Weekly Discussion- Tell Me Your WAH Beginning to End Story

Updated on: by Miranda Grimm

Last September marked my official three year anniversary of working at home. I had done some small work prior, like surveys and answering questions for ChaCha. But my official ‘Job’ was with West (very brief  time) in 2008.

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Three years does not seem like a lot of time, but it feels like my whole life! I barely remember working in an office as an Office Manager for a trucking company- rushing around at my lunch break to fit in all my errands and eat within a very small time-frame, warming my car up in the winter so I would not have to chip the ice off the windshield, waking up to that dreaded alarm clock each and every morning!

Life has moved so fast since I began working at home!

I was thinking about this the other day, how I began my career at West as a phone agent and later moved to LiveOps as a customer support rep for a variety of clients. I had a stint of work I still regret to this day. Then, I moved on to writing for content mills and that led to my blog! I spent time Titling at Demand Media and now I work for Leapforce, blogging and beginning my Freelance Designing career!

Amazing the shift and variety of work I have seen in only three years.

What is also amazing is the technology shift I have seen in only three years. Flat Panel TVs are the standard, many people carry Smartphones (or mini computers) in their pockets, Tablets have made their debut and it appears they are here to stay, books are now enjoyed on a digital screen of an e-Reader,  internet speeds have increased ten fold, I can access Facebook from my TV!,  my car can tell me the air pressure of my tires and the life of my oil…it just goes on…

Change is everywhere and it will continue. It is no wonder my work at home career path has been a winding one.

I can forecast the future by looking at my past and tell you I will continue to see changes all around me and I too will be part of those changes. If I am still blogging three years from now, I will be sure to revisit this post!

So come along with me and share with us your story. Where did you begin your work at home career, where are you now and what has your career path looked like?

Think back three years ago, would you have been shocked to think you would be where you are now? Do you believe the next three years will bring you somewhere you cannot even imagine now?

I look forward to reading your stories!

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November 10, 2011 at 2:33 pm

I actually got started earning money from home about five years ago but wasn’t really making what you could call an income until about 2008. It was just extra cash up to then.

Before I got married, I worked in the office of an Ace Hardware/Do it Best hardware chain owned by my aunt’s in-laws. I did that pretty much from the time I got out of high school until 2004 when I finally quit. I got married that same year and at the time my husband was earning enough that I didn’t really need to earn much, so I just helped my mom out with her business some just for some extra money. Found out I was expecting my first little boy in ’05, the same year we also bought a house and got a newer car. So money became tight and I figured I’d have to go back to work at some point. But my little boy was born and I couldn’t stand the thoughts of leaving him, so I started doing things here and there to help make ends meet.

I kept helping out my mom part-time but I also started looking for ways to earn at home. For most of 2006-2007, I didn’t do much besides take surveys for cash (I think I was signed up with every survey company in existence!) product tests, and also I got into the hobby of entering sweepstakes, which actually paid off OK.

I became a ChaCha guide in 2008 (back when ChaCha was awesome and you could actually make decent money per hour doing it) and started earning enough, at least for several months, to be comparable to having a job outside the home. But that sort of tanked as most former ChaCha guides know and the questions disappeared and the pay rate shot down to maybe $5 per hour if you’re lucky.

At that point, I did some more searching around and found out about Textbroker. I had always liked to write and so this seemed perfect, especially since they took on beginners. I did that for a long time and absolutely loved it. I still did ChaCha here and there but most of my money came from Textbroker for a long time. I ended up writing for Demand in 2010 not long after that and actually earned a good bit of money for my articles, more than what I was used to at TB. Sometime around then, I started my website, Real Ways to Earn Money Onine, that also now earns me good supplemental income. But at that time it was in the beginning stages. I applied to several other writing sites and got accepted, but wiseGEEK was the one I really started focusing on the most because you can get paid multiple times per week. There were weeks there were I got paid as much as three to five times. I could easily crank out five 400 word articles per day for them with no worries about them being returned for edits (unlike with Demand) and it was marvelous, but still a strain on my brain.

and then I got invited to do dupe checking with Demand and started doing that more because it was more mindless work which left me more time to focus writing energy on my blog. and then I started doing TQA too, which paid even more. Somewhere in there I also worked for about a month and a half doing search engine evaluation for Leapforce and there are currently still dozens of little things I do, like Key for Cash and Swagbucks, just for extra money.

I am sitting here now wondering if I am going to get fired from titling today like so many others have last week and this week. If I have, I guess that will be the beginning of the next “Work at Home” chapter for me. I expect I’ll probably go back to writing full time.

Great post idea, Miranda! You know we all like talking about ourselves 🙂 Sorry I wrote you a book!

Lisa Mills

November 10, 2011 at 4:39 pm

Well, I have been working at home for 15 years, and I have done a little bit of everything. I started on eBay selling antiques and collectibles in the nineties, did some freelance writing, became a day trader (buying and selling stocks online daily, a very exciting, but dangerous profession).

I then started an online used book selling business on Amazon. I did that for about five years. In 2005, I started working for a transcription company. I still work there.

In 2007, I started my work-at-home site. The one thing I have found is you can never count on anything when you work for yourself. You have to constantly be ready to move to the next thing, if necessary. Also, you should never rely on just one egg in your basket.

Leisa Good

November 11, 2011 at 9:37 am

I started three years ago too. Originally, I worked at LiveOps and ACD Direct while adding private clients to my virtual assistant practice. I also sold vintage toys, books, and handmade jewelry on Amazon and eBay to clear out my growing home office!

I still have private clients, but am also using bidding sites as well to add variety of clientel. I am now learning to do teleseminars and am venturing into coaching freelancers and VAs, which I absolutely love.


November 13, 2011 at 12:46 am

Hello, Fellow WAHMers!

I started working at home almost a year ago. I fell for an MLM scheme and started looking for real ways to earn money online. Haha. Anyways, here I am a freelance writer.

I started working for onpoint and we had a love/hate relationships.