10 Ways to Monetize Your Music on SoundCloud

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

In the constantly evolving landscape of digital music, SoundCloud has emerged as a dynamic platform for artists to share their work, connect with fans, and grow their careers.

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A key part of this growth comes from the ability to monetize your music on SoundCloud.

In this post, we’re going to delve into the importance of monetization for a sustainable music career and discuss 10 effective strategies to monetize your music on SoundCloud.

What is SoundCloud Monetization?

SoundCloud Monetization is a unique program that empowers musicians to earn revenue from their creativity.

It’s an initiative designed to reward artists for their hard work and dedication by enabling them to monetize the streams they receive on the platform.

A Brief History

Launched in 2014, the SoundCloud Monetization program was a response to the growing demand for a viable revenue model for artists using the platform.

The program introduced a way for musicians to earn money from their tracks directly on the platform, without the need for a record label or a distribution deal.

The Importance of Monetization

The power of monetization lies in its ability to provide financial support to artists, allowing them to continue creating and sharing their music.

It’s a game-changer for independent artists who can now use the platform to not just share their music, but also sustain their music careers.

Benefits of SoundCloud Monetization

SoundCloud Monetization offers several benefits:

  1. Direct Revenue: Artists earn money each time their track is streamed on SoundCloud.
  2. Reach: The program helps artists reach a global audience, increasing their earning potential.
  3. Control: Artists maintain control over their work and can track their earnings in real-time.

Setting Up for Monetization on SoundCloud

Getting started with monetization on SoundCloud requires a few specific steps.

Upgrading to SoundCloud Pro Unlimited

To be eligible for monetization, artists need to have a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account.

This premium account offers several benefits, such as unlimited upload time, advanced stats, and of course, the opportunity to monetize your tracks.

Meeting the Eligibility Criteria

SoundCloud has certain eligibility criteria for artists who wish to monetize their tracks. These include:

  1. Rights Ownership: Artists need to own all rights to their music.
  2. Age Requirement: Artists must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Minimum Plays: There is a minimum play count threshold from countries where SoundCloud monetizes.

Enabling Monetization

Once an artist meets these criteria and has a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account, they can enable monetization from their account settings.

A monetization tab appears on the track metadata page, where they can turn on monetization for any eligible track.

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10 Ways to Monetize Your Music on SoundCloud

SoundCloud Premier

SoundCloud Premier is SoundCloud’s direct monetization program. This initiative enables artists to earn a share of the net revenue that SoundCloud generates from ads and subscriptions. It’s a fantastic way for musicians to monetize their streams directly on the platform.

How SoundCloud Premier Works

Once you meet the eligibility requirements and sign up for SoundCloud Premier, you’ll earn money every time a SoundCloud user streams your music.

The revenue is split based on your share of the total plays on SoundCloud.

Tips for Using SoundCloud Premier

  1. Consistent Creation: The key to increasing your revenue is increasing your plays. The more music you upload, the more there is for listeners to discover.
  2. Engagement: Engage with your listeners by responding to comments and messages. This encourages listeners to share your tracks, leading to more plays.

SoundCloud Repost

SoundCloud Repost by Repost Network is a distribution service that allows you to distribute your music not only on SoundCloud but also on other streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

Benefits of SoundCloud Repost

  1. Wider Reach: SoundCloud Repost helps you reach a global audience, thus increasing your streams and revenue.
  2. Multiple Platforms: With Repost, you can manage your music on several platforms from one place, making it easier for you to track your streams and earnings.


Collaborating with other artists can give your music a significant boost.

It’s a way to cross-promote your work, reach new audiences, and generate more plays.

Strategies for Successful Collaborations

  1. Choose the Right Partner: Look for artists whose music style aligns with yours. This can ensure a cohesive final product that fans of both artists will enjoy.
  2. Promote Each Other: Once the collaboration is complete, both artists should promote the track to their respective audiences.


Selling merchandise, like t-shirts, posters, or vinyl records, can be a substantial source of income.

How to Use Merchandising Effectively

  1. Choose Relevant Merchandise: Ensure your merchandise reflects your brand as an artist. It should be something your fans would be proud to own and use.
  2. Use the Right Platform: Merchbar, for instance, allows you to integrate your merchandise sales with your SoundCloud profile, providing a seamless experience for your fans.

Hosting Live Virtual Concerts

With the advent of virtual concerts, artists can perform live for their fans from the comfort of their own homes.

You can monetize these concerts through ticket sales, tips, or donations.

Tips for Hosting Successful Virtual Concerts

  1. Choose the Right Platform: Platforms like StageIt are designed for musicians to host live performances and monetize them.
  2. Promote Your Concert: Use your social media channels and SoundCloud account to promote the concert to your followers.

Licensing Your Music

Licensing your music means giving permission for your music to be used in a commercial context.

This could be in movies, TV shows, advertisements, or video games.

Using Licensing Services

Companies like Songtradr simplify the process of licensing your music.

They connect artists with people and companies who are looking to license music, and they handle the legal and financial aspects of the process.

Creating Exclusive Content

Offering exclusive content to your most loyal fans for a fee is another way to monetize your music.

Ideas for Exclusive Content

  1. Behind-the-scenes footage: Fans love to see how their favorite music is made.
  2. Early Access to New Tracks: Let your fans be the first to hear your new music.

SoundCloud’s Algorithm Playlists

Getting your tracks featured on SoundCloud’s algorithm-based playlists can lead to an increase in plays and, in turn, higher revenue.

How to Get on SoundCloud’s Algorithm Playlists

  1. Tagging: Use relevant tags for your tracks. This helps SoundCloud’s algorithm categorize your music.
  2. Engagement: Encourage your listeners to like, share, and comment on your tracks. More engagement means more visibility.

Selling Tracks

You can sell your tracks directly to fans. Pricing your tracks effectively can turn your passion into profit.

Tips for Selling Tracks

  1. Fair Pricing: Ensure your pricing reflects the value your music provides, but is still affordable for your fans.
  2. Easy Access: Provide easy access for fans to purchase your music, such as a ‘Buy’ link on your SoundCloud profile.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Patreon can be used to raise funds for your music projects.

In return, you can offer your backers exclusive rewards.

Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

  1. Set a Realistic Goal: Your funding goal should be realistic and reflect the actual cost of your project.
  2. Provide Attractive Rewards: Offer exclusive rewards to your backers as a thank you for their support. This could be early access to tracks, signed merchandise, or a shoutout in your album credits.

Making the Most of Your Monetization Strategies

Successful SoundCloud monetization hinges on a blend of smart strategy, audience engagement, and a pulse on emerging trends.

Here’s a detailed dive into how you can leverage these to maximize your SoundCloud earnings.

Consistent Engagement With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience consistently is a crucial component of successful monetization on SoundCloud.

Fans who feel a strong connection with you as an artist are more likely to listen to your music, purchase your merchandise, or contribute to your crowdfunding efforts.

Building an Artist-Fan Relationship

  • Respond to Comments: SoundCloud’s unique feature allows fans to comment directly on your tracks. This opens a direct line of communication between you and your listeners. Take the time to respond to these comments and engage with your fans – it’s a powerful way to build a relationship and show your fans that their opinions matter to you.
  • Regular Updates: Keep your fans in the loop about your musical journey. Regular updates about upcoming tracks, collaborations, live virtual concerts, or any other news not only keeps your fans engaged but also builds anticipation for your future work.
  • Personal Stories: Share your story, the inspiration behind your tracks, or the process of creating your music. This will help your fans understand you better as an artist, creating a deeper connection.

Promoting Your Music on Social Media

Social media is a potent tool for music promotion, and it can significantly expand your reach beyond SoundCloud’s built-in audience.

Harnessing Social Media for Music Promotion

  • Cross-Promotion: Spread the word about your SoundCloud tracks on all of your social media platforms. Sharing the link to a new track on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms can drive traffic back to your SoundCloud profile.
  • Social Media Exclusive Content: Offer your social media followers exclusive content, such as sneak peeks of a new track, behind-the-scenes footage, or live Q&A sessions. Exclusive content can draw new fans to your social media profiles and, subsequently, to your SoundCloud.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Partner with influencers who share a similar audience to yours. They can introduce your music to their followers, potentially expanding your fan base substantially.

Staying Updated with New Monetization Trends

The music industry is continuously evolving, and new opportunities for monetization crop up frequently. Keeping up with these trends allows you to capitalize on new revenue streams as soon as they appear.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

  • Industry News: Make it a habit to follow reputable music industry news sources like Billboard, Music Business Worldwide, and Rolling Stone. These outlets often report on emerging trends in music monetization.
  • Music Industry Events: Attend music industry conferences, webinars, and other events. These platforms are great opportunities to learn about new trends, network with other industry professionals, and glean insights into the strategies that are working for others.
  • Online Forums: Platforms like Reddit serve as information treasure troves where you can connect with other musicians, share experiences, and learn about successful monetization strategies.


Using these strategies, you can effectively monetize your music on SoundCloud and turn your passion into a profitable career.

Now, it’s time for you to take the stage, connect with your audience, and start earning from your music!

Remember, your journey to successful monetization on SoundCloud starts with a single step. Take that step today.

Start by upgrading to SoundCloud Pro Unlimited and let the monetization begin!

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