30 Data Entry Job Platforms You Can Try Working From Home

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy
Two people doing data entry work

In an increasingly digital era, the demand for accurate and swift data entry is soaring.

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For many, data entry jobs provide an optimal blend of flexibility and remuneration, enabling professionals to strike a work-life balance from the comfort of their homes.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your remote job portfolio, the world of online data entry platforms is vast and varied.

These thirty platforms are gateways to opportunities that can align with your career aspirations and lifestyle choices.

1. Upwork

A Gig Economy Pioneer

Upwork stands tall as one of the most reputable platforms for freelancers worldwide. Catering to various niches, it’s a haven for data entry professionals seeking both short-term gigs and long-term projects.

Customizable Profiles

Freelancers can tailor their profiles to showcase their expertise, facilitating better matches with potential clients looking for specific skills in data entry.

Escrow Protection

To protect both freelancers and clients, Upwork employs an escrow system. This ensures that payments for completed work are secure and timely.

2. Freelancer

Global Freelance Marketplace

Freelancer boasts an expansive global community. Data entry professionals can tap into a vast pool of projects, ranging from simple tasks to intricate long-term contracts.

Bidding System

The platform operates on a bidding system, allowing freelancers to compete for projects. This promotes a dynamic marketplace where skills and competitive pricing matter.

Safe Payments

With its Milestone Payment system, Freelancer ensures that funds are released only when both parties are satisfied, safeguarding the interests of its vast freelancer community.

3. FlexJobs

Emphasis on Flexibility

FlexJobs, as the name suggests, champions flexible work opportunities. It rigorously vets job postings to ensure legitimacy, making it a trusted hub for remote and part-time data entry jobs.

Subscription-based Model

Unlike many other platforms, FlexJobs operates on a subscription model. In return, users gain access to hand-screened listings, ensuring quality and reducing the risk of scams.

Skill Tests

For those looking to stand out, FlexJobs offers skill tests. Excelling in these can bolster a freelancer’s profile, showcasing their prowess to potential employers.

4. Clickworker

Micro-tasking Platform

Clickworker is centered around breaking down large projects into smaller tasks distributed among its vast user base. Data entry tasks here are often bite-sized, perfect for those looking to fill short time gaps.

App-based Work

With its user-friendly app, Clickworker allows users to work on-the-go. This is particularly beneficial for those seeking to blend work with travel or other commitments.

Swift Payouts

Recognizing the importance of cash flow for freelancers, Clickworker prides itself on its regular and prompt payouts, ensuring that its community is always compensated on time.

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5. PeoplePerHour

Holistic Freelance Experience

PeoplePerHour, often abbreviated to PPH, offers a comprehensive freelance experience. From data entry to graphic design, it covers a wide spectrum, allowing professionals to diversify their portfolios.


A standout feature is “Hourlies.” Freelancers can set a rate for a particular task and offer it as a package. This can be especially beneficial for data entry professionals who have honed their skills to complete certain tasks rapidly.

Inbuilt WorkStream

The platform’s WorkStream system streamlines communication and payment, fostering a seamless collaboration experience for both freelancers and employers.

6. Data Entry Outsourced (DEO)

Specialized Data Entry Hub

Data Entry Outsourced is laser-focused on offering data-centric solutions. This specificity ensures that both clients and freelancers on the platform understand the nuances and importance of quality data input.

Range of Services

From simple data entry to data conversion and cleansing, DEO provides a spectrum of services. This allows freelancers to specialize and target niches within the broader domain.

Global Client Base

DEO’s reach extends globally, offering freelancers opportunities to engage with international clients, broadening their experience and enhancing their portfolio.

7. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Crowdsourcing Micro-tasks

Amazon’s MTurk platform operates on the principle of crowdsourcing small tasks, including data entry. The platform is a go-to for tasks that require human intelligence, which can’t be automated.

Task-based Earnings

Freelancers, termed as “Turkers”, pick tasks that suit their skills and timelines. Earnings vary based on task complexity, making it perfect for those looking to tailor their workload.

Reputation System

As Turkers complete tasks and receive reviews, they build a reputation. A positive track record can unlock access to higher-paying tasks and exclusive assignments.

8. Virtual Vocations

Embracing Remote Work

Virtual Vocations, as the name hints, is dedicated to remote work opportunities. The platform lists telecommuting jobs across various fields, with data entry being a prominent category.

Curated Listings

To ensure users aren’t wading through scams or low-quality listings, Virtual Vocations curates its job posts, emphasizing genuine remote opportunities.

Resource Hub

Beyond job listings, the platform offers resources like resume assistance and e-courses. This holistic approach aids freelancers in refining their skills and presenting themselves effectively.

9. Toptal

Elite Freelance Network

While Toptal is best known for connecting top tech talents with businesses, its network spans various fields, including data entry. The platform prides itself on hosting the top 3% of freelance talents.

Stringent Screening

Getting into Toptal involves a rigorous screening process. This ensures that clients trust the platform’s freelancers to deliver top-tier work.

Premium Opportunities

Being a part of Toptal’s network offers access to high-quality, well-paying assignments. The platform’s focus on quality over quantity means less competition for each listed job.

10. Remote.co

Dedicated to Remote Jobs

Remote.co is committed to listing remote jobs across various sectors. The platform’s streamlined design and emphasis on telecommuting make it a favorite among freelancers.

Hand-Picked Listings

Each job listed on Remote.co is handpicked. This approach ensures a high-quality user experience, free from the noise of irrelevant listings.

Community and Insights

Beyond job listings, Remote.co offers insights into remote work, fostering a sense of community. This aids freelancers in networking, learning, and staying updated on remote work trends.

11. Working Nomads

For the Globetrotting Freelancer

Working Nomads is tailored for those who wish to blend work with travel. The platform offers a curated list of remote jobs suitable for those constantly on the move.

Diverse Job Categories

From tech to administration, the platform offers varied categories. Data entry professionals can find ample opportunities tailored to their expertise.

Digest Emails

To keep freelancers updated, Working Nomads offers daily or weekly email digests. These emails ensure that users never miss out on new, relevant opportunities.

12. Microworkers

Micro-task Oriented

Microworkers lives up to its name by focusing on micro-tasks. This platform is great for those looking for bite-sized data entry jobs they can complete quickly.

Diverse Range of Jobs

Beyond just data entry, the site offers a variety of tasks that can help freelancers diversify their skills and earnings.

Straightforward Payment System

With a clear payment process and regular payouts, Microworkers ensures that freelancers are compensated fairly for their hard work.

13. DionData Solutions

A Dedicated Data Service

DionData Solutions specializes in offering data services to clients and is always on the lookout for data entry professionals who can contribute to their projects.

In-House Training

For those who might need some brushing up on their skills, DionData provides training to ensure that all of its workers are up to par.

Consistent Work Flow

Thanks to its dedicated focus on data services, freelancers can expect a consistent flow of work, making it easier to plan and balance other commitments.

14. SigTrack

Focused on Signature Tracking

SigTrack is a platform that offers data entry jobs related to signature tracking, making it a unique niche within the data entry world.

Political Data Processing

A lot of the data on SigTrack is related to political campaigns. This can be an intriguing opportunity for those interested in politics.

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Pay-per-Piece System

The platform has a transparent pay system where freelancers are paid per piece, allowing them to clearly see the potential earnings for each task.

15. Aquent

Agency-style Work Platform

Aquent operates somewhat like a staffing agency for digital talents, making it a bit different than typical freelance platforms.

Personal Agent Allocation

Freelancers are paired with agents who help find the best jobs suited for their skills, ensuring more targeted job opportunities.

Opportunities for Skill Development

Aquent offers its freelancers access to various courses to improve their skills, ensuring they stay competitive in the marketplace.

16. AccuTran Global

Specializing in Transcription

While AccuTran Global primarily focuses on transcription services, they do offer data entry jobs periodically, especially when dealing with large datasets.

Pay-per-Word System

Their unique payment system allows freelancers to be paid per word, which can be beneficial for fast typists.

Opportunities for Growth

Being a transcription-focused platform, those looking to diversify their skills can transition into transcription jobs, broadening their professional horizons.

17. The Smart Crowd

Part of Lionbridge

Being a subset of the larger Lionbridge community, The Smart Crowd offers a variety of micro-tasks including data entry jobs.

Global Community

Freelancers join a vast global community, which can offer diverse job opportunities and insights from professionals worldwide.

Flexible Working Hours

One of the major advantages of The Smart Crowd is the flexibility it offers, allowing freelancers to choose jobs that fit their schedules.

18. Rat Race Rebellion

Remote Work Advocates

Rat Race Rebellion has been a proponent of remote work long before it became mainstream, offering a variety of remote jobs including data entry.

Curated Job Listings

All jobs on the platform are hand-screened for legitimacy, ensuring that freelancers avoid scams and only engage with genuine clients.

Training and Support

The platform offers training resources and support, ensuring freelancers are well-equipped to tackle the tasks at hand.

19. GoTranscript

Transcription and Data Entry

While primarily a transcription service, GoTranscript does offer data entry jobs, especially when dealing with large datasets.

Global Reach

With clients from around the world, freelancers have the opportunity to work on diverse projects from various industries.

Regular Payment

Freelancers can expect weekly payments, ensuring a steady income stream.

20. Xerox

From Photocopying to Data Entry

Xerox, a brand synonymous with photocopying, offers a range of remote work opportunities, including data entry through their virtual office program.

Reputable Brand

Working with a well-known company like Xerox can provide a sense of security and prestige for freelancers.

Diverse Opportunities

Beyond just data entry, Xerox’s virtual office program offers roles in customer service, software programming, and more.

21. Axion Data Entry Services

A Veteran in Data Entry

Axion has been in the data entry business for over two decades, offering both domestic and international data entry solutions.

Database System

Freelancers can register themselves in Axion’s database. When there’s a matching job, they are contacted, streamlining the job allocation process.

Reputation for Fairness

Axion prides itself on offering fair compensation rates, ensuring that freelancers are paid commensurate to their skills and the task’s complexity.

22. Clickworker

Micro-tasking and Data Entry

Clickworker offers a myriad of small tasks including data entry, making it suitable for those who prefer variety in their workflow.

Global Crowd-working

The platform boasts a diverse community of workers from around the globe. This creates an environment where tasks are sourced from international clients, adding a global dimension to the job.

Flexible Payment Options

Depending on the nature and complexity of tasks, Clickworker provides a flexible compensation system, ensuring fair pay for effort invested.

23. FlexJobs

A Hub for Flexible Work

FlexJobs is renowned for its vast collection of remote, part-time, and freelance job listings, with data entry being a significant category.

Curated Listings

To maintain a scam-free platform, FlexJobs scrupulously screens its job listings, offering a more secure job hunting experience.

Career Services

Apart from job listings, FlexJobs provides career services like resume reviews and skills testing, helping freelancers stand out in the competitive market.

24. Remote OK

Remote Work Specialized

Remote OK is dedicated entirely to remote job listings. Data entry specialists can find numerous opportunities tailored to their expertise.

Daily Job Alerts

Stay updated with daily email notifications. This ensures that freelancers can grab opportunities as soon as they arise.

Company Transparency

Each job listing provides insights into the hiring company, helping freelancers make informed decisions before applying.

25. SpeakWrite

Transcription and Data Tasks

While primarily focusing on transcription, SpeakWrite also has data entry tasks, especially when dealing with textual data.

Training Programs

They offer programs to hone the skills of their freelancers, ensuring consistent quality across their services.

Punctual Payment

With a record of timely payments, freelancers can expect consistent income flow for their services.

26. Upwork

Freelancing Giant

Being one of the largest global freelancing platforms, Upwork has a vast array of data entry jobs for all levels of expertise.

Direct Client Interaction

Freelancers can directly interact with clients, negotiate terms, and discuss project specifics, ensuring clear communication.

Skill Verification Tests

Upwork offers skill tests that freelancers can take to verify and showcase their proficiency to potential clients.

27. Freelancer

Huge Freelance Marketplace

Freelancer is another behemoth in the freelancing world, providing countless opportunities for data entry professionals.

Competitive Bidding System

Freelancers bid on projects, allowing them to set their rates and terms. This competitive environment can lead to fair market pricing.

Milestone Payment System

Payments can be set based on milestones, ensuring that freelancers receive compensation at different stages of a project.

28. TDEC

Specialized Data Entry Service

TDEC focuses solely on providing data entry and related services, ensuring that both freelancers and clients are aligned in their goals.

Ongoing Training

TDEC believes in the continuous growth of its freelancers and offers regular training to keep their skills updated.

Varied Projects

Given its specialization, freelancers can expect a diverse range of data entry projects, from simple tasks to complex data management.

29. Scribie

Transcription Meets Data Entry

Scribie offers both transcription and data entry tasks, giving freelancers the option to diversify their workload.

Automated and Manual Tasks

With an integration of technology, some tasks are automated while others require manual input, ensuring a balanced work environment.

Regular Bonuses

Scribie is known to offer bonuses for consistent high-quality work, motivating freelancers to maintain high standards.

30. Kelly Services

From Temp Jobs to Data Entry

Kelly Services, initially known for temporary job placements, has branched into remote and data entry jobs over the years.

Reputable Brand

Having been in the staffing industry for decades, Kelly Services offers a trusted platform for freelancers.

Skill Development Opportunities

The platform doesn’t just provide jobs but also avenues for skill enhancement and professional growth.


The realm of data entry has been revolutionized by the multitude of platforms available for professionals to ply their trade.

With options ranging from dedicated data entry sites to expansive freelancing marketplaces, there’s a platform suited for every individual’s preference and skill level.

As the landscape of work transforms, embracing the digital age and the conveniences of remote work, data entry professionals have never had it better.

These platforms not only offer employment opportunities but also play a pivotal role in skill enhancement, networking, and fostering a global work community.

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