Is SendEarnings A Scam? I Signed Up To Find Out.

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

If you’re looking online for opportunities to earn some extra cash, no doubt you have come across some “GPT” sites (a.k.a “get paid to”).

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An expansion from the paid survey sites that used to be the only option available to someone looking to participate in market research, GPT sites offer multiple ways to earn money.

SendEarnings is an example of a site that offers a number of options to get paid at home.

But is it the best example of a GPT site?  And is it legit?

What is SendEarnings?

Send Earnings is the little brother of InboxDollars – it’s owned by the same company, and runs a similar operation.

Cotterweb Enterprises is the parent company, and they are well-known in the market research world.

SendEarnings is paid by companies to get information from consumer opinions, follow how consumers spend money and provide offers that might cause consumers to spend money with these companies.

In return, SendEarnings passes a small amount of that payment on to participating members.

By opening a free account and taking part in the various ways to earn money, you can slowly add up the cents, resulting in a payout for you

Is It a Scam or legit?

SendEarnings is part of a well-known group of market research companies.

They are affiliated with major brands, and have many positive reviews from happy members.  While negative feedback does exist, in general it is about common issues among all market research companies.

Best of all, SendEarnings is BBB accredited (Better Business Bureau), displays its BBB accreditation proudly on the home page, and its parent company Cotterweb Enterprises has the highest possible rating of A+.

You can trust that SendEarnings is legit.

Who Can Join?

If you want to join Send Earnings, you will need to be a U.S. resident with an address in that country.

The age limit stated is 18 or the age of majority, whichever is greater.

Key Features

Cash not points.  Instead of awarding points for tasks, SendEarnings tells you how much you are earning in dollars and cents.  While it’s great to know how much you will receive, it’s a bit confronting to realize you just spent 15 minutes for $0.50.

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Multiple ways to earn.  As well as surveys, SendEarnings offers many different paid opportunities such as watching videos, using coupons, paid emails, trial offers, small tasks, and many more.

Unusual payment scheme.  Whereas most paid survey sites have many different options for cashing in your rewards, SendEarnings falls behind in this area.  The only way to earn is by check for a cash amount, sent to a physical address.  There is a $30 minimum (which is quite high), a $3 processing fee and at least 16 days processing.

Gold membership.  When you receive your first payment, you will automatically be upgraded to Gold membership status.  While it sounds exciting, it basically means that your payments are processed slightly faster in future, and not much else.

Referrals program.  If you convince friends and family to sign up using your customized link, you can earn 10% of anything they earn to boost your balance total.

Paid emails.  Click on the emails to read them, and get paid.  The paid emails are sent based on your participation – if you stop clicking on them, they’ll stop coming.

Other Ways To Make Money

  • Taking surveys – these will earn you the amount stated on the opening page.
  • Offers to accept – these range from free to paid trials, so remember to cancel your trial if you no longer want to participate.
  • Doing tasks – Small online tasks will pay you small amounts, but it all adds up.
  • Redeem coupons for a discount on the products you buy and for a small payment on Send Earnings.
  • Watch videos – although it’s an extremely low rate of pay for the time spent.
  • Search engine – Use the SendEarnings search engine to earn $0.01 for your first 5 searches, and then $0.01 per 2 searches after that.
  • Games – not the highest earner but a good option if you were going to play anyway.

My Experience

SendEarnings was easy to find online, had an easy-to-use website, and a simple sign-up process.

I gave my email address and then confirmed my account through an email that was sent.  I earned $5 just for signing up.

Once I logged in, I was easily able to navigate my way around the different offers and promotions.

The interface is really clear and easy to use – there aren’t a lot of distracting ads and other things to take away from clearly seeing your earning options.

There were a lot of different options available for me to start earning.

I focused mostly on the surveys and I found that while I didn’t qualify for many, at least I was disqualified pretty quickly so I could move on to other things.

I had no real problems with Send Earnings, but I couldn’t help but compare it to my experiences with sites like Swagbucks, which had more opportunities to earn and far better options for payment.

Pros and Cons


  • Clearly understood what I would earn for each task
  • Many different options to earn
  • Trustworthy company
  • Pre-qualification for surveys is short
  • Some major brand partners


  • Slow payouts
  • $3 processing fee
  • Only one option to cash out rewards
  • Only available in the US
  • Hard to qualify for surveys

How To Make The Most of SendEarnings

With every market research company, you will find negative reviews.

There are a few simple things you can do to maximize your chances of having a good experience with a site like this:

Be Organised.  Set up a dedicated email address so that the paid emails are not clogging up your regular email address, and you can attend to them when you have time.  Signing up for offers is a great way to earn money, but don’t forget to set up a reminder to cancel before your trial period runs out, or you will end up paying out of your own pocket.

Read the Terms and Conditions.  It is boring and long, but the FAQ section and the Terms and Conditions are the best way to know what you are getting yourself in for.  People can have accounts deleted for seemingly innocent problems like using a proxy server, or having more than one account per household.  Avoid these problems by reading carefully before you sign up.

Sign up to more than one site.  If you choose to join Send Earnings, you should really also consider becoming a member at another prestigious site like Swagbucks.  That way, when you run out of ways to earn money on one site you can change to the other – and you can select only the options that will earn you the most money.

Choose your tasks carefully.  Some opportunities will earn you more than others.  You could spend 20 minutes watching videos for $0.05, or you could complete two surveys and earn $2.  This also applies to only using coupons to shop for things you would buy anyway – your coupons might give you a discount, but that will still lose you money if it isn’t something you would normally buy.

Your time is valuable.  Anyone who claims to earn big bucks completing surveys is almost certainly lying – market research opportunities are to gain some pocket money, as opposed to being a big earner.  Because of this, only spend your free time where you wouldn’t be doing much anyway – maybe complete surveys in front of the TV, or choose the paid games over games that you would normally play.  That way you haven’t lost huge amounts of time for what is admittedly a small amount of money.

Similar Alternatives to SendEarnings

1. QuickRewards

QuickRewards is an established online rewards program that has been around since 2002.

Users can earn rewards for completing various activities.

The tasks are simple and diverse, ranging from viewing videos and advertisements, participating in market research via surveys, shopping from partnered retailers, playing games, and even reading emails.

This diverse array of tasks allows users to select activities that align with their interests.

QuickRewards uses a points system, where these points can be redeemed for various rewards, including cash (via PayPal), gift cards to popular retailers, and even airline miles.

This variety in reward options sets QuickRewards apart from some competitors.

2. GetPaidTo

GetPaidTo is an online rewards platform that gives users points for completing tasks and offers.

These tasks can be as simple as watching videos, viewing advertisements, or filling out online surveys.

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There are also more complex tasks available, such as website testing or product reviews.

The points you earn can be redeemed for cash, sent directly to a PayPal account, or exchanged for gift cards to popular online retailers.

GetPaidTo offers a loyalty program to encourage users to stay active, rewarding them with extra points for consistent participation.

3. Rewarding Ways

Rewarding Ways is an online platform where users can earn money by participating in paid surveys, completing offers, and watching videos.

It offers multiple daily cash surveys and high paying offers to allow maximum earnings.

Payments can be requested via multiple methods, including PayPal, Bitcoin, or Skrill, and they also offer a large selection of gift cards.

Rewarding Ways has a low minimum withdrawal threshold, which means users can request a payment when they have earned as little as $1.00.

4. Offernation

Offernation is a GPT (get-paid-to) website where users can earn money for completing surveys, clicking ads, and performing simple tasks and offers.

The platform provides an extensive range of surveys, including some that pay higher rates than the industry average.

Offernation operates worldwide, meaning it’s accessible to users in many different countries.

Like Rewarding Ways, it also has a low payout threshold ($1.00), enabling users to withdraw their earnings frequently.

Users can receive their payments through various channels including PayPal, Payza, Skrill, and Bitcoin.

My Final Thoughts.

There is nothing exactly wrong with SendEarnings – if there were nothing better on offer, I would be happy to recommend it.

However, where SendEarnings lets itself down is with its payment options – they’re complicated and in my mind unnecessary.

I like to have a variety of options to redeem my hard-earned points, not simply waiting a long time for a check to be mailed, and then having to cash that myself.

I also didn’t think they had as many options to make money as other sites.

While SendEarnings does provide real opportunities to make money, I think that Swagbucks is a much better option for people looking to earn extra cash at home.

They offer a similar setup but with a much greater range of options.

I would personally recommend that people skip straight to the best company and sign up with Swagbucks to earn cash and rewards at home.

Official sites:

SwagBucks –


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