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Make (1) watermarkDo you have a great voice and want to make money doing voice overs? Well now you can do that from home by signing up with and looking at the jobs they have available. In this post, I’ll discuss the process you need to go through to sign up and start providing voice overs.

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How do I sign up at

Just go to their website and click “Sign up” in the upper right corner. You’ll then choose the “I Want to Work” option, fill in your information, and click the “sign up” button. You can sign up no matter what country you live in. often needs people who speak other languages, so living in another country or being fluent in a language other than English may help you find voice over work.

If you choose to, you can also sign up for a premium account.  Your profile will rank higher, and you’ll also be able to audition for jobs that are posted publicly rather than just jobs you receive by private invitation. You can also download eBooks and webinars that are offered only to premium members.

A premium membership does cost $399 a year though, so you may want to wait until you start getting voice over work to sign up as a premium member, unless you can afford to pay for the premium membership.

What do I do after I sign up?

After you sign up you’ll need to create your profile – keep in mind, this is going to be how you sell yourself, so you want it to be as complete as possible.  You want to be sure to include a photo, and also an mp3 file so that potential clients can hear what you sound like.

What happens once I get a private invitation for voice over work?

Once you receive a private invitation for a voice over job, you can respond to it. If you’re a premium member though, you can audition for jobs that are posted publicly. To submit an audition, you just have to send a short message to the potential client, give them your rate, and then read a portion of the script provided.  Record the audio from your home, then just attach the completed file and send it back.

How much should I charge for my voice over work?

You have complete freedom in deciding what you want to charge for the voice overs you do. If you’re new to doing voice over work however, you may have a difficult time deciding what to charge, so does provide some advice in this area.

According to their website, the amount you charge should vary depending on the type of job you’re doing and the length of your recordings, among other things. They provide a rate sheet to help you determine how much you should charge for each recording, but you may also want to do your own research to see if you can find out what people in your area who provide the same type of work are charging.

How do they pay?

The company accepts the money from the client before you’re hired, so you don’t have to worry about not getting paid. Once you’ve completed the job, you’ll get paid via Paypal each Friday.  This means if you do a few voice over jobs a week, the money could add up very quickly. If you live somewhere that doesn’t accept Paypal, or can’t use Paypal for some reason, you can also receive a paper check in the mail.

Is legitimate and do they pay?

There is some concern as to whether is legit. One person who posted a review about the site said many things that lead me to believe the site is legit.  He had booked several voice over jobs with the site in the past and was always paid.

He had been able to pay for the cost to become a premium member for the current year, the following year, and also for a new mic so he could continue to do voice overs. He did say he had one client that didn’t reply to him for three weeks after he completed the job. Despite that, Voices still released the funds since the client had paid ahead of time and the funds had been held in escrow.

MakeA few other reviews I read stated that had started offering a Platinum membership, which was a very expensive membership that offered more perks. But according to these members, the platinum membership wasn’t worth what they paid for it, because they didn’t end up making a lot from the voice over work they got.

Pros and Cons of

Pros of for Voice Actors

Wide Exposure and Opportunities provides access to a large and diverse client base from around the world. As a voice actor on the platform, you can showcase your skills and talent to potential clients seeking voice-over services. The wide exposure increases your chances of landing various types of projects and collaborating with clients from different industries.

Streamlined Auditioning Process simplifies the auditioning process for voice actors. Clients post their job requirements, and you can submit auditions directly through the platform. This saves time and effort compared to traditional audition methods, allowing you to submit auditions efficiently and increase your chances of being considered for projects.

Professional Development and Support

The platform offers resources and educational materials to help you enhance your voice acting skills and grow your career. You can access industry insights, tips, and best practices to refine your craft. Additionally, provides support and assistance to voice actors, ensuring a smooth experience throughout the hiring process.

Payment Security handles the financial transactions between clients and voice actors, providing a secure payment process. You can have peace of mind knowing that payment is processed through a trusted platform, reducing the risk of payment issues or non-payment for your services.

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However, it’s important to be aware of the potential drawbacks when considering working on

Cons of for Voice Actors

Membership and Transaction Fees

As a voice actor on, you are required to pay membership fees to access the platform’s features and services. Additionally, the platform charges transaction fees on completed projects. These costs should be considered when evaluating the overall financial benefits of working on the platform.

Competitive Environment

Due to the popularity of, the competition among voice actors can be intense. You’ll be competing with a large pool of talented voice actors from around the world for projects. This means you’ll need to invest time and effort in creating high-quality auditions and finding ways to stand out among the competition.

Limited Direct Communication acts as an intermediary between clients and voice actors, which can limit direct communication. You may have limited control over certain aspects of the hiring process and may face challenges in providing specific instructions or receiving immediate feedback directly from clients.

Pricing and Negotiation

While offers exposure to a wide range of clients, pricing can vary significantly. Clients have the freedom to set their budgets, and you’ll need to negotiate rates for each project. This variability in pricing can sometimes make it challenging to establish consistent and favorable rates for your services.

How do I get started with

Just go to to sign up for an account. Good luck!

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Bob Chaff

September 2, 2016 at 2:20 pm

Beware. Many shady dealings exposed recently. Downright unethical. Search the web for “Transparency Now” among other things. Not a good investment and it hurts the voiceover industry.

See especially this new revelation.


October 1, 2016 at 7:23 pm

Why do I need to upload a photo for a voiceover company?