Write Travel Articles for These 5 Companies as a Freelancer

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Get started working online as a travel writer with these 5 companies.Whether you are an experienced freelance travel writer with hundreds of published pieces or new to writing but have a passion for travel and exploring cultures, here are five companies that pay freelance writers to write, research and love traveling.

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1. Matador Network

Matador Network hires contributors to write content that “speaks to the adventures, cultures, and identities of people around the world”. Matador pays per piece with an average of $20-25 and sometimes as much as $60 in special circumstances. Payout is once a month.

You can browse Matador Network to learn more about the style of writing and the type of articles they are interested in. If you feel you would be able to contribute to Matador then you will be asked to send in a draft following the author guidelines.

2. Plum Deluxe

Plum Deluxe is regularly looking for travel writer contributors as well as other life and style based articles. Although Plum Deluxe may not offer regular freelance income, it may be a good fit for your travel article ideas from time to time. Articles earn writers $30 each at Plum Deluxe. Specifically, they are looking for Weekend Getaway type of content.

Plum Deluxe accepts work from both new and experienced writers. However, you will need a sample article or profile.

3. The Expeditioner

The Expeditioner appeals to freelance writers who enjoy covering “top 10? pieces, location overviews, and long-form pieces”. Expeditioner simply wants the content to be interesting, informative and inspiring to future travelers.

The Expeditioner pays $30 per article after it is published and best of  all, authors are able to include a personal bio piece below each article. This offers a great way to build your profile as a Freelance Travel Writer.

4. Tripbase

Travel Writers are often needed to join Tripbase. In addition to having a love of travel and the ability to write engaging content, Tripbase looks for freelance travel writers who also have an eye for quality images.

Tripbase offers work on a regular basis to their team of writers and pays $30 per article. This company offers a highly informative post titled “Breaking into Travel Writing” that gives advice and educates how to come out ahead in the competitive field of Travel Writing.

5. Unanchor

Unanchor offers a freelance job in travel writing that is not typical. Travel writers for Unanchor write travel itineraries that are sold on the site. The writer earns 75% of the revenue from sales. Becoming an Itinerary Writer for Unanchor seems pretty straight forward. The application process is short and simple. Browse Unanchor and request a sample itinerary to know what will be expected from travel writers.

Payments are made to writers once a month via your choice of either PayPal or Check.

5 Tips to Help You Land Travel Articles Writing Jobs

1. Hone Your Writing Skills

As with any writing job, you need to be a strong writer to write travel articles. This means not only having a firm grasp of grammar and spelling but also being able to craft engaging, evocative prose that transports readers to the places you’re writing about.

Always aim to improve your writing skills. Enroll in writing courses, attend workshops, and read widely to absorb different writing styles.

2. Build a Strong Portfolio

One of the best ways to land a travel writing job is by showcasing your previous work. If you don’t have any professional experience, consider starting a blog where you write about your own travels or local places of interest.

Alternatively, you might pitch stories to travel websites or magazines. Even if you don’t get paid at first, you’ll start to build a portfolio of work that you can show to potential employers.

3. Demonstrate Your Knowledge and Passion for Travel

You’ll stand out if you can demonstrate a genuine passion for travel and a deep knowledge about different places. This might mean knowing the best restaurants in Paris, the most stunning hiking trails in Colorado, or the hidden gems of Tokyo.

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You can demonstrate this knowledge both in your writing samples and in your conversations with potential employers.

4. Network within the Travel Industry

Networking is an invaluable tool for landing jobs in any industry, and travel writing is no different. Attend travel industry events, reach out to professionals in the field, and join relevant groups on social media.

These connections can provide you with insider information about job openings and give you a leg up when you’re applying for positions.

5. Learn to Pitch Effectively

Many travel articles are commissioned as a result of a successful pitch, where a writer proposes an idea for a story to an editor. Therefore, learning to pitch effectively is a crucial skill for a travel writer. Research outlets to understand their style and the type of stories they publish.

Craft your pitches to fit their needs, providing a clear, compelling idea for a story and explaining why you’re the right person to write it.

As a freelance writer, it will be of your best interest to work with several companies at a time to ensure a workflow. Best wishes to everyone who decides to submit applications and sample writing to any of the above 5 travel writing sites.

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