Valued Opinions Review: A+ BBB-rated Survey Company With $20 Cash Payout Minimum

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It is easy for you to make money online when you participate in the many surveys provided by Valued Opinions.

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As you will notice in this Valued Opinions review, this is a website that is very easy to use and provides you with many ways to make money.

The site is a legit service that provides you with various surveys.

It is free to sign up for.

The rewards you will get from the surveys you take are varied as well.

These are good for special deals through a variety of retailers with an unlimited potential for you to get rewards.

This works with an appealing setup that is to everyone’s benefit when the site is used.

Company Background

Valued Opinions has been in operation since 2004. There are more than three million members on this site.

The website is owned by Research Now.

The opinions you sent to Valued Opinions will be utilized by a variety of entities.

Valued Opinions is a member of many prominent market research organizations like the Marketing Research Association and Market Research Society.

The organization is based out of London. It is specifically based out of the Mellon Financial Centre, a building located near the Blackfriars Bridge over the Thames River in between the City of London and Temple districts of the city.

Is It Really a Scam?

Trustpilot currently gives Valued Opinions 4 out of 5 stars. This is based off of about 250 reviews on the site. People are talking about how easy it is to use and how great the reward program on the site is.

The site is also very clearly organized. It actually went through a bit of a revamp just recently.

How To Join

To sign up, you will have to enter in your name, zip code, date of birth and gender. You’ll have to use your email address and a password you enter in to get into your account.

You can also the site by linking your account directly with your Facebook profile if you have one.

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You must also fill out an appropriate profile. This will list information on your interests and many other demographics relevant to your survey needs. You will have to check this part of the site regularly to ensure that it is fully updated.

Who Can Join?

Anyone who is at least 16 years of age can join Valued Opinions. Only one account is available for each person.

How the Site Works

You will first have to complete a series of short demographic surveys.

These unpaid surveys will determine which paid surveys you are eligible to get into.

For instance, you might be asked if you have a certain type of DVD player or television set.

This will narrow you down so you will be recommended surveys relating to such items in the future.

As this works, you will have access to the surveys that you want to complete.

Your information will stay secure and protected.

This safe website uses careful encryption and privacy security plans to ensure that your data is never stolen.

Your opinions will be kept confidential, meaning that people who receive them won’t know that you are the one who said certain things in your surveys.

After this, you will then get information on the different surveys you can complete.

You will get email reminders when you find surveys that you can sign up for. You can also visit your member dashboard to find out which surveys you can take at a given time.

After clicking the proper link, you can take a survey.

It takes about 5 to 30 minutes to complete a survey on average. The longer surveys will pay you the most.

All surveys are open for as long as needed. You should complete whatever surveys you can as soon as possible as some will close when they get enough people to have taken them.

Using the Site

You’ll have a very easy time navigating through the Valued Opinions website.

The site offers a full display that shows you how much money you have earned, what surveys are available and new updates to the site.

The dashboard lets you update your profile as needed. It lists information on what sections of your profile have yet to be completed.

Reward statements can also be reviewed.

By opening this section, you will see what you have earned based on surveys you have taken and how you might have spent some of the survey rewards that you earned.

Mobile Support

The site also has mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

The apps are free to download. You will need your login information to get into these apps.

The apps are designed with interfaces similar to what the main site offers.

These load up very quickly and provide you with the same sections that you’d get on the desktop version of this site.

What Will You Earn?

You can earn from $1 to $5 on most surveys that you complete. You’ll see what you can earn from a survey before taking it.

There are a few specialist surveys on the site too.

These require you to complete consumer diaries.

This is where you’ll list information on how much you spend on things and what you bought in particular.

Those diaries will provide you with loads of money. Some of them are good for $50.

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It takes a few weeks to get one of them completed although you can still take other surveys to go along with a diary at the same time.

It takes about 28 days for the money you earn to be in your account after you complete a survey.

What Rewards Are There?

The money you earn will go towards your rewards account with Valued Opinions.

You will be able to use your money on the purchase of one of many rewards from many prominent retailers.

You can get your money exchanged for a Visa promo code.

This will provide you with an online Visa gift card that you can use at a variety of retailers around the world. It will take about ten business days for you to get your code.

You can also get a gift card to one of many retailers including Macy’s, Amazon and Target.

Vouchers and digital cards for prominent websites like, and iTunes are also available.

Chili’s 4-Choice gift cards are among the rewards here.

You could use one of these cards at a Chili’s, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, On the Border or Maggiano’s restaurant.

If you love to travel then you can get more out of it with Southwest Rapid Rewards points.

You can get your rewards from Valued Opinions transferred to your Southwest Airlines account to get Rapid Rewards points to use on future air travel. It takes about a month for those points to be added to your account.

You will have to earn at least $10 in rewards before you can cash it out to get one of these special offers.

There are no limits as to what you can get out of it.

Social Media Features

You can get in touch with Valued Opinions through the site’s Twitter and Facebook pages. You can also participate in the site blog. Valued Opinions is always looking for feedback from its members.

What Are the Badges?

The Badges you see at Valued Opinions are relevant to your activity on the site.

You may be eligible for added rewards or additional surveys if you get enough badges to your account.

You can earn badges by completing surveys often and regularly. You can also get badges for redeeming rewards.

As you do more with the site, you will move up to a higher member statue. You can be a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond member.

Privacy Policy

According to the official privacy policy, Valued Opinions will not provide your personal information to any other party.

The site will never contact you for any marketing purposes.

The only contacts you will get are with research purposes in mind in the form of providing you with surveys.

Cookies are used on the site as well. You can choose to opt out of any tracking cookies.

The Pros and Cons


  1. Earn Rewards for Your Opinion: Valued Opinions provides an opportunity to earn rewards for sharing your opinions on various topics. By completing surveys, you can accumulate points that can be redeemed for gift cards or e-vouchers from popular retailers.
  2. Flexible Participation: Valued Opinions offers flexibility in terms of survey participation. You can choose which surveys to complete based on your interests and availability. This allows you to fit survey-taking into your schedule and participate at your own convenience.
  3. Wide Range of Survey Topics: Valued Opinions covers a diverse range of survey topics, including consumer products, services, social issues, and more. This provides an opportunity to engage with different subjects and share your insights on various aspects of daily life.
  4. User-Friendly Platform: Valued Opinions typically provides a user-friendly platform for survey participation. Their website is easy to navigate, making it convenient to access and complete surveys without any technical complications.


  1. Survey Availability: The number of survey invitations you receive may vary based on your demographics and the specific needs of market research clients. This means that there may be periods with limited survey opportunities, affecting your earning potential.
  2. Time Investment vs. Rewards: Some Valued Opinions surveys may require a significant time investment relative to the rewards earned. Longer surveys may result in higher point earnings, but they may also require more time and effort to complete.
  3. Screening Out of Surveys: Valued Opinions may include pre-screening questions to determine if you qualify for a survey. There is a possibility of being screened out if you don’t meet the specific criteria, resulting in time spent without earning rewards.
  4. Redemption Restrictions: Valued Opinions may have certain restrictions on reward redemption, such as minimum point thresholds or limited options for gift cards. It’s important to review the specific redemption policies to understand the process and limitations.

Is This a Legit Place?

You will certainly enjoy taking surveys at Valued Opinions.

This is a legit place for how it offers some great rewards that you can enjoy using. You will be amazed at how many rewards you can earn through the site.

The interface is easy to handle and isn’t too complicated or difficult to use.

It also provides you with many ways to make money through survey questions and more.

You will have a very easy time with filling out information on the surveys.

Best of all, you will ensure that your information is kept secure at all times.

The site works hard to protect your data.

This is an attractive website that you should look into.

Check it out to see if it is a suitable option for your survey desires.

Official site:

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