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AppticalOne of the regular contributors here at Work at Home Adventures, Erica Martin, has spoken a few times about one of her jobs as a phone agent with Apptical. It always intrigues me because I love anything non-sales (doesn’t non-sales equal non-stress? lol) ! I have never really known much about this company and after seeing how much Erica loves it, even listing it in her top five phone jobs, I decided I better study up! The first place I turned to learn about Apptical was, I knew I had seen a review of Apptical there in the past and figured I should check it out and refresh my memory. I will try not to just repeat everything she discussed but instead just layout the basics- only the need-to-know stuff, you can read her article for the details.

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Of course, we need to know what Apptical is and what kind of work they offer

Apptical has been around since 1988! Their start was in the banking industry, they made a change into the insurance field in 2002- where they are still focus today. Apptical has become a large success in the Insurance Field by providing innovative service to the Insurance industry with underwriting services and cost solutions.

What kind of Work at Home jobs does Apptical Offer?

Currently, as of the date of this post, Apptical lists a few different career opportunities on their site. Most fitting to the common WAHA reader is the Telephone Interviewer position. There are also administrative Support and Technology based openings- you can learn more about these by looking at the career page at Apptical. Our focus will remain on the Telephone Interviewer job.

What do Telephone Interviewers do?

First, it is important to make note that Apptical agents are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and therefore a lot of the details are not openly shared.

Apptical Telephone Interviewers work directly with the insurance company and their applicants. It is preferred you have a medical background and if you are bilingual you have an upper-hand as well!

Erica, a current Apptical Agent explained her job in her recent post,

“As an interviewer for Apptical, I primarily take inbound calls from insurance agents who want us to do interviews with their prospective clients and find out if they qualify for different life or health insurance products.  However, there is also some outbound calling that needs to be done, because not all insurance agents can be with their clients when the interview is done.”

How much do Interviewers Earn?

The non-disclosure agreement we discussed previously, prevents this information from being shared. But many people have slipped online and hinted as to what they make.  The number I am going to share with you should be taken lightly, just as lightly as gossip…it could be exaggerated or changed from place to place, but in an attempt to give you a little background, one site- My Mom is a WAHM– shared a snippet of shared information that one agent claims to average around $14 an hour. I believe agents are paid a base per call and per minute rate and may also receive additional incentives. But again, this is all “a friend of a friend said her friend” type of information- take it that way!

What is the scheduling like at Apptical?

In the beginning stages of working with Apptical you will be given an opportunity to set your schedule. However, it is reported that this schedule is locked in and you are required to work it regularly! This is a serious work at home career! It does require your commitment and dedication! If day-to-day flexibility is important to you, I know ACD Direct is currently hiring, it is another non-sales phone job but it is flexible in the scheduling.

What is the Application Process like?

Seems the application process is pretty extensive. Apptical takes this seriously, so understand, this is a career, not just another way to make money. They have a low turn over rate because they make the necessary steps to only hire agents they believe will be successful. When you apply, you will take a test as part of the process.
If you are invited to go further, you will have to take an assessment test.
Assessment test can lead to an interview.
Interview could lead to a background check (THEY pay for it and there is NOT a credit check involved)
Background check can lead to being hired and going through the training phase- which is paid training and will teach you all you need to know, such as medical terminology.

What you will need to work with Apptical: 

  • High Speed Internet
  • Land Line Phone and phone-line with no features (no caller ID, call waiting etc..)
  • Headset
  • Bank Account to receive your direct deposited pay twice a month
  • Entrepreneurial Attitude- a love of success

Apptical’s site is currently showing they are hiring, so if you are interested visit their website, learn more and apply!

Alternatives you can check out


Alorica is a global customer service outsourcing company that hires agents to provide customer support, technical assistance, and sales services across various industries. They offer flexible work schedules and opportunities for remote work.


Sitel is another well-known outsourcing company that hires agents to handle customer support, technical support, and sales inquiries. They operate globally and provide training and development programs for their agents.


Concentrix is a business services company that hires agents for customer engagement and sales support. They provide customer service, technical support, and analytics solutions to clients in multiple industries.


Teleperformance is a multinational outsourcing company that hires agents for customer service, technical support, sales, and other business processes. They have a global presence and offer a range of career opportunities for agents.


Sykes is a leading provider of customer engagement services and hires agents for customer support, technical support, and sales roles. They offer flexible work options, including remote and work-from-home opportunities.

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October 25, 2011 at 11:29 am

Don’t know what the work really is (a rumour), don’t know the pay scale, don’t know possible earnings. Why all the secrecy….sounds like telemarketing regardless of what the friend of a friend said.

Miranda Grimm

October 25, 2011 at 11:57 am

I can assure it is not telemarketing. There are plenty of open forums around the web where hundreds of people discuss their work with each other, a good and trusted friend, Erica Martin, works for them. They are legit and a good company. Just as many other companies, they have a non-disclose agreement. The work is explained openly- it is not a secret. They probably cannot share things like client information and they collect personal information from the applicants. This has to be kept private. The only thing that disrupts our article is the pay. Many companies keep this information quiet for a number of reason, whether to keep people from comparing their rates and wonder why someone is paid more or less or maybe to adjust the rates for different jobs. I am not sure, but it does not make this a telemarketing job in any way whatsoever. You can find people working for them at and if you would like to speak to them or read their discussions.


October 25, 2011 at 7:59 pm

This sounds like a great work-at-home job for an outgoing person. Glad to hear they pay for the background check. So many companies make the applicant pay nowadays.


October 27, 2011 at 2:54 am

Just applied as an independent contracter, and they DO require you to pay for your own background check. If you complete the application “interview” it clearly states you are responsible for the $45 background check!

Miranda Grimm

October 27, 2011 at 9:04 am

Thank you so much for letting me know!! I will be sure to verify and correct the posting!!


December 4, 2012 at 12:14 pm

Apptical was great when I started in 2009 but they had us sign a Independent Contractor Agreement yet treated us as if we were employees…. They changed their computer system and since then the system works on and off so you are mostly appologizing to the Agents for not being able to give them results or complete an interview and Agents have gotten so frustated that they treat the interviewers very badly..When you complain about the system their answer is always that the problem is you yet everyone is having the same issue. It pay is 10 cents a minute and 90 cents for each completed survey. Back when we works 8 hours we would get at least 5 calls an hour so you would average about 12-15 dollars and hour but now we have SOOO many interviewers on that you get maybe 2-3 calls an hour if you are lucky. I can go on for days how this company went from good to horrible. No raise EVER in almost 4 years yet they took our full time away just so they don’t have to give benifits when we became actually EMPLOYEES over a year ago. We have to remember 100’s of rules and walk on egg shells with the Agents and all we get is a thank you as if that can pay our bills….

Mary Ann Mosley

February 7, 2015 at 3:06 pm

I just started a few weeks ago, and I’m really enjoying this. They have moved to an employee model, rather than IC and you are guaranteed at least minimum wage (even if your call totals don’t equal that), however, I have never made minimum wage. But, it can vary quite a bit, based on call volume. I’m only working part time, Thursday – Saturday 10 – 6 (central time) and my call volume seems to be pretty heavy, for the most part. The supervisors are incredibly nice and helpful and I’ve been paid on time. There was an issue with my first check related to benefits (I was mistakenly charged for benefits) but it was quickly resolved. All in all, as with most things, it depends on the person, but if you don’t mind being on the phone, this is great. I love that I’m not selling and (for the most part) not dealing with anyone who is annoyed or irate. 🙂


August 23, 2019 at 7:31 pm

I currently work for Apptical and love it!
It is definitely NOT telemarketing and I did NOT have to pay for my background check. I had 3 days of self paced training and was well paid for my training. I love my supervisors. They are some of the best I’ve ever had. We are paid on a call by call basis with the minimum pay per hour being based on the minimum wage in your state. However, I have always made more per hour than my state minimum. Also, they allow you to pick up extra hours and extra calls when the que is busy according to your availability and at your option.
I’ll never get rich at this job, but it pays the bills, the management is very nice and I have no complaints at all.