My Experience Applying with Remilon

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

Remilon is a writing site that’s different from the others.

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Remilon pays its writers hourly for the time they spend not only writing articles, but also researching, revising and editing their articles.

I applied in December and by January 4 I got an email stating I’d been selected for the application process.  Though I ultimately didn’t end up being selected to move forward after I sent in my application and test, I wanted to provide some insight about the different parts of the Remilon application.


The application consists of three sections:

 The first section asks a few questions about your writing experience.

I was asked to describe my professional writing experience in 1-3 sentences.

Then I was asked to describe how  my formal or informal academic background prepares me for professional writing and research- in 3-5 sentences.

For the third question in this section, I was given a scenario where an editor returned an article to me and asked me to change virtually everything in the article – I was asked what  my response would be and what action I would take.

The last question in this section asked me what computer operating system (Mac or Windows etc) and internet browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc..) I used most frequently.


The second section consisted of re-writing five sentences for clarity, grammar and accuracy of information. The sentences seemed fairly easy – some of them had spelling and grammar errors, and some needed to be re-written so that they read better.


The last part of the application was the most involved.  It required an article of 125-250 words on a specific topic – my topic was “What is a Bachelor of Architecture Program?”

There were a lot of tips provided in this section, such as how to figure out what information to include and examples of the types of sentences that shouldn’t be included in the article.   When you write the article for this section, you want to make sure you  only include relevant information, and not filler sentences that contain obvious or irrelevant information.   One suggestion provided is to write the article, and then go back and re-read it from the perspective of someone who would be reading the article.  If you find that some of the information provided doesn’t help you when you read from this perspective, take it out. Or add more information if you think it’s needed.


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Though I ultimately was not chosen to continue with the hiring process, I encourage all writers who are interested in getting paid hourly for the work they put into their articles to check out Remilon.  Based on the information I read in reviews, and the experiences people have had with Remilon, they sound like a great company to write for.


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Leisa Good

January 20, 2012 at 7:40 am

Hourly pay for writers? Hmmm. Definitely tempting.

Good, thorough review!


January 20, 2012 at 6:51 pm

Sorry you were not chosen, Erica, but thanks for providing such detailed information on how it works. A few other people also said the application process there was rather involved and detailed.


January 23, 2012 at 7:45 am

Don’t worry Erica, i believe that the choosing procedure is rather demanding. Although I think this is a great opportunity to everyone who love writing.


March 4, 2012 at 8:46 pm

I applied to Remilon about 8 months ago and was hired as a contract writer. Sometimes the work was a little tedious, but the company is legit and it is a great way to give yourself a flexible schedule. I was given a raise after three months, and quit my other part-time job after six months to exclusively work for Remilon. I was recently promoted, and I really enjoy the job. If you want to write/edit, Remilon is a fair company that did what they said they would before I was hired. Most of the people you ‘work’ with are helpful and pleasant. I may have to leave soon due to upcoming student loan debt, but I would highly recommend checking out the company if you are comfortable with writing. I went to school for Poly sci and sociology, and I have been able to put my researching skills to use with this job.


May 15, 2013 at 8:18 pm

I did Remilon for a while. It was a good job, and they paid what they said the would…which, after doing so many sites that pay per piece, one that paid by the hour just sounded amazing…overall, I liked Remilon.

The work was at times boring, but I got to write! This such a relief after spending thousands on college tuition, and then finding myself inadvertently building a career as a receptionist!

My problem with Remilon was the hourly quotas. You have to put in at least 15 hours/ week. I was working there as a side job, and couldn’t always put in 15 hours/week. A lot of times, even when I could, it was 2 hours here, 30 minutes there…an hour and a half here…which, the topics were so involved, you really needed to be able to put in 3-4 consecutive hours on each piece.

The other word of caution I have was that you need a good computer. Every point you make must be researched. All of research will come from websites, and you must provide the URL’s so that your editor can check for accuracy and plagiarism.

For your research to be done efficiently, you will need to have a good computer capable of bouncing around quickly between multiple tabs and windows. Mine was rather slow, and if I had too much going on at once it would frequently freeze. I would have to reboot and find my information again…it was a real pain.

Remilon does pay you for research, writing and editing, all by the hour. They do, however, have general standards for how long they want articles to take. If you consistently fall below the standards, you are marked down, given additional training, and may eventually lose your job. This is reasonable, but if your computer is not up to par, you will not meet their standards.

Miranda Grimm

May 16, 2013 at 12:26 am

Oh this is such fantastic info! Thanks for taking the time to share with us.