PrizeRebel Review – Worth Your Time Or Another Scam?

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

Started in 2007, PrizeRebel is a company that claim to offer interesting and effective ways to earn cash online.

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But do they live up to their claims?

I researched and then signed up to tell you whether joining PrizeRebel is worth your time.

Who is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel began in San Diego, California in 2007.

The founders say that they were members of survey sites who were unimpressed with how long their rewards took to process and the poor customer service offered by other market research and GPT companies.

PrizeRebel is a GPT website, which stands for “Get Paid To” – meaning that instead of focussing solely on surveys, it has many different ways for you to earn rewards.

Another good example of a GPT site is Swagbucks.

Legit or Scam?

PrizeRebel has an open and honest section where their terms and conditions are listed, and they have reviews from many satisfied customers.

There is no survey company that has left all customers with completely positive things to say – too many people have unrealistic expectations about what a survey site will pay them, or how quick, interesting and easy all of the tasks will be.

However, in general PrizeRebel has a good reputation.

They are definitely legit and not a scam.

How Does It Work?

PrizeRebel offers its members the chance to earn points, and then redeem those points for a wide variety of rewards.

When it comes time to cash out, 1 point equals one cent.

PrizeRebel can afford to pay its members because it provides a service for companies who want new consumers to try their products, and the consumers who want to get paid to fill out surveys and try new products and services.

You won’t get rich, but it can provide some extra income.

Who Can Join?

PrizeRebel is one of the more inclusive survey sites internationally – people from any country can join.

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However, because the surveys and offers are likely to be location and demographic specific, your country will definitely effect your user experience.

The members most likely to receive surveys and other offers will live in the USA, UK, Canada or Australia.

Users need to be over the age of 13.

If over 13 but under 18, a parent or guardian will need to provide consent.

I am not sure how they obtain consent from guardians, but if you need permission then have yours on hand just in case.

Key Features

  • Many ways to earn
  • International members
  • Age 13+
  • Earn $1 per 100 points
  • Wide range of cash and prizes
  • Bitcoins included as a reward option
  • $2 minimum to cash out
  • Great referral program
  • Account levels that unlock further rewards

Ways To Earn

Prize Rebel offers a number of ways to earn, although they are less varied than Swagbucks.

Members can:

  • Fill surveys
  • Watch videos
  • Sign up for trials
  • Refer others
  • Find codes
  • Complete tasks
  • Contests and raffles

Some ways to earn will net you more money, whereas others are probably a waste of time.

For example, videos take a long time for a low payout, so unless you have them playing in the background, it’s probably not the best use of your time.

You can choose to do surveys, but there are other sites that focus on surveys and will have better opportunities with a higher rate of pay.

The referral program is an excellent way to gain a basically passive income.

Depending on the level you are currently at (the classification runs from silver to diamond), you will earn a percentage of the money the people you refer will make.

Signing Up

Sign up is quick and simple.

There is the option to sign up using Facebook, but I don’t recommend it as you will be granting the website access to your information.

It will also send large numbers of email offers to the email associated with your Facebook account – which are great if you are ready to complete surveys, but a bit annoying when you are getting bombarded with notifications at work.

Once you sign up, you have the option to sign up for bonus offers on sites outside of PrizeRebel – I skipped straight through.

If you take a tour of the site after this pop-up window is closed and fill in your profile information, you can begin earning points right away.

Otherwise, heard to the “Earn” link and get started.

Because there are so many ways to earn money, you will have to decide what you prefer to concentrate on.

I was not a big fan of watching videos or performing tasks, as I didn’t feel like the few cents I earned were enough to keep me coming back for more – especially with so many other ways to earn!

I preferred to sign up for offers and complete surveys.

I kept a close eye on the closing period of offers and never lost a cent, but I am very careful to put it in a calendar so that I can remember to cancel subscriptions before I begin paying for them.

I was not in the target demographic for many surveys, but unfortunately that is fairly normal for market research companies.

I kept going and quickly earned enough to cash out.

Spending Your Points

After working hard to gain those points, you must be ready to spend them!

PrizeRebel has one of the most diverse redemption selections available.

There is an absolutely vast range of gift cards you can choose, you can get a cash deposit into PayPal or some banks, or you can choose bitcoins or other prizes to redeem your points on.

The lowest you can go is a $2 Amazon card for 200 points, and prizes are processed within 24 hours.

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That’s a pretty good system!

Leveling Up Your Account

In all honesty – I chose not to stay with PrizeRebel for a long period of time as I was happier with other sites.

However, PrizeRebel does offer a great incentive if you do choose to join and stay loyal.

You unlock higher rates of pay and other perks when you move to a higher level of membership.

Members start on Silver when they earn their first 1,000 points, then move to Gold at 3,000 points, Platinum at 7,000 points and then Diamond at 12,000 points.

Reaching the next level doesn’t just give you a fancy title – it actually helps you to earn further rewards.

This is a great incentive to join PrizeRebel and stay there.

Pros and Cons


  • Great rewards scheme
  • Quick payment turnover
  • Earning points is simple
  • Great interface
  • Responsive website – fits to your screens to be used on mobiles
  • Excellent referral program
  • Huge range of rewards, including cash payments
  • Rewards processed around the clock


  • Low rate of return on some activities
  • Low rate of survey qualification
  • High number of emails received
  • Signing up with outside offers can generate spam
  • Lower pay than some other sites

Making The Most Of Your PrizeRebel Account.

Most of the issues people struggle with are common to market research and GPT sites, but there are always easy ways to minimize your chances of anything going wrong.

Here’s how:

Can’t qualify for surveys.  If you’ve filled in all your profile information and kept it up to date, then the only thing you can do is keep trying to qualify.  Companies who seek public opinions are almost always looking for answers from a specific group of people, and you might not be in that group.  However, you might be perfect for the next survey after that – keep trying!

Too much email.  It is never a good idea to use your personal email account with sites like this – apart from the fact that you could be signing up for third-party sites that are potentially unsafe, you simply don’t want the streams of offers and survey invitations bombarding you all day.  Set up a free email account that is dedicated to survey emails, and then just check them when it’s convenient for you.

Create a calendar.  Your free trials won’t be free if you let them go past the trial period without cancelling them.  To remember when you can cancel, create a calendar that will remind you when to close down your account.  This will ensure that you don’t exceed the trial period accidentally.

Read the Terms and Conditions.  The best way to have a great experience is to understand what is expected of you and the service that PrizeRebel will provide.  Be sure you understand the rules before you use the site to avoid any disappointment.

The Final Word

PrizeRebel is a good, legitimate site to earn some extra cash.

It has some great opportunities to earn rewards, and varied and interesting tasks so that you won’t get bored completing the same old surveys.

It is safe to join, and can be an enjoyable way to spend your time online.

However, while there is nothing wrong with PrizeRebel, it’s just not my favorite.

I find PrizeRebel to be a good, trustworthy site – just not my favorite.

I find that Swagbucks and InboxDollars have higher paid opportunities, more variation in what they’re offering and a wider range of tasks and offers.

If PrizeRebel appeals to you specifically, then go ahead and join – but my preference is to focus on the other two sites.

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