Pinterest Hacking & Residual Income- WAH Roundup 7-20-12

Updated on: by Miranda Grimm

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I’ts FRIIIIIIIIDDDDAAAAAAY!!!!! I am a bit excited about this week ending. Even though it has been a very good weekend for most of us freelancers, my house is on the market and we are having an Open House tomorrow. I have spent this last week cleaning every nook and cranny, every sheet of glass, every sticky doorknob. I kind of love my house now! So let’s hope someone else does too! So glad to get this behind us. Please pray that my house sells!!!

Pinterest Hacks Galore

Recently my Pinterest account was hacked. I realized it when checking out my boards I found a board I never created. It was some sort of scammy work at home sleazy crap. Of course I immediately deleted it and then reset my password. However, just a week later my account was Suspended Due to Suspicious Activity! I emailed Pinterest and filled out a survey and then was left to wait while they investigated. Finally, two VERY LOOONG days later, I received an email from Pinterest that showed me the offending pin (which I did not create) and allowed me to reset my password and get back to Pinning!

WhenI shared my experience on Facebook I soon found I was not the only one dealing with being hacked by scum. It seems a very high number of Pinterest Users have been seeing the ‘Suspended Account’ message! Have you? If not, I warn you to check your boards regularly for anything you did not pin!


Does One Bad Apple Ruin the Work at Home Reputation

I am sure you are all familiar with those people who tell you working at home is not legit. It is hard not to take offense to it when they KNOW you are working from home. It’s like they are looking you square in the face and telling you what you do is a scam. My blood boils. But I found most of my Facebook Followers are able to shrug it off and just be glad for less competition. How do you react when you see someone claiming legit Work at Home Job don’t exist? See how Tracey from AllStayatHome uses that energy and succeeds.

Working from Home often gives us reasons to want to rant and rave. Unfortunately most of our family and friends cannot relate so we have our online friends to turn to. Erica Martin, an Adventure Team Writer here has begun a blog of her own to do just that- rant and rave! While she builds this site up it can be a great place to retreat when  you need to something off your chest because she can probably relate! Check out her blog.


Have you Heard of BoostCTR?

A friend recently reviewed BoostCTR, a site that pays you to write those small text based Google ads. They recently held a contest where you submit an ad and whoever does the best will receive $20. I decided to enter the contest and try out BoostCTR. At first I felt very overwhelmed. You know those very simple jobs that seem too easy that you begin to overthink them? I think BoostCTR is like that. Once I stopped thinking and just did it, I was surprised by how simple it was! I have an active account at BoostCTR and with their training guide I may be able to get pretty good at it! Now my only concern is finding the time!!


Sit Back While the Money Rolls in?

Have you heard of residual income? That is what many refer to as passive income. where you do a bunch of work and then sit back and reap in the benefits. Often things like a blog or revenue based writing site will allow you to build residual income. You work your butt off to not only write a couple of hundred articles, you market them and you create backlinks. You network with others who are interested in the topic and build yourself a mini empire. Once the work is done you can relax a little. No you can’t take you hands off the wheel but you can stop working so hard and begin to see the fruits of  your labor. This chosen Freelance path can be very rewarding not only monetarily but also mentally- to see your hard work pay off.

Have you considered finding a way to earn a residual income? Check out this article “The Key to a Successful Residual Income Business”.


Enjoy your weekend!!!

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Leisa Good

July 21, 2012 at 9:48 am

Wow! What a great roundup of information and resources. Sorry that your Pinterest account was hacked.