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Hollywood Transcriptions Offers Great Tasks For Newcomers. Look at how well Hollywood Transcriptions can work for your demands.The process of getting into Hollywood can be challenging, competitive and in some cases embarrassing.

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But that doesn’t mean you can’t get in there!

Hollywood Transcriptions is a place that you can work at when you’re aiming to get into the entertainment world.

Hollywood Transcriptions is devoted to all kinds of great transcription tasks dedicated to the entertainment, commercial and legal worlds.

You’ll be surprised at how different the jobs out there are.

About the Site

Hollywood Transcriptions is a site that has been in the industry for the past ten years.

I don’t have much information on the background of this place but what I do know is that it offers transcriptions to people around the United States and that it focuses on entertainment, academic and legal tasks.

It always lists points on what tasks are available so you will know what’s open for you to complete in any case.

The company is actually based on Hollywood too. Specifically, it’s in Burbank which is just outside the Hollywood region of Los Angeles.

So it’s definitely certain that they work in the entertainment field.

In fact, the place focuses on American customers and clients.

They put in lots of pride in how they never outsource their stuff to people form well outside the United States.

I was unable to find many words in terms of reviews about the site.

But I at least got enough details on how to get there and what you will do.

What Will You Do?

As you’re on the Hollywood Transcriptions website, you will complete tasks where you transcribe interviews, reports and conferences among other things.

You will enjoy all sorts of appealing jobs out on this site.

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You will also have the choice of whatever it is you want to complete here.

In terms of entertainment-related tasks, you can work on interviews of all sorts, dialogue lists, podcasts, webinars and much more.

You’ll also complete academic tasks like dictation projects, dissertation readouts, lectures and session notes.

For corporate projects, you can work on transcribing meetings, seminars, focus groups and much more.

The extensive variety of projects that you can work with ensures that you’ll always have something to do.

If anything, you’re going to be bored with your work because you’ll be taking care of a good assortment of projects that fit in perfectly with what you want to do.

These will all work through a series of files including audio files, videos and much more.

It’s not too hard to get anything transcribed and worked upon through the site, thus making it an entertaining spot that gives you something enjoyable worth handling.

What Will You Earn?

The earnings that you can get out of the site will include some big totals worth looking forward to.

You could earn about $400 to $500 a month working for the site.

Unfortunately, that’s the best information I can find here.

I can’t get anything from anyone or even the site itself about the pay rate or even how they will deliver your money to you.

But at least you can get plenty of work out of the site.

Signing Up

To sign up to work for Hollywood Transcriptions, get to the main website and fill in the proper application.

Try and include information on past experience and points that are relevant to the job.

You’ll have to upload a resume too so make sure that’s updated and is relevant for the job at hand.

You’ll also have to complete a small test to see how well you can handle the projects you will receive.

It is used to weed out the real transcription employees from those who might not fully understand how to take care of such jobs the right way.

The good news about this place is that it’s a spot that works for newcomers to the transcription industry.

The site isn’t going to frown upon people who don’t have much experience.

They can work with you and help you to build upon your transcription skills.

You will get regular feedback on your work and how well you are improving over time.

This should give you the help you need for going places in your work.

What You Require

You’re going to need to get plenty of materials on hand if you want to work for Hollywood Transcriptions.

To get started, you will have to show that you’re capable of typing quickly.

This includes working at about 65 wpm or better.

You’ll need a digital foot pedal and proper transcription software too so you’ll have an easier time with your projects.

You must also be fluent in English and have great grammar and spelling skills.

Obviously, the site wants you to be able to handle a good computer.

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The Pros and Cons


Industry-Specific Experience

Working for Hollywood Transcriptions, with its emphasis on entertainment and media-related transcription, could give you valuable experience in these industries.

This could be beneficial for future job opportunities.

Potential for Interesting Work

With their clientele ranging from independent filmmakers to large corporations, you may have opportunities to work on a variety of interesting projects.

Flexibility and Remote Work

As with many transcription companies, Hollywood Transcriptions likely offers the ability to work flexible hours from the comfort of your home.


Pay May Be Task-Based

As with many transcription services, the pay at Hollywood Transcriptions might be per audio minute transcribed, not per hour worked.

This means your effective hourly wage can vary and might be lower if you’re working with a difficult audio file that takes longer to transcribe.

Lack of Benefits

As a transcriptionist, you’re often considered an independent contractor rather than a regular employee, which typically means no access to traditional employee benefits such as health insurance or paid time off.

Workload May Be Inconsistent

The availability of work can fluctuate based on the company’s client needs.

This can sometimes lead to a “feast or famine” situation where you may be overloaded with work at times and have very little at others.


Hollywood Transcriptions will provide you with some great ways to complete a variety of jobs.

Check out this place if you’re looking for an appealing spot to work at.

The site has a number of good jobs that will give you full control over whatever you want to do.

Be sure to check that you’ve got the skills and the materials needed in order to complete the jobs that are available at this place.

Apply to Hollywood Transcriptions Here

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