to borrow toys for a specific period, usually for free or at a minimal cost. 

These libraries work on a membership basis, where you can join and borrow toys that suit your child’s age and interests. 

The borrowing period can range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the library’s policies. 

Toy lending libraries not only provide access to a wide variety of toys but also promote the concept of sharing and reduce toy clutter in your home.

To find toy lending libraries in your local area, check with your local library, community centers, or search online for toy lending library programs near you. 

Some popular toy lending library programs include the Toy Library Federation of New Zealand and the USA Toy Library Association

These organizations often have directories or maps that can help you locate toy lending libraries in your region. 

By utilizing toy lending libraries, you can offer your children a diverse range of toys without the need for long-term ownership or excessive expenses.

  1. Local Buy Nothing Groups on Facebook

Buy Nothing groups are local community-based groups on Facebook where people offer items they no longer need for free. 

These groups are focused on fostering a sense of community and reducing waste through the practice of giving and receiving within a specific geographical area. 

By joining your local Buy Nothing group, you can post requests for toys or keep an eye on the group’s feed for any free toy offerings. 

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These groups often have guidelines and rules to ensure fairness and proper interactions among members.

To find a Buy Nothing group in your area, you can visit the official Buy Nothing Project website and use their search tool to locate a group near you. 

Once you join the group, you can engage with other members and participate in the sharing economy by receiving free toys for your kids. 

It’s a great way to connect with your local community and contribute to a more sustainable way of living.

Remember to familiarize yourself with the group’s guidelines and respect the rules set by the administrators to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

  1. Parenting Forums and Online Communities

Parenting forums and online communities, such as BabyCenter or Mumsnet, can be valuable resources for finding free toys for your kids. 

These platforms provide a space for parents to connect, share information, and support each other. 

Oftentimes, they have dedicated sections or threads where parents can offer toys they no longer need or request toys for their children.

By actively participating in these communities, you can connect with other parents and explore opportunities to receive free toys. 

You can post a request for specific toys or keep an eye on discussions where parents might offer toys for free. 

It’s worth checking these forums regularly or setting up notifications for toy-related discussions to increase your chances of finding free toys for your kids.

Remember to be respectful, follow the community guidelines, and engage in a positive manner when interacting with other members. 

These platforms can not only help you find free toys but also provide a supportive network of parents who can share valuable advice and experiences.

  1. Kids Meal Promotions at Fast-Food Restaurants

Fast-food restaurants often partner with popular toy brands and include toys as part of their kids’ meal promotions. 

These toys are typically tied to movie releases or popular characters, making them attractive to children. 

By purchasing a kids’ meal, you can get a free toy along with the meal.

Many fast-food chains offer limited-time promotions where they introduce new toys with their kids’ meals. 

Keep an eye on the websites or social media pages of popular fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s or Burger King for any ongoing kids’ meal promotions. 

You can also inquire about the current toy offerings when visiting the restaurant. 

While this method may not provide a wide variety of toys, it can be a fun surprise for your child and a cost-effective way to add to their toy collection.

Remember to consider the nutritional value and ingredients of the kids’ meal, as it’s important to maintain a balanced diet for your child. 

Enjoying an occasional kids’ meal with a free toy can be a special treat for them.

  1. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a neighborhood-based social networking platform that connects people living in the same community. 

It serves as a virtual hub where neighbors can interact, share information, and build a stronger local community. 

Nextdoor provides a convenient way to find free toys for your kids by tapping into the resources and generosity of your immediate neighborhood.

To utilize Nextdoor for finding free toys, join your local neighborhood group on the platform. 

Once you’re a member, navigate to the “For Sale & Free” section, where residents often list items they’re giving away for free. 

Browse through the posts or use the search feature to find free toy listings. 

You can also create a post specifying your toy needs, and your neighbors may respond if they have toys to offer.

Nextdoor enables direct communication with your neighbors, allowing you to arrange pickups or ask questions about the listed toys. 

It’s important to practice safety precautions when interacting with strangers. 

Choose public meetup locations and consider bringing someone along when collecting items.

By leveraging Nextdoor’s platform, you can tap into the generosity of your local community, foster relationships with neighbors, and find free toys for your kids.

  1. Freegle

Freegle is an online platform dedicated to the concept of rehoming unwanted items and reducing waste. 

It connects people who have items they no longer need with those who are looking for those items, including toys. 

Freegle operates on a group-based system, with local communities having their own Freegle groups.

To find free toys on Freegle, visit the Freegle website and search for your local group by entering your location. 

Once you join the group, you can browse the listings for free toys or post your own request for specific toys you’re looking for. 

People in your local community who have toys to give away can respond to your request or post their available toys.

Freegle emphasizes the importance of reusing and recycling items, promoting a sustainable approach to toy acquisition. 

By participating in Freegle, you contribute to reducing waste and extending the life cycle of toys.

When arranging pickups or drop-offs, ensure your safety by meeting in public places and taking necessary precautions. 

Freegle provides guidelines and recommendations for safe exchanges on their website, which you should familiarize yourself with.

Freegle offers a platform that facilitates the rehoming of toys and enables you to find free toys for your children while promoting an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

Other Places Where You Can Get Free Toys 

Reddit’s Freebies Subreddit

Reddit’s Freebies subreddit is a community within the Reddit platform where users share links to various freebies, including toys. 

It serves as a centralized hub for finding free items and giveaways across different categories. 

The Freebies subreddit can be a valuable resource for discovering opportunities to get free toys for your children.

To access the Freebies subreddit, visit the Reddit website and navigate to the Freebies section or directly go to the Freebies subreddit

Browse through the posts to find toy-related freebies or use the search function to look for specific toy giveaways. 

The subreddit members often share links or instructions on how to claim free toys from different sources.

Engage with the posts by following the provided instructions or requirements to participate in the toy giveaways. 

Some giveaways may involve filling out forms, subscribing to newsletters, or sharing your information. 

Be cautious and ensure you’re comfortable with providing any personal details before participating.


ToyCycle is an online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling gently used toys. 

It offers a platform for parents and families to find affordable toys and also provides an avenue to give away toys for free. 

ToyCycle aims to reduce toy waste and promote a sustainable approach to toy consumption.

To explore ToyCycle, visit their website and browse through the available toy listings. 

While some toys may be listed for sale, ToyCycle also has a “Free” section where people offer toys for free. 

Use the search function or filter options to specifically look for free toys.

Wrap Up

Finding free toys for your kids can be an exciting and cost-effective way to provide them with new playthings and encourage their imagination. 

By exploring various avenues, such as Nextdoor, Freegle, Reddit’s Freebies subreddit, and ToyCycle, you can increase your chances of discovering free toys for your children.

Remember to exercise caution and prioritize safety when participating in any transactions or exchanges. 

Respect the guidelines and rules set by each platform or community, and express your gratitude to those who offer free toys.

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