25 Paid Online Surveys for Teens to Earn Money in Their Spare Time

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21 Paid Online Surveys for Teens to Earn Money in Their Spare TimeWe’ve covered a lot of paid survey sites on Work at Home Adventures, from reviews of individual sites to lists of the highest paying sites.

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But, it seems that a lot of survey sites are geared toward adults to earn some extra cash in their spare time, right?

What if you’re a teenager who is looking for surveys for 13 year olds that pay, or online survey jobs for 15 year olds?

Well, this article is all about paid surveys for teens, from age 13 and up (and even a couple of options for younger kids!).

Take Surveys for Money Teenager Edition (for Teens 13+)

If you’re looking for paid online surveys for 14 year olds, 17 year olds, or even 13 year olds, this is the list for you.

After all, teens should have their voices heard too, right?

And, they should be able to earn a little bit of extra cash online.

Teens are some of the world’s largest consumers, yet their voices often get overlooked.

Survey sites and market researchers that don’t utilize the voices of teens are missing out on some important information from a large group of consumers.

Fortunately, a lot of survey sites are now including the teen group.

Research shows that teens and children have a lot of buying power and often influence the purchasing habits of their families!

So, huge retailers and market researchers are now purposely seeking the opinions of teens 13 and older to help shape brands.

These sites won’t replace a real job for teens, but they can help pull in a little extra cash while also giving them a voice.

Most of them offer opinion surveys, but some may even have opportunities for product testing, where teens can test out new products and provide feedback.

Swagbucks (13+, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland)

Swagbucks is more than just a survey site; it’s a Get Paid To (GPT) site that offers tons of ways to make money.

I’m listing it first because it’s the site I recommend to everyone in eligible countries to join!

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It’s so easy to earn SBs here, which is the Swagbucks version of a point system.

You can do things like shop online, watch videos, refer your friends, and check emails to earn SBs.

And, of course, there are plenty of surveys to take!

I check my account every day for new surveys and things to do to earn some points.

I usually have enough SBs to turn in for a reward every month.

Some gift cards as rewards cost less than 100 SBs, which is super easy to earn!

There are also tons of rewards to choose from, including PayPal cash.

MySurvey (16+ in USA, 14+ in Canada, Other Countries Vary)

MySurvey has a bit of a higher age requirement than some of the others, but it’s one of the oldest and most popular survey sites on the internet.

This site even has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that allow you to take surveys when you’re on the go.

You earn points for each survey for which you qualify, which you can redeem for popular rewards like CVS or Amazon gift cards.

Toluna (14+, Several Supported Countries)

Toluna offers surveys to those 14 and older.

But, if you win any prize through a sweepstakes or another method, your prize will go to your legal guardian.

You’ll earn points for surveys you complete, and you get 500 free points just for signing up.

You must have at least 30,000 in your account to redeem them for gift certificates or Facebook Credits.

VIP Voice (13+, USA and Canada)

VIP Voice has been around for a while and remains one of the most popular survey sites.

When you take surveys you’re invited to, you’ll earn points.

Instead of turning in your points for a gift card or other prize, you use them to enter yourself in huge sweepstakes or product auctions.

So, it may be a little more difficult to get a reward here, but if you are one of the lucky ones to win, you can end up with an excellent prize or a lot of cash!

E-Poll (13+, USA)

In addition to surveys, E-Poll has a monthly $1,000 sweepstakes you may be able to win!

And, 50 members per month will receive $20 just for participating in the site.

You’ll earn points for surveys which you can redeem for various gift cards to your favorite places, like Amazon or Walmart.

Once you sign up, you’ll get email invites whenever your information matches with a survey, so make sure you complete your profile fully and honestly.

Global Test Market (14+, Several Supported Countries)

Global Test Market is one of the most popular survey sites and welcomes teens from several countries to take surveys.

You’ll have the opportunity to answer questions about current events, new products, advertising campaigns, movies, and more.

You get MarketPoints for each survey you complete.

Just be sure to remain active in a 12-month period or your points will expire.

You can exchange your points for PayPal cash.

CashCrate (13+, Worldwide)

CashCrate is a popular GPT site with plenty of ways to earn cash in addition to surveys.

Here, you can complete offers, refer friends, play games, and more.

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Like many other survey sites, you earn points instead of cash, which you can redeem for cash when you reach the minimum payout of $20.

You’ll get your earnings the following month via check.

The site also has occasional sweepstakes to enter where you can earn big bucks!

Earning Station (13+ with Parental Permission, USA, Puerto Rico)

Earning Station is another great site for young teens to earn some extra cash.

You can sign up as young as 13 if you have your parents’ permission.

The site does have some other ways to earn cash, like offers and paid videos, but surveys seem to be the best way.

You need a minimum of $10 in your account to cash out, which you can redeem for one of several gift cards, like AMC or Best Buy.

There are also gift cards of higher amounts that you can save for, like a $25 Amazon gift card or $25 PayPal cash.

MyPoints (13+, Worldwide)

MyPoints is a great place to join if you do a lot of online shopping.

The site offers excellent cash back rewards for tons of online stores.

Additionally, you can earn points through surveys!

You’ll get an invite from MyPoints whenever your information matches with the needs of one of its surveys.

Take the survey and get points.

MyPoints offers awesome rewards that you can earn with as little as 480 points, and even has gift cards to some of the most popular airlines!

YouGov (14+ USA, 16+ UK)

YouGov is a newer survey site that offers points in exchange for your opinions.

There are several rewards you can use your points for in the form of gift cards.

Some of the most popular rewards are gift cards for Amazon, AMC, and Nike.

You can even get a $100 prepaid Visa if you rack up enough points!

Springboard America (review) (14+, USA)

Springboard America is another survey site that helps businesses and brands conduct market research.

Not all surveys will give you points on this site, as some will instead give you entries into monthly sweepstakes.

There is one $1,000 sweepstakes a year and several monthly drawings of $50 or more.

You’ll need 5,000 points in your account to redeem them for a prize.

Valued Opinions (13+ USA, 16+ UK, 14+ Australia)

Valued Opinions pays you up to $5 for each survey you complete, depending on its length and complexity.

This site also has occasional product testing opportunities, which can be a great way for teens to test out new products and help shape them.

You can redeem your earnings for one of several gift cards, like Amazon, Restaurant.com, iTunes, and more.

Panelpolls (review) (6+ with Parental Permission, USA)

Panelpolls is a site that allows children 6 and older to join with parental permission!

This survey site is heavily based on the opinions of kids, teens, and their families to help shape different markets.

You can join online communities to engage in specific discussions, become a part of the Mobile Apps & Games Beta Testing Program, participate in online focus groups, and more.

There are a lot of ways here to earn more money than other survey sites.

You get points for every program and survey you participate in, which can be redeemed for a check or electronic gift card.

American Consumer Opinion (14+, Worldwide)

American Consumer Opinion allows those 14 and older to take surveys for points.

Each survey screener pays between 5 and 50 points.

These screeners help you qualify for longer surveys.

If you complete a long survey, you’ll earn even more points.

Full surveys may take more time, but you’ll also get more points than a screener.

You’ll need at least 1,000 points to cash out, and members from most countries are able to turn their points into PayPal cash.

OneOpinion (13+ with Parental Permission, USA)

OneOpinion gives teens a chance to voice their opinions on products and services of interest to them before they even hit the market.

You’ll get matched with surveys you may qualify for, depending on your demographics, interests, etc.

You’ll need 25,000 points in your account before you can redeem them for a reward, but OneOpinion offers Perks to members that are like bonuses and can help you earn points faster.

SurveySavvy (13+, Worldwide)

SurveySavvy offers a couple of ways for teens to earn cash.

First, there are paid surveys. Share your opinions and earn cash.

If you refer your friends to the site, you’ll also earn a portion of their earnings, which can make your earnings rack up more quickly.

SurveySavvy also offers a money-making app that you can install on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Every month that you have it installed, you can earn an easy $5.

Basically, the app takes in information about the websites you visit and things you do on the internet for market research purposes.

However, the app is currently only available for the site’s US members.

You only need a minimum of $1 to cash out, and your payment will be sent via check.

Harris Poll Online (13+, USA and Canada)

Harris Poll Online is one of the longest-running survey sites on the web.

This site has a fairly steady stream of surveys, so depending on your information, you may get several survey invites per week – and more chances to earn points!

Here, you earn HIPoints, which you can redeem for one of several prizes in the Rewards catalog.

There’s even a chance for you to complete a sweepstakes entry after every survey you take for more chances to earn cash.

Teenager Surveys for Money for Older Teens

InboxDollars (18+, Worldwide)

InboxDollars may only be for those 18 and older, but once you reach the minimum age, you won’t want to miss out on this site.

This is another Get Paid To site that offers a lot of similar ways to earn as Swagbucks.

You can earn money for paid emails, watching videos, completing offers, referring friends, and more.

Of course, there are also several surveys available at any given time.

And, once you log in to your account, you’ll see tasks that you can complete to earn bonuses and make your earnings go up even faster.

One of the things I like most about InboxDollars is the fact that it pays in real cash, not points, so there’s no confusing point conversions to worry about.

What you see in your account is what you have.

Once you reach $30, you can get paid via a check.

Ispos i-Say (18+, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany)

Ispos i-Say is another fun survey site for the older crowd.

This site is good for members who remain very active because it has a loyalty program that rewards members who participate often.

Instead of points or cash for surveys, you get automatically entered into drawings for cash, vacations, and more.

Pinecone Research (18+, USA, UK, Canada, Germany)

Pinecone Research is a semi-exclusive panel that accepts new members on an as-needed basis.

You earn points for each survey you complete, which you can turn in for a variety of prizes or cash.

The site also offers sweepstakes to give you more chances to earn large amounts of cash for your participation.

Vindale Research (18+, USA, Great Britain, Australia, Brazil)

Vindale Research gives you $2 just to sign up for the site!

And, it offers some of the highest paying surveys on the internet, ranging up to $50 depending on their length and complexity.

You earn cash here instead of points, so it’s always easy to know what you have available in your account.

Survey Junkie (13+, USA, Canada, Australia)

Survey Junkie is a popular survey platform. 

It allows teenagers aged 13 and above from the USA, Canada, and Australia to earn money by taking online surveys. 

As a member, you can share your opinions on a wide range of topics and earn points for each completed survey. 

These points can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or e-gift cards to popular retailers. 

Survey Junkie is known for its user-friendly interface and a high volume of available surveys. 

This makes it a great option for teens looking to earn extra money in their spare time.

Opinion World (16+, USA, Canada, Australia)

Opinion World is a survey site that welcomes participants aged 16 and above from the USA, Canada, and Australia. 

By joining Opinion World, teens have the opportunity to share their opinions on various subjects and earn rewards in return. 

The platform offers paid surveys, and participants can accumulate points for their survey completion. 

These points can be exchanged for gift cards from popular retailers, providing teens with a flexible and rewarding way to express their viewpoints.

iPoll (13+, Worldwide)

iPoll is a survey app that allows teenagers aged 13 and above from around the world to participate in paid surveys. 

By downloading the iPoll app, teens can share their opinions on different topics and earn rewards for their time and feedback. 

The app offers a convenient way to access surveys on the go, and participants can receive cash or gift cards as their compensation. 

iPoll provides teens with an opportunity to contribute to market research while earning money at the same time.

Surveyeah (16+, Worldwide)

Surveyeah is an international survey panel that welcomes participants aged 16 and above from all around the world. 

As a member of Surveyeah, teens can participate in online surveys and provide their opinions on various topics. 

By completing surveys, participants can earn cash or gift cards as a form of compensation. 

Surveyeah offers a user-friendly platform and aims to provide a rewarding survey experience for teens globally.

Conclusion: Paid Online Surveys for Teens

There are plenty of survey sites that let teens earn some extra cash, from age 13 and up!

If you’re in the younger, pre-teen crowd, you can also try KidzEyes.

This site allows kids between the ages of 6 and 12 to join in the survey taking fun with market research opportunities specifically for that age group.

The panel is open to US residents only and usually has one or two surveys per month available for panelists.

And, kids are even eligible to receive rewards or cash once they earn a minimum of 1,000 points!

So, whether you’re a kid or teen, your voice can still be heard.

Are you a member of any of the above survey sites or know of some others that accept teens? Let us know in a comment below!

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