Working From Home for Concentrix

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Concentrix offers work from home jobs that offer benefits for full time employees.Concentrix provides customer service for many well known clients. Positions are often available in their Customer Service Department. Customer service Representatives are responsible for day-to-day operations. They offer support via telephone, email and/or web channels.

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Application Process/Training

Other work at home positions may be available. You can check their website here by choosing “United States”. Note that work at home positions are listed under “Anywhere, United State” An option to apply for the position is located at the bottom of each listing. You will be required to create a profile in order to apply. After applying, you may be contacted at any time without warning.


Concentrix is known for hiring employees rather than contractors, which means they typically offer a range of traditional benefits to their employees. Here’s a closer look at the benefits:

  1. Competitive Salary: Concentrix aims to provide a salary that is competitive within the industry or job market. This ensures that their employees are fairly compensated for their skills, experience, and the value they bring to the company. A competitive salary helps attract and retain talented individuals.
  2. Performance-Related Pay: Concentrix may offer performance-related pay or bonuses as a way to reward employees for their exceptional performance or achievements. This can serve as an incentive for employees to excel in their roles, contribute to the company’s success, and go above and beyond their regular job responsibilities.
  3. Holiday Pay: Concentrix typically provides holiday pay, which allows employees to take paid time off for vacations, personal reasons, or national holidays. Holiday pay ensures that employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance and enjoy well-deserved breaks while still receiving their regular compensation.
  4. Stakeholder Pension Plan: Concentrix may offer a stakeholder pension plan to help employees save for their retirement. A stakeholder pension plan is a type of defined contribution pension scheme that allows employees to make regular contributions from their salary. Concentrix may also make contributions to the plan, helping employees build a retirement fund over time.


Your schedule will vary depending on your position and which client you are working for. Some clients are more flexible than others. Scheduling will be discussed with you during your interview.


Pay for Customer Support Reps. Starts at $9-9.50 per hour. Wages reported on show that customer service reps make up to $11.84 per hr.

Technical Requirements

You will be required to have high speed internet service. A minimum of 5mbps download and 3 mbps upload speed is a must. Your computer monitor will need to be a minimum of 17 inches wide and be capable of 1024×768 resolution. (Flat-screen monitors are recommended) You will also need to have a landline telephone. This is for training purposes and production calls. A headset is required before you start working.

Other Requirements

Concentrix is looking for individuals that have the following attributes:
· Highly motivated
· High school diploma or GED
· One + year(s) of customer service experience
· Knowledge of Microsoft Windows
· Excellent communication skills

How to Get Started

Visit Concentrix’s website to view current openings for work from home jobs. As of the date of the posting of this article, there is a work at home posting available for residents anywhere in the US for a Customer Product Support Advisor.

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My name is Louella Williams, I am a resident of Atlanta, Ga.. I referred by a current employer by the name of Kijuan Land whom also reside in Atlanta, Ga.. I submitted a resume on line for a at home customer service position last week, and I want to follow up on the status of my resume. Would someone please contact me with any information you may have on my resume. It would be greatly appreciated.

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