Working at Home with Parameds

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

Parameds is a work at home company I see talks about around the web quite frequently. I recently realized I knew very little about Parameds so I decided to check into it further and share what I have learned with you. First I want to make it clear that I know very little about medical insurance, underwriting or anything about medical billing. Some of the information I found was hard to follow, since it is not an industry I know much about. But the basics are here and I hope it helps you.

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Parameds, a company more than a decade old,  is a third-party company who works to collect information for insurance companies. Parameds hires remote workers for the Attending Physician Statement Retriever position as well as roles like underwriting.

The Attending Physician Statement Retriever job does not require a lot of specific background or skills, which is why I have chosen to focus on this role.

What do Attending Physician Statement Retrievers (also referred to as APSs) do for Parameds?

Paramed APS workers make outbound calls to retrieve data on a case by case basis. From what I understand it seems to most commonly involve calling medical offices to retrieve patient information on behalf of insurance companies. However, Parameds deals with more than just medical insurance. From disability and life insurance  to death claims, there is a large market to be cared for by Paramed so I imagine the ‘cases’ APSs work may vary.

Equipment Requirements for the Attending Physician Statement Retrievers at Parameds?

You will need to download Skype to make your calls. Any fees when you use Skype for your calls are reimbursed by Parameds. Or, you have the choice of using your own home land line or even your cell phone but those charges are not covered by Parameds.

If you use Skype or any other VoIP service like Gmail’s Calling Service, you will need to buy a USB headset that can be plugged into your computer. This expense is not covered by Parameds but is generally inexpensive.

You will also need a working space with a quiet background. You do not want to sound like you work at home by having sounds of your dog barking, TV blasting and kids talking in the background. A good noise canceling microphone and an office with a door with a lock makes for a nice working environment!

Is the Schedule at Parameds Flexible?

Oh this is the part about Parameds that I love! There is a lot of flexibility! You are required to be available for at least 6 hours a day Monday through Friday. However, as far as I have read, you are not given a set schedule of hours. Your 6 hours can be broken up throughout the day. There will be some ‘cases’ you will receive that will require you to call before 4:30pm in their time zone. Also, some of the supervisors like to see you start around the same time each day. But that is something you will discuss with your supervisor at the appropriate time.

While you are required to be available for at least 6 hours a day, it does not mean you will work 6 hours a day. Some days will require less and some may require more. Which brings us to the next subject of discussion- how you are paid.

How Much does Parameds Pay their Work at Home APSs?

Parameds, like many other companies, keep their pay rate hidden under a privacy agreement signed before being hired. But it is important to know they do not pay on an hourly rate. A Very helpful forum posting said this about the Parameds pay:

You are paid per completed case which is dependable on how quickly you can close out your cases (your turnaround time). How long to complete is really dependable on the facility you work with and how well you can tempt them into rushing this for you. Some you can complete out within the 1st day of receiving the case and others could take 60+ days to complete.

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From my impression of the feedback I have read around the web. The pay at Parameds must be a little better than low. In fact, I viewed a comment claiming each case pays $5 at closing. But I do know they offer pay raises- so I do not know if that is a starting pay or a raised pay. It seems the pay is not consistent either. Some weeks many feel they earned really good money. Some weeks they feel they did more work than reflecting on their paycheck.

What is the Pay Schedule at Parameds?

Parameds MAILS a check on the 1st and the 15th of each month. If pay-day is on a weekend or holiday, they will pay the next business day.

Eeek. I hate to report however that Parameds waits to pay out your first check until 30 days after you begin work! AND if you quit within that first 30 days, you forfeit your pay!!!  No, I do not like this one bit! Keep reading though, as always I promise to give a balanced view of Parameds–spotlighting the good and bad!

My Overall Impression of Parameds:

I swear reading the feedback of Parameds around the web reminds of me my mood swings a week after giving birth to either of my girls! One moment I am reading someone’s hate toward the job at Parameds and how they earned less than minimum wage and the next minute I am reading about how much someone loves their job with Parameds thanks to the flexibility of the schedule and guess what?- their pay!

I have done a lot of reading and have formed a few of my own opinions:

Parameds is simply not for everyone. It is a job that is filled with unknowns. You don’t always know how much work you will have, how much your paycheck will be or if the next call you make will result in a screaming and attitude filled person you need to help you close out your case- so you can be paid for it!

I do like that it is not a sales job, your hours are not set in stone and you have some freedom of completing the work at your pace.

I wish I could say, if you are considering it then just apply- if it doesn’t work out then let it go. But, as you know, that would mean if it took you less than 30 days to figure that out- you won’t get paid!

So don’t take my word for it! Check out some of the most helpful blog comments and forum posts I found around the web. Parameds may be perfect for you, or it may be a waste of time! Check it out:

I Can Work From Home Too is a blog which discussed Parameds and many remote workers (especially disgruntled) came to testify!

This is sort of overkill but has a thread with 94 pages of discussion about Parameds!! Lots of information here and no, I did not read all 94 pages! Too exhausting. I think you will agree, a good opinion can be made within a 3-10 pages of reading. Randomly pick a page here and there and see what they are saying over there.

Another, much shorter, discussion of Parameds at gives a nice balance and honest view.

Work Place Like Home forums offer an entire section for Paramed Workers to unite, discuss and help each other. You can read worker testimonies- good, bad and completely honest!

Paramed’s gives a little description of the job but I will admit- I didn’t understand it.

So, How do you Apply for Parameds?

Send your resume to [email protected]  It is not always known if they are currently hiring, but sending an inquiry to Parameds is the best way to find out.

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Leisa Good

January 9, 2012 at 7:30 am

I have definitely heard of Parameds, and like you have heard how some struggle to barely make minimum wage and some do well. I have read reviews that some really like it and some don’t. I have also heard rumors of several cases coming in at the end of the day–causing a busy evenings of “overtime” or last minutes things to do. Then again, I’ve met those that are able to manage that and still make it work

I guess it’s like all phone jobs. Try it and see if it is for you.

As always, good review.

Kirstie Mack

October 5, 2012 at 2:03 am

Thank you Amanda for your blog. so many of us need this… Thank you…

Rebecca Stuart

December 10, 2012 at 6:44 pm

I think everyone will have to judge Parameds by his or her own needs. I have found my part-time job with Parameds both financially & professionally rewarding. Working from home gives me the flexibility & freedom I need from a job. I believe I am compensated fairly ( not that I would say no to a raise :o) ) & my colleagues with whom I interact are wonderful. I have nothing negative to say about Parameds. I wish everyone luck in finding satisfaction in their work.

Tammy Hendrickson

May 25, 2015 at 2:55 pm

Do you still work for Parameds ? And do you still like it ? would you give me some input ?
Thank you ,
Tammy Hendrickson


March 12, 2013 at 11:39 am

What are the benefits with Parameds? Ins., etc…..

Rebecca Stuart

July 9, 2013 at 11:54 am

I work p/t for Parameds and love the flexibility and personal touches the company gives to everyone. There are bonuses and holiday gifts and you know your supervisor on a first name basis. Most are willing to work with you as per workload, hours etc. I would suggest you try working for a few months to decide for yourself if Parameds is right for you. Everyone is different so I would take opinions with the appropriate grain of salt 🙂