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Are you a fast typist?

Do you need a fun, little “side egg” to go with your main gigs?

Then Ticket Puller may just be what you need.

What Exactly is Ticket Puller?

Ticket Puller is a site where you sign up to literally become a ticket puller or someone who helps customers quickly find the tickets for the event that they want to attend.   You will be working for a client who has the tickets or the event that people are calling in to get.  You help customers find the tickets quickly before the event sells out.

How Does Ticket Puller Help Their Clients?

Ticket Puller helps the client by having preloaded and downloaded credit cards that you will use to purchase the tickets that the customer is calling in for.  You job is to find the event and the seats that the customer is calling in for and quickly purchase it using the preloaded credit cards.  Speed is of the essence.  You will have a chat room where you will receive approval to either purchase the tickets or not.  The tickets will be held for a short duration until the client either calls back and pays for them or the customer is billed for them.

What Does the Ticket Puller Position Entail?

The Ticket Puller position entails being a fast typist and working very quickly to find the client’s event for the customer.  The client will pay 5% to 10% of the commission of the ticket.  Now, that being said, most clients will only pay 5% until you have been there a while.  Ticket Puller touts that it has agents earning up to $50 on one transaction.

What Are the Hours at Ticket Puller?

Ticket Puller is actually more project-based than anything.  This means that when the event is available, login in and make money!  Hours will vary greatly depending upon the client and what events are available for ticket pulling.

Make quick money online with ticketpuller.comWhat is the Pay and When is Payday at Ticket Puller?

Payday can be as soon as 48 hours into your PayPal account for commissions earned.  If you have less than $50 earned, there will be a $2 fee for early PayPal withdrawal.

This is a commissions-only job as an independent contractor.  Therefore, if you are not able to secure the tickets, you do not earn money for the session. However, the potential earnings for the time spent can be really profitable! According to Work at Home No Scams, a realistic average earning for a 15 minute session is around $20-30. Not a bad turn-around!

What Skills/Special Training Do You Need to Work at Ticket Puller?

Just be a really fast typist and a fast thinker!  If you can work very quickly and competitively, then this is your gig.

What is My Overall Impression of Ticket Puller?

I think Ticket Puller is a really fun and easy gig for fast typists and those wanting to supplement their other work-at-home gigs or current job.  From reading the forums at WorkPlaceLikeHome, I don’t think it is something that you can do full-time.  However, most agents that I have spoken to really love the extra money, easy and stress work as well as a chance to make extra money in their spare time.

Most agents agree that they wouldn’t be able to do it full-time and make a living at it, but it is still a fun “extra egg in the basket” to have.  Then there are those that say they couldn’t make any money, because they just couldn’t work fast enough to do it.

3 Alternatives to Ticket Puller


TicketNetwork is an online marketplace where individuals can buy and sell tickets for various events. As a seller on TicketNetwork, you can list and sell tickets to customers who are searching for specific events.

Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats is a ticket resale platform that allows individuals to buy and sell tickets to concerts, sports events, theater shows, and more. Sellers on Vivid Seats can list their available tickets for customers to purchase.


StubHub is a well-known platform that enables users to buy and sell tickets for a wide range of events. As a seller on StubHub, you can list tickets and provide them to customers who are interested in attending specific events.

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How Can an Interested Applicant Apply to the Ticket Puller Position?

Go to  Fill out the information.  Now, you will be asked to take a typing test and you must pass.  I’m not sure how fast and accurate you have to be as different people have passed or failed with very different scores.  You will receive a confirmation email upon acceptance.

Good luck to all who apply.

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