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Miranda Grimm- The creator of WAHadventures.com- has many passions in life. The Lord, her family, blogging and especially Web/Graphic Design! Miranda is living out her dream, working from home to be with her children while actually making money doing something she loves!


  1. Anna says

    I really love titling so far! I was writing too much before and it was frying my brain. The titling is the perfect opportunity to write a little less and still earn as much. If there are days when I don't feel like writing a lot, I can still make $$ with the titling.

  2. Bailey says

    What a great explanation. I had wrongly thought this involved actually writing the titles. That was always a challenge for me under the old WCP program. Coming up with unique titles with the right SEO got to be hard for my own articles. I could not imagine doing it for a living. This makes sense now.

  3. WAH Adventures! says

    Mine usually processes in the evenings around 7pm Eastern every Friday and Tuesday. If you had made any money between last Monday through Wednesday, you should have seen a deposit today already.

  4. WAH Adventures! says

    Great Bailey! I am so glad it made sense. I was worried it would be hard to follow. The whole process is like an assembly line with the finished product of an informative article. I think Henry Ford would be proud!

  5. Momma StJ says

    New follower. What a great post. I had no idea things like this existed. I am going to be making the transition to a stay at home mom this summer, and have been very anxious about income. I'm glad I came across your site!

  6. WAH Adventures! says

    A simple "I am interested in the titling position at Demand Media. I would appreciate an opportunity to test in whenever you have an available opening. Thank You." should do the job Lily.

  7. Amy says

    I just got hired for TQA, I’m anxious but nervous to get started. I think it will be best to wait until my two year old is in bed. Do you happen to know how long the probationary period lasts where they only want you to do about $4.00 per day? Thanks for all of the tips!

    • Miranda Grimmmirandag55225 says

      No, I do not know how long it takes. Somewhere off within a few days and some are still waiting a couple of weeks later. I believe it is just one guy doing each and every person’s review, so it is taking him a while in addition to all of his other duties. But he did mention in the forums that he does not expect you to work every day and he is pretty flexible about it all. Hopefully this response is not needed and you are already off probation! 😉 Good luck and welcome to TQA!

  8. Dominique says

    I’m still waiting to get a response. Starting to not be so optimistic since I have noticed so many people have heard back. Also re-thinking some of my answers to the test. Oh well the waiting game continues I guess. Sounds like such a great opportunity, I would love to be able to do this. I will keep on stalking my email. Lol

  9. Jenny says

    I am new to reading your blog and love it so far!! My husband and I would both like to do this opportunity. Can two people from the same household be hired?

    • Miranda Grimmmirandag55225 says

      Absolutely! Many spouses each have their own account titling at Demand and do it at the same time! Best of luck to you both!!

      • Jennifer says

        Thank you so much for the awesome info!! My husband just got sent an email to test for TE!! We are so excited!! I haven’t written them but with his quick response back, I am going to try too!

  10. Tonya says

    New to this myself, first time applying for a WAH, and found this very informative. Thanks for sharing. I just sent my email to demand and hope I get chosen to test. Wish me luck!

  11. Walter says

    new to WAHs and was wondering where to find the email link for Demand? The site asks you to submit an applicaton, a resume and doesn’t list titler in available positions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  12. Sakeenah says

    If you request to test will they send you information for any position that is open, or would you need to send a new email for each position? Can you apply for more than one job at a time?

    • Miranda GrimmMiranda Grimm says

      I am not completely clear on this. I *think that if you send an email expressing interest in titling in general, that you might be emailed when the next available role opens. But I will tell you from my experience that I did just that and then also emailed from a different address requesting TQA. The only one I hear back from was the one where I requested TQA…. But it may have just been one of those glitch type of things.

      If you choose to apply to all the roles, be sure to use different emails.

  13. Gwen says

    Hello. I’ve been lurking around on your site for a few days now. I’m impressed! You have so much information that truly does wonders for those of us desperately searching for work. Thank you so much for this, it gives me a newly found hope.

    I’ve been out of a j-o-b for two years now. Every application/resume that I sent out, only results in a rejection letter. I am exactly a half of a month away from shutting my internet down due to the lack of money (this is the only type of modern technology that I actually have, lol). I’m aware that this is not interesting and seems like a “woe is me” story. Frankly, it’s a bit embarrassing for me. But, my point is to show you that what you’re doing is of true value to me and so many others. I’ve been in a panic mode for quite some time now, and stress is a daily occurrence.

    I just sent an email out to Demand Studios. I am very nervous, yet excited at the same time. Cross your fingers for me please. Just the possibility of being accepted allows me to smile today. This is all thanks to you, for opening a door that I didn’t know existed.

    Thank you again for all of your hard work. This is a blessing!

    • Gwen says

      I guess I should have read your homepage first lol (about DS drying up). Either way, my previous post still stands. I’m very thankful for this site.

      • Miranda GrimmMiranda Grimm says

        I am sorry about DS Drying up. They are making changes and a lot of people are still hoping for new and more jobs there.

        Check this out as well, I hear a lot of people are doing about 150 a week with it, some may be doing more. I heard they have been accepting people left and right, so jump in quick if you want to try it out: http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?c=qXY9VfwJ&cs=93q9Vfwh&su=fsY9Vfwe&page=Job%20Description&j=onOuVfwk

        Good luck!!!

        • Gwen says

          Hello Miranda. Thank you for your reply. Please don’t be sorry, you have given me a lot of opportunities as well as the much needed hope!

          I checked into the link that you provided. I took your advice and jumped on it; sent a resume and cover letter. If you’re curious, the resume is required, but not the cover letter. They ask you two questions on the application (besides the standard Name, Address, etc.): “What do you look for in a company?” and “What would your theme song be when you walked into a room?” I’m not sure if you have already looked into it or not, so this is just a heads up. I will be notified by email if accepted or declined. There is also a link sent, via email, to check the progress of your application. If accepted, I will inform you of the process thereafter.

          Thank you so much for the lead and luck.

          P.S. – I have looked into other work-at-home websites, this one is the best by far. Not only do you have a mass of options, but you also include your own experiences; this is priceless as it makes me feel much more comfortable with applying.

          Thanks again and good luck to you as well!

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