Work at Home Jobs are Not Always Good for Parents

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

what moms and dads need to know about work at home jobsMoms and Dads with young kids tend to be one of the largest groups in the market for work at home jobs. It sounds ideal initially. Parents can be home with their kids, enjoy all those important moments and spend quality time with them, while continuing to earn an income.

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The fact is, there are definitely advantages to working from home for moms with young kids, but there are some things that should be considered before choosing any particular way of making money from home.

1. Flexibility in Schedule

Many young moms are disappointed to learn that a lot of work at home jobs do not fit in with their mothering lifestyle. Some are actually quite strict when it comes to the times the work is completed. Those with young children at home need to be able to tend to them on demand, which can make working a set schedule very difficult.

There are plenty of work at home jobs with 8 to 5 schedules, but that is not necessarily the best time for a mom with young kids to work.

2. Flexibility in the Number of Hours Worked

Flexibility is key to any job, in more ways than one, when it comes to raising kids. Not only does the work schedule need to be flexible, but it is very helpful if the number of hours worked is flexible as well. For example, if a job allows for work to be done whenever it is convenient, but requires forty hours per week, it is going to be very difficult to keep up.

There is only so much time in a day, and the only thing that can go for many moms is sleep. That only works for so long before disaster strikes. It is much better if moms have some say over the number of hours they work in a week so that they can make time for doctor’s appointments, dentists appointments, sick kids, or just extra snuggle time.

3. Phone or Meeting Requirements

It is important when looking for work at home jobs, as a mom with young kids, that requirements for phone use or in-person meetings are considered. Some work at home jobs require the use of phones with little to no background noise or even occasional Skype or in-person meetings. Phone work may be an option if work times are flexible, as the work can be done when little ones are asleep. If there are friends or other options for occasional childcare, then meetings with employers in person may be possible from time to time. Just be sure to take the need for such requirements into account before accepting a position.

4. Suitable Job Nature

Working from home while taking care of young children implies that interruptions can occur at any time. Therefore, choosing a job that is compatible with these potential interruptions and doesn’t require long periods of deep concentration is crucial.

Jobs such as content writing, data entry, or managing social media accounts can offer this flexibility. They allow you to pause and attend to your child’s needs and then pick up where you left off, which might be harder to manage in roles like customer service or live consulting.

5. Reliable Support System

Having a reliable support system in place can significantly enhance your effectiveness in balancing work and parenting duties. This support could come in the form of a spouse, family members, a dependable babysitter, or daycare services.

Having someone who can watch over your children for certain hours can provide you with uninterrupted periods to concentrate on your work. It’s important to ensure this support is reliable and can adapt to the changing needs of your child.

6. Fair Income Potential

Considering the challenge of balancing work with parenting, it is important that your efforts are adequately compensated. When looking for work-from-home opportunities, consider the earning potential of the job. Does it offer a fair pay rate for your skills and time? Are there opportunities for growth in the form of raises, promotions, or bonuses?

Jobs that allow you to gradually take on more work as your child grows older and needs less constant attention can also increase your earning potential over time. Ensuring that the job provides a fair income will contribute to the overall sustainability of your work-at-home arrangement.

Most importantly, work at home jobs for moms and dads `with young kids do exist. If you think it is a good fit for your family then don’t give up searching. Watch the WAHA Job Board regularly and take the mentioned points into consideration. I would also suggest you look into this post about the 10 most recommended job types for parents with young children.

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March 7, 2014 at 8:34 pm

it does take the right kind of parent and attitude to work from home. great post…

Artie G

March 8, 2014 at 5:45 pm

It’s so true. People think that because I work at home, my kids can be here. But working in CS, that’s not true, I need to be on the phone and they have to go to a babysitter for my work to be done properly.

Miranda Grimm

March 9, 2014 at 6:58 pm

Yes! When I worked a home phone job I had to work when my kids were asleep AND my husband was home so that if they were to wake up- he could tend to them. It’s not easy trying to balance working from home and kids but most people think working at home is the solution to their problems. Unless you’re fortunate to find something that can be done around the kids being occupied (on your own schedule) then having a work at home jobs in regards to having kids at home is the same as working outside of the house.

Leisa Good

March 9, 2014 at 2:35 pm

Good advice, Miranda. It’s amazing people that think you really can babysit your kids AND work at the same time. Impossible! You couldn’t bring them to a B&M office and do that!