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 Is Birch Creek Communications’ Government-Oriented Transcription Work Worthwhile?The thrill of working as a transcriptionist is great as you’ll help all kinds of people with a variety of tasks.

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From transcribing job interviews to legal hearings, you’ll do people a great service.

Birch Creek Communications believes in this and wants to provide you with a smart and sensible job.

I looked around online to find information on Birch Creek and what it offers.

I was pleasantly surprised over how open they were with giving me information.

About the Company

Birch Creek Communications is a Montana-based business that has been in operation for the past thirteen years.

The company places an emphasis on research and data entry tasks.

By working here, you’ll be working for a group that has transcribed documents for not only businesses but also parts of the United States government.

They’ve transcribed documents for the IRS, the FCC and Departments of Transportation and Health and Human Services among other great organizations.

What Type of Work Is There?

You’ll work on many transcription projects at Birch Creek.

From business meetings to seminars to dissertations, anything goes when it comes to what you can work on.

You’ll be provided with the proper audio files needed to be transcribed every time too.

You may even be asked to transcribe video files depending on what a client sends in to be transcribed.

Every job has its own rules for how specific it’s going to be.

Some jobs simply require you to write down the words being said.

Others want you to write down literally everything that happens like pauses, odd speech parts and so forth.

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You’ll focus more on corporate and legal files for the most part when working here.

A few general transcription jobs are available too.

It’s easy to find different jobs on the site though.

You’ll have plenty of time to complete a job although that timing will vary based on what you choose.

To start, you could find some jobs that have a very brief turnaround time of just 24 hours.

You might also find some jobs that take up to five days to complete.

You’ll have to carefully figure out your schedule when working here.

How Are You Employed?

While at Birch Creek, will be an independent contractor.

That means you will be working for yourself and providing your services to the company.

You aren’t going to be a full employee of the business because of this.

You’re going to get plenty of job opportunities for transcription tasks if you work well enough though.

Who Can Apply?

To apply, you have to be a resident of the United States.

You also have to send a resume to the site listing your skills, your availability and the particular online connection you have.

You’ll then complete a test project to show how well you can transcribe things.

This should be done as soon as possible to show how well you can do things.

I found this to be identical to some of the procedures that other transcription companies use when vetting their clients.

So, I guess it is all about making sure the company actually hires the right types of people.

Perhaps you might be the one that the team wants.

You’ll have to talk about the computer programs you use, as you’ll see here.

What Is Needed?

You will require a regular phone line and a high-speed online connection.

You must also have a computer running Windows 7 or later.

An FTP program like AceFTP or Core is needed as well.

It is free to download one of these though.

Quality multimedia programs that can play back audio and video files are also required.

A quality word processing program is needed alongside a quality headset.

You need a headset so you can actually hear whatever you are trying to transcribe.

When Can You Work?

Don’t think that just because you have to tell Birch Creek when you’re available means that you have to work for them at a very specific time.

You can always choose particular tasks based on when you are available.

The key is that you can actually complete it in enough time.

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You’ll typically find work coming in on weekdays.

Also, most work is given out in the daytime although some corporate groups might ask for help in the evening.

It’s your call is to when you want to take care of it though.

What Will You Be Paid?

Birch Creek pays quite well for your services.

You can get anywhere from 40 cents to $1.25 for each audio minute you transcribe.

I found that your pay will be based on how well you can actually complete the task.

Birch Creek bases its pay structure on how quickly you can complete a task, the quality of your work and how detailed the job is.

It’s not all that easy to figure out how much money you’ll get on each task but at least you have a great shot at making money.


You will be excited to work for Birch Creek Communications if you’re interested in transcription work.

It’s a place that gives you a variety of ways to work.

You’ll feel great about it too because you’ll be working for a group that has been in the field for more than ten years and understands the ins and outs of transcription.

Be sure to look at what you need in order to get to work here as you can get great pay if you work well enough.

Apply to Birch Creek Communications Here

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