TSI Transcripts – A Great Job That You Can Do From Your Own Home!

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 The information out there about TSI Transcripts is relatively limited but you might be amazed at what it offers if you enjoy technical projects.TSI Transcripts is one of many places that you can contact when looking for a great transcription job that you can do from your own home.

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I took a look at the site to see if it’s worthwhile but I also had to review a few outside sites too just to try and get info on it.

It was pretty tough for me to find info on this site but at least I found some good stuff on it.

As it turns off, you will work on many types of projects for high-end clients but you will have to work quickly.

About the Company

I struggled to try and find information on TSI Transcripts’ background.

When I looked around the TSI Transcripts website, I noticed that the page was relatively simple in its look.

It wasn’t all that elaborate. The image on the front page didn’t even look all that clear.

But the site did at least have a bit of information about its background.

It is based out of La Quinta, California.

They have also been around since at least 2004 according to the LinkedIn website of the executive vice president who runs the place.

Apparently the guy, Howard Jackson, is a man who also works as a realtor and was an assistant store manager at a Guitar Center once.

The company focuses extensively on healthcare and IT projects. These include projects that are often ordered by prominent colleges.

These include projects that are often ordered by prominent colleges.

This is what they said on their website as they didn’t tell me anything specific.

It wasn’t easy to find stuff about specific clients or projects online either.

What You Will Do

What I was able to find about TSI Transcripts is that you can work on a good number of great projects with them.

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You can complete tasks relating to legal projects.

These include cases where you transcribe court hearings and interviews.

You can also work on many research-related jobs.

These include interview tasks and research note tasks.

In these tasks, you will have to transcribe the technical stuff that a person says in one of these transcripts.

Some jobs also entail quantitative research that entails lots of numbers and statistics.

The projects can come from not only interviews but also from focus groups and observational studies that are recorded in real time.

Who Should Apply?

If you’re going to apply for a position with TSI Transcripts then you’re clearly going to need to know how to handle lots of technical info.

You’ll have to write at 70 WPM to get accepted.

They also want people who understand technical terms and various academic subjects.

They would love you if you knew multiple languages too although that’s obviously not a requirement for working there.

I wasn’t able to find information on how much time you would have for completing certain tasks.

I would think that you’d have to complete tasks in 24 hours after you take them.

That’s just my guess based on other websites that I have read about in the past that are kind of like this one.

How to Apply

To apply for work at TSI Transcripts, you would have to go and email your resume to the proper address listed on the Contact Us section of the site.

They are pretty selective as to what people they hire.

They want to take in people who have real educational experience in some of the more technical stuff that projects are often about.

They will provide you with a test to see how well you can handle a transcription project too.

I couldn’t find information on how long it takes for them to get a response out to you though.

What Are You Paid?

The toughest things about TSI Transcripts for me to find were about how much money you’d be paid for your work.

What I was able to find when looking for information here is that you can be paid about 50 cents for each minute of audio that you transcribe.

This is an estimated average though in that the total you’d be paid would vary based on how difficult the project is.

The company has standards over what it will charge when trying to get transcriptions ready.

I could not find information on how you would get paid either.

I don’t know if you would be paid by check or through some online wallet or even if you’d be paid on a weekly or monthly basis of whatever.

What I did get is that you’ll at least be paid more if you really work hard on a more complicated or challenging project.

Better Alternatives to TSI Transcripts

TSI Transcripts does not quite appear like a convincing option, you can choose better platforms such as:


Speechpad offers a range of services including transcription and captioning.

They serve a variety of industries such as market research, legal, healthcare, and journalism.

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They have a pool of experienced transcribers and guarantee fast turnaround times.


CastingWords is a transcription service known for their flexible pricing and grading system, which rates the quality of the audio file and adjusts the cost accordingly.

They offer a range of turnaround times and pricing options to fit various needs and budgets.


Verbit uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human transcribers to provide transcription and captioning services.

They specialize in the legal, academic, and media sectors, offering a high accuracy rate and fast turnaround times.


TranscriptionWing offers a variety of transcription services including conference calls, focus groups, interviews, lectures, and podcasts.

They pride themselves on their rigorous quality assurance process, which ensures high-quality transcripts.


TranscriptionStar offers transcription services for a variety of fields including academic, business, media, medical, and legal.

They also offer captioning, subtitling, and voice over services.

Their service is known for being cost-effective while maintaining high-quality standards.


The process of finding information on TSI Transcripts was a real challenge for me to handle.

I know for one that the site is regularly active and that you can complete all sorts of great projects here.

This is ideal for you if you’ve got lots of knowledge about technical stuff and you are fascinated by it.

Apply to TSI Transcripts Here

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