My Detailed EarningStation Review – A Scam Or Legitimate?

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

For people looking to make some extra cash online, varied tasks make their goals more interesting and achievable. Find out how EarningStation can help you.It’s great to see relatively new sites popping up, and even better when they turn out to be worth joining.

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EarningStation is an exciting new GPT site that focuses on paid surveys, but has a huge range of other tasks and offers available.

If you’re looking to get paid for giving your opinion in your free time, using your computer for everyday tasks and for making use of discounts, EarningStation is a good place to begin!

What Is a GPT Site?

“GPT” stands for “Get Paid To” and I actually first came across this term when doing my research before signing up to Earning Station.

Basically, it refers to a kind of site that offers multiple ways to get paid.

This is in contrast to traditional paid marketing sites where surveys are usually your only option.

While EarningStation still offers heaps of surveys for a relatively good rate of payment, it also has other opportunities that you can take part in to bump up your earnings.

Is It a Scam or Legit Opportunity?

EarningStation started in the year 2011, but really only kicked off in 2014.

That makes it one of the most recent sites to be worth signing up for.

They have done a lot in a short time, and have quickly made EarningStation very worthwhile as an online money-making opportunity.

It is a legit company from Boston, which is part of a larger company called Massfinity.

Massfinity specializes in digital marketing, so as a company they have an impressive insight into the industry that gives them an edge on the other market research websites.

EarningStation is easily found and researched, has a great FAQ section and a clearly stated and displayed Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, which makes this company even more trustworthy.

As many happy members will agree, EarningStation is not a scam – it is a real way to make some extra cash in your spare time.

Who Can Join?

EarningStation accepts anyone who has a legitimate postal address in the US, is a resident of the US and is above the age of 18.

Minors may apply with parental permission – I have never signed a minor up to a site like this so I am not exactly sure how it works, but it does say on their FAQ section that it is possible.

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Key Features

  • Trustworthy site
  • Available to US residents over the age of 18+
  • Focuses on surveys, but offers a wide range of other opportunities
  • Pays in Station Dollars
  • Station Dollars redeemable for gift cards (Physical and online)
  • E-cards are gifted immediately, physical cards take 4 – 6 weeks.
  • Facebook signup available
  • Site designed for desktop or mobile
  • Wide range of affiliated companies
  • Great referral program

The Reviews

Before you join anything online (and particularly before you make any downloads or give out personal information) you really should do your research.  There is a surprisingly high number of positive reviews, especially considering reviewers have gone out of their way to praise the company.  Here’s what I found the negative reviews mostly had to say:

  • Screened out of surveys. Unfortunately, this is a very common problem, and it happens to all survey sites.  You spend minutes filling out survey questions, only to be told you don’t qualify.  It’s annoying, but it really is the only way for a marketing company to be 100% sure that you fit the demographic they are looking for.

Make sure your profile information is up to date to limit this problem, and you can be sure that the surveys you do qualify for on EarningStation will earn you more than most other equivalent websites.

  • Account closed. This is another common complaint that you see on almost all paid survey sites.  People say that they spent a long time accumulating points, only to have their account closed.  It must be very frustrating for them, and I am sure mistakes are made on occasion by the website – but I definitely think a lot of problems could be avoided if people kept to the terms and conditions.

Maybe a second account signed up from the same computer?  Maybe they were rushing through surveys?  Maybe they were inactive for a long period?  It’s hard to know, but stick with the Terms and Conditions and you should be fine.  If problems do occur, EarningStation has contact information clearly visible on the web page.

  • Can’t earn enough. Most survey sites contain complaints that people are only able to earn pennies, and that it is a complete waste of time.  I’m sure we all dream of a low-effort, high-paying job but the truth is they don’t really exist, or certainly not in the paid survey world!

You will not earn large amounts, and certainly not quickly – but with a reasonable investment of time, you can potentially earn $100s in a year that you would otherwise just not have in your pocket.

Don’t spend time where you could be earning money from other, higher-paid sources – but if you are in front of the television, what’s the harm in giving a few opinions and seeing the dollars add up over time?

How Does It Work?

Once you have signed up and confirmed your account, you can browse the site to see what methods of earning money appeal to you the most.

Rewards for using offers and completing tasks are paid for in “Station Dollars”, which work out to 1 cent per Station Dollar.

The minimum cash out is 1000 Station Dollars, or $10.

When you are ready to cash out you can select from a very extensive range of online and physical gift cards.

Online cards are usually gifted immediately to you, whereas physical cards will normally take 4 – 6 weeks to reach you by mail.

Ways To Earn

  • Surveys.  EarningStation offers a large number of surveys, so you won’t have to wait for weeks’ in-between invitations.  Surveys are usually between 10 – 30 minutes in length and will earn you from 50 – 250 Station Dollars.
  • Search engine.  If you’re going to search the web anyway (and most of us do), why not use the EarningStation search bar?  You’ll earn Station Dollars without even noticing.
  • Coupons.  EarningStation offers coupons that you can redeem in local stores.  You will often earn Station Dollars for using them, as well as the discount you receive from the coupon.
  • Games and Videos.  There are videos available to watch, and when you have viewed 10 you will earn 2 Station Dollars.  That truly is not a lot, so be sure you’re actually enjoying the videos otherwise it’s probably not worth it.  Games are normally arcade-style, gambling, word play or similar.  Once again, if you’re going to play them anyway, why not get paid for them?
  • Shopping.  EarningStation hosts a number of links that you can use to shop online.  By shopping through those links, you will earn cash back on your purchases in the form of Station Dollars.
  • Referrals.  Referring friends and family is one of the best ways to earn – especially with such a generous incentive.  EarningStation will give you 10% of their earnings, as long as you are both members!  You also get tools to promote EarningStation including referral links for websites, inbuilt emailing system, share buttons and more.

Completing Offers

Offers are another way to earn, and they deserve their own section.

These offers are trials that companies affiliated with EarningStation offer their members.

They come in two types – paid and free.  Free trials can be taken with no financial commitment, but pay less.

Paid trials require your payment details, but will only take money out if you do not cancel within the trial period.

Both types of offer will then pay you Station Dollars for your participation.

The best way to avoid being charged is to set up personal reminders to cancel.

That way you can take advantage of the Station Dollar rewards – they can take a while to sign up, but they generally pay better than other opportunities.

It just takes a bit of organization, and who knows – you might find companies that you want to stay with!

Pros And Cons


  • High disqualification rate for surveys
  • Lots of email offers that can clog your inbox
  • Only for US residents
  • Lots of signing up to outside offers
  • Need to give personal information


  • Clean, easy-to-use website
  • Relatively high rates of payment
  • A wide range of tasks to earn money from
  • Large number of retailers to redeem points on
  • Earn money doing everyday tasks
  • Easy cashout
  • Highly reliable and trustworthy company

Should You Join?

Earning Station is a site that you should definitely consider joining.

It has a wide range of opportunities, some great partnerships with major brands, and a relatively high payout for most areas.

If you are looking to earn some extra cash in your spare time, I highly encourage you to sign up and start earning today!

Official site:

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