My 10 Favorite Resources on My Work-at-Home Journey

Updated on: by FStewart

top ten work at home resources

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There are tons of resources on the web for those that work from home.  Some of them are really helpful, and some of them are not so much.  There are work from home sites which are geared toward working from home in general, and some are directed at specific professions, such as telemarketing or writing.

The following is a list of  my 10 favorite work at home sites. These have all helped me along my work from home journey.  They are a mix of those for writers specifically and those for all work from home job types.

I hope a few of them can help you as well.


Work at Home Adventures

Work at home adventuresI know, I know…it sounds like a shameless plug.  In all honesty however, this is was the first work-from-home website I encountered that was truly helpful.  The reviews have saved me from many scams and have also lead me to plenty of legitimate work at home eggs.  Work at Home Adventures is where I found the leads that got me my start and where I always come back to.

Now it is also a site I am proud to call one of my online “homes.”

wahm.comWork at Home Mom is another site I have been with since the beginning of this journey.  They offer great work at home job leads, very helpful forums, and plenty of articles on all types of topics related to working from home.  A lot of the information is geared toward moms, but there is still a lot out there for anyone working at home- regardless of mommy-status.



Real Ways to Earn Money Online

Real Ways to Earn Money OnlineThis site is similar to Work At Home Adventures in that it offers job leads, reviews, and helpful articles.  The great thing is that these ladies work together in an effort to not duplicate information.  I watch both sites to make sure I don’t miss anything.




The Work at Home Woman

The Work at Home WomanWith so many work from home sites out there, it is very easy for information to get duplicated incessantly, and many are flooded with advertising and deals.  While deals such as freebies and coupons are great, I follow plenty of sites that offer that.  When I look for information on working from home, I want just that, not more of the same.  This site offers interviews and unique posts that offer useful information to help anyone in a work at home life, especially women.

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Work Place Like Home

Work Place Like HomeThis is an online forum which offers networking, camaraderie, work at home job leads, and real life opinions from those that have been there.  Before I sign up for a new work at home egg, I make sure I go to and see if anyone else has tried it and what their experience was.



Work At Home Network

Work At Home NetworkLargely a promotion site, this Facebook page has a decent following and is a great place to see what other work at home peeps are doing.  It is designed as a platform for those working from home to advertise their business and products, and it serves its purpose well.




Young Work At Home Moms

Young Work At Home Moms   Real moms making money from homeDespite the title, you do not have to be a mom or young to glean useful information here.  Everything from scam alerts to funnies that get you through the day can be found at Young Work at Home Moms.




Freedom With Writing

Freedom With WritingThis one is mainly for freelance writers.  The site is full of inspiration for when you aren’t sure why you are doing what you are doing anymore, as well as great tips.  Plenty of funnies pop up along the way as well.




Money Saving Mom

Money Saving MomIf you haven’t heard of this one already you are behind the times.  Check it out ASAP.  It isn’t technically directed to those who work from home, but Crystal Paine, the site owner, does work from home running this site and the information and inspiration offered here is priceless.  There are lots of deals here, since as you can tell by the name the site was designed as a money saving site.  It has morphed to offer so much more, including online money making ideas.


Clean Mama

Clean MamaThis is another site not directed specifically toward work at home moms, but there are so many printables (many of them free) and tips here that have been very useful as far as time management and home keeping.  That has been one of my greatest struggles since starting this journey, and Clean Mama has helped tremendously.



Find a Facebook Group

I am not giving a link for this one because there are so many.  One of the best things I have done for my work from home sanity it find Facebook groups where I can socialize with others that do the same things I do and share my beliefs.  These can act as a sort of water cooler or break room for those that work from home.  There are plenty out there.  Either find one that fits you or start your own.  These should never replace real world friends, but they can be a great place to vent, relax, and have a laugh in the middle of the day.


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May 21, 2013 at 8:27 am

Thanks so much for the mention, Faith! I was also excited to see a few other resources on here that are new to me. Will definitely be sharing!

Artie G

May 23, 2013 at 11:58 pm

It’s so true that WAHAdventures is one of the best sites for info out there. I always direct people to this site bc it’s layout is so eye pleasing and the info is easy to find. Some sites are not user friendly, but this on definitely is. Great list!!

Sandra Harriette

May 27, 2013 at 10:02 am

Awesome! I’ve been trying to find some more resources to refer people too. My ideas alone for WAH opps and tips only go so far, but this is sure to help!

Holly Hanna

May 29, 2013 at 11:05 am

Thank you so much for listing The Work at Home Woman, appreciate it.

Lisa Stein

June 11, 2013 at 4:53 pm

Good list of resources here. I’m familiar with many, but a few I am not, so going to check them out.