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Transcription Hub does not require previous experience to work online from home.Quick on a keyboard? Enjoy the flexibility of working when you want? If this sounds like you, work-at-home employer, Transcription Hub, may be the perfect pick for your next remote position. Though quite similar to other work-at-home transcriptionist jobs, Transcription Hub offers a couple of perks not commonly found in these opportunities.

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What will I be transcribing?

The Transcription Hub website indicates that the company provides a variety of transcription services. These range from business-oriented (meetings, conferences, presentations), academic, medical, and even media (think movies and plays!). The website lists clients such as Hardvard University,, and Wikimedia Foundation.

A huge positive in this area is that you are allowed to reject a file if you do not feel you can do your best work on it, or are not interested in the subject matter.

Do I need to have previous experience?

Previous experience is not required to work for Transcription Hub. However, applicants must pass a qualifying exam.

How much will I be paid?

Compensation depends on how you fare during your evaluation (more on this below). Based on the accuracy and speed of your transcribing, you will be assigned to either the Gold, Silver, or Bronze level. Your rate per hour will be determined by the level to which you belong, with those in the Gold tier given the highest payment.

I spotted a blurb on their website, directed to clients, offering as low as $0.75/minute which is considered relatively low-paying. However, an applicant to the company revealed he read they charge as high as $2.75/minute (though no source was given with this information). If you are particularly speedy in your typing then, this could be a lucrative side gig.

Is it a full-time or part-time position?

Their hours of work operate a bit differently than the categories of full- or part-time. When you pass the evaluation process, you are given a maximum pickup limit, which depends on your availability. You can select as many files as your pickup limit allows but must return them completed within 24 hours lest you negate your compensation.

Do I need special software or equipment?

No additional software or equipment – besides a well-running computer, of course – is necessary, though a headset will definitely help your productivity as well as a transcription pedal, if you become serious about this as a career.

Do they offer benefits?

No benefits are mentioned.

What are the workers saying about it?

Though Transcription Hub has a lot of pluses to its name, the process of completing the evaluation is slow-moving, according to individuals who have applied.

Will I have to sign anything?

Yes. Transcription Hub requires you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and contract upon hire.

I live outside of the States. Can I still apply?

Yes! International workers can definitely apply to work for Transcription Hub.

How do I apply for Transcription Hub?

To work with Transcription Hub, you must first pass a qualifying test. The test examines your transcription speed and accuracy, and based on these figures, assigns you to a tier: Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Payment or jobs offered will be based on your ranking.

The evaluation involves you transcribing a file within 24 hours to be reviewed. Expect this step to take about 24 – 48 hours, at which point you will be notified by Transcription Hub if you passed and informing you of your ranking. At this time, you will have access to the Live Transcription Marketplace where you are able to select files to work on.

To begin your application, head over to the Registration page.

Alternatives to Transcription Hub


Rev is a widely-used transcription service that contracts with freelance workers globally to provide transcription, captioning, and subtitling services. You can choose the projects you work on and your working hours, providing flexibility.

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Rev transcribers are paid weekly via PayPal for all work completed. As a Rev transcriber, you’ll have access to a list of customer audio that needs transcribing, and you can claim jobs on a first-come, first-served basis.


Scribie is another platform that offers transcription work on a freelance basis. Their system is slightly different. Once you apply and get accepted, you can start working on files that are typically 6 minutes or less. One feature that sets Scribie apart is that it offers the opportunity for advancement, potentially leading to higher pay and more responsibilities.

Payments are made through PayPal, and there is no minimum amount needed to make a withdrawal.


TranscribeMe is known for offering one of the best rates in the industry. They also offer short, manageable chunks of audio to work on, which can make the work feel more achievable and less overwhelming.

They offer a flexible work schedule where you can work as much or as little as you like, provided there’s work available. They pay weekly via PayPal with no minimum payout requirement.


GoTranscript, based in the UK, provides transcription services globally. The company contracts with freelance transcriptionists, editors, and translators. The application process involves passing a test. If you pass the test, you can select assignments, and you’ll be paid weekly via PayPal or Payoneer.

They also provide feedback on your work, which can help improve your transcription skills.


Speechpad is a company offering transcription and captioning services. They hire both transcriptionists and captioners. The transcription jobs at Speechpad range from general to advanced, so this can be a good option if you have a specific area of expertise, like medical or technical transcription.

They pay twice a week via PayPal.

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Am I understanding this correctly – each file / assignment you pick up has a 24 hour deadline for completion?


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It depends upon the work being given to you. For further information please visit our website:


March 10, 2020 at 8:51 am

Do I work as a subcontractor or is this a W2 form employment?