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What does a tester do?

As a tester, you must have a computer and a microphone. You are expected to complete the tasks requested by the client and make audible comments as you do so. You will then have to answer the written questions at the end to be provided to the client and these should be answered thoroughly. The application process requires a sample test be done, and the sample is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 based on how useful your test is. There are lots of tips on the website regarding what to do and what not to do during a test to make it as useful as possible to the client. The idea is to provide the client with the best information possible to improve their site for their users.

How do I get paid?

You are paid $10 per test weekly via PayPal. It seems most tests take around 15 minute best I can tell, but they could be longer in certain cases. The real issue is job availability. You receive e-mail notification when you are assigned a job and have a certain amount of time to do it after you accept. If you do not accept within a certain amount of time it is reassigned, and the number of tests you are assigned is directly related to your ranking on the sample in the beginning. Subsequently you are graded by the client on each test and the higher your grade the more work you get offered. Other factors, such as demographics, can affect assignments as well.

Can I make a living?

The website states that they do not suggest you quit you day job, but that with good work and depending on assignments available you could may $100 to $200 per month. However, it appears many have not been receiving assignments lately, and this has been the case for most of 2012. They are not currently accepting applications for new writers either. Basically, this is definitely one to keep an eye on as a very useful egg. When they open up new tester applications again, it could not hurt to do the sample test. If you enjoy it and you are good at it, this is definitely a legitimate egg to add to your work-at-home basket.

What are the Pros and Cons?

Working as a website tester for can offer flexibility and a variety of testing opportunities. However, it is important to consider the ups and downs before getting started.


  1. Flexibility: Working as a website tester for offers flexibility in terms of when and where you work. You can choose to complete tests at your convenience, making it suitable for those seeking flexible working hours.
  2. Variety of Tests: provides a wide range of website testing opportunities, allowing you to work on different projects and experience various websites across industries. This can prevent monotony and provide a diverse testing experience.
  3. Compensation: offers competitive compensation for website testers. Testers are typically paid per completed test, providing an opportunity to earn income based on the number of tests completed.
  4. Feedback and Skill Development: provides detailed feedback and guidelines for each test, allowing testers to learn and improve their skills. This feedback can help enhance your website testing capabilities and potentially open up additional opportunities in the field.


  1. Availability of Tests: The availability of website testing opportunities may vary, and there may be times when there are limited tests available. This could impact your ability to consistently earn income from
  2. Limited Earning Potential: The compensation structure on is typically based on the number of completed tests. As a result, your earning potential may be limited, especially if there are fewer tests available or if you are unable to dedicate significant time to website testing.
  3. Qualification Requirements: may have specific qualification criteria that testers need to meet, such as language proficiency or demographic requirements. Meeting these qualifications may limit the number of available tests for certain individuals.
  4. Competitive Environment: As is a platform that attracts a large number of website testers, the competition for available tests may be high. This means you may need to be proactive and quick to secure testing opportunities.
  5. Reliance on Platform: Working exclusively for means that your income is dependent on the availability of tests and the platform itself. Any changes in the platform or its policies could potentially impact your ability to earn income as a website tester.

Visit to learn more and become a tester

(As of today, Userfeel is not accepting new user applications but check out similar sites if interested in this type of work.)

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