Mindfield Online Review – Is This Survey Company Worth Your Time?

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Mindfield Online has excellent endorsements and offers real cash for your opinions. But is this survey company worth signing up for?Mindfield Online is a survey company that proudly displays their industry memberships and endorsements.

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But are they a legitimate company?

And can you earn money completing their surveys?

With claims of up to $10 per survey, I thought it was worth checking out.

Who are Mindfield Online?

Minefield is owned by McMillion Research, LLC which is a big name in data collection.

They have been around for more than 30 years, and its clientele include major international brands.

McMillion Research began with door-to-door surveys, and in 2000 branched out into online data collection and market research.

Mindfield is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has the highest possible rating of A+, which means they are a legit company.

They also have a prominently displayed privacy policy and membership policy along with their FAQ section that can be accessed before you sign up which is another indicator that they can be trusted.

Who can join?

The Mindfield Online survey panels are only open to U.S. and Canadian residents, who are aged over 15.

Only one person is allowed per email address, and preferably one account per household although this site does not seem to make that a hard and fast rule.

You will need to make sure your email is connected to your PayPal unless you’d like to be paid by check.

Key features.

  • U.S. and Canada residents
  • 15+
  • Earn via surveys, referrals or focus groups
  • Surveys sent via email
  • Sweepstakes
  • No points – rewards calculated in U.S. dollars.
  • Minimum cash out $5
  • iPhone and Android app available
  • Payment via PayPal or check

How to join.

Mindfield Online has free registration.

After signing up, confirm your email address via the link that will be sent to you and activate your account.

If you can’t see the email, it could have been caught by your spam filter, so check that folder.

You can also sign up with Facebook.

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There are Facebook-only invites and a few other perks, but I would rather keep the two separate.

You will then be invited to complete the member’s profile.

Although you will not be paid for completing this form, the information you give is supposed to be used to send you email invites that specifically relate to your demographics – for example, if you have a baby you might be sent an invitation to complete a survey on diapers.

Earning money.

There are 4 main ways to earn.


If you are disqualified for a survey you will earn sweepstakes entries.

The sweepstakes is drawn monthly, and has a prize of $500.

The sweepstakes is only open to U.S. residents aged 18+.


If friends or family create an account from your referral, you will earn $1.

Focus groups.  

Focus groups are like the legends of the paid survey world – everybody has heard of them but almost no one has ever received an invitation to join.

Focus groups are said to earn you up to $100.

That may be so, but your chances of ever being invited to participate are sadly low.


The most common way to earn money is through taking surveys.

The surveys are sent through email invitations or accessed online.

There are claims that surveys pay up to $10, but most offer $1 – $3 for completion, and average 5-15 minutes in duration.

Getting Paid.

Payment does take a little while.

Firstly, after completing a survey you have to wait for the whole survey to close, and then the credits are awarded up to 14 days after that.

When you have accumulated at least $5 worth of rewards, you can choose whether you would like to be paid via a physical check sent to your address, or a deposit into your PayPal account.

A check can take 4 – 6 weeks to arrive, and PayPal is processed on Mondays, although it could still take 1-2 weeks to clear.

Survey Disqualification.

Being disqualified from surveys is a common complaint among people who take surveys, but this company seems to be particularly frustrating.

While most online market research companies use your profile data to send you invitations you are likely to qualify for, most members report qualifying for only a tiny percentage of the invitations they are sent.

There is also a very high volume of email invitations which can flood your inbox.

If you wish to stop receiving emails but keep your account, you can email [email protected].

This is the same email that you should use for any complaints or enquiries, and they have a good track record of quick responses to customer questions and concerns.

The Pros and Cons

Some ups and downs of Mindfield include the following:


  1. Earn Money for Your Opinions: Mindfield provides an opportunity to earn money for sharing your opinions and participating in market research surveys. It allows you to monetize your time and insights by providing valuable feedback to companies.
  2. Flexible Work Schedule: As a freelancer with Mindfield, you have the flexibility to choose which surveys you want to participate in. This allows you to work at your own pace and fit survey-taking into your schedule according to your availability.
  3. Variety of Survey Topics: Mindfield offers surveys on various topics, ranging from consumer preferences to product feedback. This provides an opportunity to engage with diverse subjects and share your perspectives on a wide range of issues.
  4. Multiple Payment Options: Mindfield typically offers multiple payment options, such as cash via PayPal or check, allowing you to choose the method that suits you best. They may also provide gift card options from popular retailers, giving you additional choices for redeeming your rewards.
  5. Transparent Reward System: Mindfield clearly communicates the rewards you can earn for each survey before you decide to participate. This transparency helps you assess the value of your time and make informed decisions about which surveys to take.


  1. Limited Survey Opportunities: The number of survey invitations you receive may vary based on your demographics and the specific requirements of market research projects. You may not always have a consistent flow of survey opportunities available to you.
  2. Screening Out of Surveys: Some surveys may have pre-screening questions to determine if you qualify for participation. There is a possibility of being screened out of surveys if you do not meet the specific criteria, resulting in time spent without earning rewards.
  3. Earning Potential: While participating in surveys with Mindfield allows you to earn money, the earning potential may vary depending on the frequency of available surveys and the compensation offered for each survey. It may not provide a significant source of income and should be viewed as a supplemental earning opportunity.
  4. Data Privacy: It’s essential to review Mindfield’s privacy policies and understand how your personal information is handled and protected. Ensure that you are comfortable with their data privacy practices before participating in their surveys.
  5. Competition for Surveys: As a freelancer with Mindfield, you may be competing with other participants for survey opportunities. This means that not all surveys may be available to you, particularly if they have a limited number of spots or specific participant requirements.

Should you join?

Mindfield online is not a scam – they are a legit company that can earn you money.

Unfortunately, it’s very hard to qualify for surveys in order to earn that money – and when you do qualify, it will be a long wait until you are paid.

If you would like to try your luck at being one of the demographics that qualifies for a lot of surveys, there is nothing wrong with this company and it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

However, if you are wanting to earn money from home, sites like MySurvey and Swagbucks are a vastly better option.

If there is some particular reason you would like to give Mindfield Online a try – go for it.

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Otherwise, choose a company that will be a more reliable earner.

Apply to Mindfield Online Here

Official sites:

Swagbucks: www.swagbucks.com

InboxDollars: www.mysurvey.com

InboxPays: www.mindfield.com

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