Get Paid to Answer Questions with These 43+ Websites and Apps!

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If you're an expert in a subject, why not get paid to answer questions from your home? These 43 websites and apps will pay you for your expert knowledge and give you a legit way to earn money at home without a regular job.There are tons of ways to make money online.

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But, did you know it can be as simple as answering someone else’s questions through a website, app, or text message?

It’s true. The websites and apps below will pay you to answer questions or give advice to those who need it.

Usually, it’s as simple as typing up an organized, well-thought-out response and hitting “send”.

Most of these places won’t make you tons of money, but you can maximize your earning potential by using a few of them at a time.

And, some will even let you set your own rates!

What Do You Need to Get Started?

To get paid to give advice online, you, fortunately, don’t need much!

For most websites or apps, here are some general things you’ll need:

  • To be 18 years old. Most websites or apps require you to be at least 18, and some have restrictions on location, so make sure you meet the requirements before signing up.
  • Excellent knowledge of at least a few subjects for general websites, or expert knowledge of niche-specific websites. Some websites may require you to verify your expertise or credentials.
  • Smartphone with internet access, for answering questions through apps, or a computer with a reliable internet connection, for answering questions through websites.

And that’s it! Of course, you should also have excellent spelling, grammar, and communication skills. Without those, it’s not likely that people will find your answers helpful, which will hurt your earnings potential.

Answer Questions Online with Survey Sites

Online survey sites are great for making money by answering questions with your opinions.

You can sign onto these sites whenever you feel like it, take some surveys, and get some extra cash!

Survey Junkie – Survey Junkie matches you with the best surveys that fit your interests and areas of expertise.

Take the surveys you want, earn points, and redeem the points for electronic gift cards or PayPal cash.

You can learn more about SurveyJunkie here.

MySurvey (LifePoints) – Take surveys online or use the app to take surveys on the go with MySurvey.

This site offers rewards like Amazon gift cards and PayPal cash.

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Swagbucks – Swagbucks offers a lot more than just surveys, but it has those too. You can typically find new surveys on the site every day, each paying out SBs, or points, for your opinions.

If there aren’t any new surveys available, you can still make money reading emails, playing games, completing bonuses, shopping online, and more.

Many rewards don’t require a lot of points either. For example, you can get a $3 PayPal transfer for just 300 SBs.

And, Swagbucks often discounts a lot of its rewards, letting you pay less in points for the rewards you want!

Learn all about Swagbucks here.

InboxDollars – InboxDollars is a long-running rewards site that’s one of the first websites I ever used for online surveys.

It also has other great money-making tasks, though, like paid radio, free offers to sign up for to make a few cents or dollars, and paid games.

You’ll also get money when you refer others to the site and they stay active.

You’ll need $30 for your first payment, but it shouldn’t take you long to reach that goal with surveys and offers.

You can learn more about InboxDollars here.

Pinecone Research – You can earn $3 or more per survey with Pinecone Research, making it one of the best-paying survey sites around.

You only need $3 to cash out your check, too, so you can redeem your cash with every survey you take if you’d like.

You can learn more about Pinecone Research here.

MyPoints – MyPoints is a little different than other survey sites because, like Swagbucks and InboxDollars, it’s more of a rewards site with a variety of tasks.

One of the best ways to earn points here is by shopping online. MyPoints gives cash back for your purchases when you use its portal to shop.

But there are a lot of surveys to take, too, to help you make money with your opinions.

Be sure to complete the daily tasks to get bonus points every day!

PanelPayDay – PanelPayDay works with other survey panels to match you with relevant survey opportunities.

You can earn $25 to $75 per survey if you qualify for long-form surveys, like focus groups.

YouGov – YouGov is a survey website that focuses a lot of its surveys around social and political issues, but sometimes also has entertainment and other fun surveys.

This site doesn’t pay as much points as some others, but the surveys are usually interesting and the rewards are great.

You can choose from a variety of gift cards and even a VISA Prepaid card!

Ipsos i-Say – i-Say is one of the oldest survey sites around, and it’s still one of my favorites.

You can earn bonus points for surveys the more you complete, thanks to the loyalty program.

When you’re ready to cash out your points, i-Say has several awesome rewards, like Sephora and Home Depot gift cards.

You’ll also earn sweepstakes entries when you take surveys, so you’ll have a chance to earn lots of cash by answering questions with this panel.

Mindswarms – Mindswarms is another survey site, but instead of taking form-based surveys, you’ll take fun video surveys on your phone!

Answer up to 7 questions and get paid $50. If the survey is shorter, you’ll still get paid $10 for each question you answer.

Mindswarms pays via PayPal for all accepted questions within a couple of days.

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Opinion Bureau Opinion Bureau is an online platform that offers paid surveys to individuals interested in sharing their opinions and earning rewards.

Users can sign up for free and participate in various surveys on a wide range of topics, including consumer products, market research, and more. 

The platform provides a user-friendly interface and offers different reward options such as cash payments, gift cards, and charitable donations.

PrizeRebelPrizeRebel is a popular online survey and rewards platform that allows users to earn points by completing surveys, watching videos, participating in offers, and more.

The accumulated points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including gift cards, PayPal cash, and merchandise. 

PrizeRebel also offers a referral program where users can earn additional points by referring friends and family to join the platform.

MindMoverMindMover is a UK-based online research panel that connects individuals with market research opportunities.

By signing up and completing surveys on MindMover, participants can contribute their opinions on various topics and earn rewards. 

The platform offers different reward options, including cash payments and vouchers. 

Opinion CityOpinion City is an online platform that aggregates survey opportunities from various market research companies. 

Users can sign up for free and gain access to a wide range of surveys on different topics. 

Opinion City aims to streamline the process of finding legitimate survey opportunities and provides a platform for individuals to earn rewards for their opinions. 

It’s important to note that while Opinion City connects users to survey panels, users may need to sign up for individual panels to participate in surveys.

Want more survey sites to make money with your opinions? Check out our list of the best survey sites in 2020.

Earn Money Online Answering Questions with Websites

These websites will let you get paid to help people online, just by logging into your account.

Answeree – Answeree is a question and answer website where you can get paid to answer the questions others post.

It’s set up in a form format. You’ll register, log in, and help others by answering questions.

Every answer will make you $0.10, and you can earn another $0.01 if someone votes for your response with a “Thank.”

However, beginning in January 2019, the site is looking to makeover its reward system because some have abused it.

It’s possible that there will be stricter requirements for answer submissions in order to earn rewards, so be sure to check the new guidelines when you sign up.

Chegg – For Chegg, you can sign up to become an online tutor starting at $20 an hour to help students all over the world!

As an online tutor, you’ll be available to answer students’ questions and guide them toward understanding materials.

You can log in whenever you want and Chegg will match you with students who need your help.

Chegg pays once weekly for all work you completed.

Experts 123 – Experts 123 lets you write articles on a range of subjects, like Parenting, Entertainment, Travel, and whatever else you may have expertise in.

You can search for questions people are asking to create an informative blog post, or create your own topics that you think can help others.

Your pay is determined on the amount of traffic you pull into your posts.

You’ll start earning money via a revenue-sharing program, but can graduate to per-post rates once you prove your writing skills and helpfulness to the community.

Directly – Directly pays you to answer questions about companies that you have “expert” knowledge of. Once you sign up, you can choose the companies you want to answer questions about.

Once a question comes through in your area of expertise, you’ll have an opportunity to answer it.

You’ll receive half of the pay from the question, with the other half going to Directly. Directly pays with PayPal in about 2 to 4 days after requesting your pay.

FixYa – FixYa focuses on questions related to fixing things. You’ll receive points on your answers, based on how helpful others find them to be. You can trade in your points for prizes.

Help Owl – Help Owl pays you with points to answer questions about brands you have expert knowledge of, like 3M or Skype.

You’ll get 100 points for each question answered, 1,000 points for creating the first accepted answer, and 10 points each time your question is marked “helpful”, for example.

You can also create in-depth product or company guides and receive up to 1,000 points per guide. Trade your points in for prizes, like an Amazon gift card.

Ingenio – Ingenio is the parent company of several horoscope and spiritual guidance brands, like and

You can keep an eye on the Careers page to sometimes find open positions for experts for any of the company’s other brands.

It will sometimes seek live phone operators who have psychic abilities to offer guidance to those who call in.

Just Answer – Apply to be an expert on Just Answer in whatever topics you choose. You’ll need to send your resume or work history, and you’ll need proof of your diploma and any certifications you might have.

You’ll earn 50% of your commission from answers and can also earn $50 per referral.

LivePerson – This company is a leader in providing helpful chat services for businesses all over the world.

You can keep its Careers page bookmarked to find live chat jobs with its clients, who operate in a wide range of industries, from travel and retail to automotive and insurance.

myLot – You can start discussions or respond to questions and discussions to earn money from myLot. The more valuable others rate your content, the more you can earn.

Once you reach $5, you can request a payout, which will arrive in your PayPal account by the 15th of the following month.

Needle – As a “Needler”, you’ll be responsible for helping people find the answers to their shopping questions by matching them with the best products.

Pays with points that you can redeem for a variety of prizes in the online Needle store.

Quora – Quora now has a beta program called Knowledge Prizes, which is allowing people to “sponsor” the answers they find most helpful on Quora.

So, if you use Quora to share your knowledge, you might be one of the lucky ones chosen to get your answer sponsored and make some money.

This is hit or miss, but the more you answer questions in a helpful way, the better your chances of earning money. You can choose to keep the money from the sponsor or donate it to charity!

Weegy – This question and answer directory pays you to answer questions that aren’t answered in the directory.

Once you reach $20, your earnings will automatically transfer to your PayPal account.

Wonder Wonder requires more research and in-depth responses than other question and answer websites, but it may also pay out more.

If you’re an efficient researcher and good writer, this is a good opportunity.

Browse open requests, conduct research for your chosen question, and compile your findings and statistics into a condense report.

Each “search” tends to pay somewhere between $6 to $8 and can take about 15 to 20 minutes.

Yup – Yup is a homework help program for students struggling with math subjects. The tutoring service covers subjects like pre-algebra, calculus, and trigonometry.

As an online tutor for Yup, you’ll obviously need good math skills to answer homework and study questions for your students and guide them through their materials.

When you sign up, you’ll need to take an exam on the subject(s) of your choice to prove your expertise.

Once accepted, you’ll log in when you’re able and connect to students who need your help.

Yup pays monthly with PayPal or direct deposit and sets each tutor’s rate according to their expertise and performance.

Get Paid to Answer Questions Through Text Messages or Apps

For payments with these companies, you’ll be answering questions through text messages or an app on your smartphone.

1Q – You’ll receive text questions through your smartphone related to feedback for businesses. You’ll get paid 50 cents per answer instantly to PayPal.

6Ya – This app lets you take calls on your phone when others need your help in your area of expertise.

You won’t have to give away your phone number; it’ll be kept secret with the app.

Sign in whenever you’re available and you can always choose to accept or deny calls.

Most calls aren’t longer than 5 minutes and you’ll get paid for every one you take.

AQA 63336 – This is a UK company, but allows those in the US to answer questions, too. Others will text questions to you, and you’ll get paid when you answer them.

Collide – Collide offers a different way to make money answering questions by utilizing your social media accounts.

Collide helps you monetize your accounts by letting you create special content that they can access for a subscription or one-time fee.

So you can create helpful content through writing or video that answers questions your audience might typically have and offer purchase options for them to access that exclusive content! – is an app that helps you make money using your expertise by answering questions via email and other fun tasks.

The app pays in Bitcoin instead of regular currency, though.

You can set up a professional profile that lists your areas of expertise.

Every time someone messages you for help, you can get paid to answer them.

KGB – KGB hires people to answer questions related to the company’s FAQ section via text message. Pays 3 to 10 cents per answered question.

Websites That Let You Set Your Own Rate

These websites have the most potential for earning you money, since you can set your rates or only bid on questions with rates in your desired range.

Clarity – Clarity is a place where people can connect with experts in subjects like business and digital marketing to learn what they need to know.

As an expert, you can set your own rate per minute for people to contact you by phone.

Clarity pays every 15 days with PayPal.

Ether – Ether helps you provide advice or expertise over the phone or through e-mail. You set up your listing and your rate, explain your service, and Ether will forward calls or e-mails to you from those who need your services.

You can set your rates per minute, per call, or per block of time.  Set your hours for when you’re available to take calls or e-mails. Essentially, it’s like starting your own business. Ether will take 15% of commissions, but there are no other fees associated with the service.

Keen – If you have psychic abilities, you can give psychic advice through Keen. You create your listing, set your own rates, and others will be able to come to you for advice. You’ll receive automatic payments through check, direct deposit, or Express Pay.

Live Person (review) – Live Person has a number of categories for experts, including tax experts or psychics. Answer questions within your areas of expertise, and you can set your own rates to do so. You can answer questions through live chat, e-mail, or phone.

A connection fee will apply for each paid minute of your communication with a client. Pays once per month with a minimum payment of $50.

UPDATE 5/2023: Live Person has changed its business model a bit, now offering mostly live chat and other communications solutions for a variety of businesses.

You’ll now need to look on its Careers page to find relevant jobs.

You can keep its Careers page bookmarked to find live chat jobs with its clients, who operate in a wide range of industries, from travel and retail to automotive and insurance.

Maven (review) – You set your own hourly consulting rate as an expert for Maven. The system will match you with potential questions related to your areas of knowledge, and you can answer via web or phone.

For even more earnings potential, try Extended Consulting, or earn money from referrals.

PrestoExperts – Answer questions online, through e-mail, or via phone for PrestoExperts. This website specializes in tutoring, counseling, technology, and programming, but there are several others to choose from.

Small Biz Advice – Business Experts can give advice to small businesses on Small Biz Advice. Questions may require answers from simple to complex, but you can decide which questions you want to answer.

Small Biz Advice charges 5%, or $2.95, of your commission, whichever is greater. You’ll be able to determine your earnings by only bidding on the questions with your desired rate.

Student of Fortune – Provide help to students with homework questions on Student of Fortune.

You’ll answer the questions in the form of a tutorial, which you set the cost for, and students can buy your answer to view the full tutorial. Student of Fortunate takes 40% commission.

Update 5/2023: Student of Fortune is now New Student of Fortune. The site basically works the same, offering academic help, essay writing, and other services to students.

Studypool – The former question and answer website, Createpool, has been taken over by Studypool, which pays you to help others with academic questions.

You can bid on the questions you’d like to answer, essentially earning you the rate you want!

Even Better Ways to Make Money With Your Expertise?

You don’t only need to rely on other websites and apps to make money using your skills and knowledge.

There are a few other ideas I have that could make you more money because they put you in control of what you make.

If you’re looking for some other money-making ways to be an expert online and make a solid income, then these ideas are for you:


First, blogging.

You’ll notice that I mention blogging in a lot of posts on Work at Home Adventures as a money-making work at home job idea.

That’s because it’s a legitimate way for almost anyone who wants to work from home earn a living if they remain dedicated to it and serious about turning it into a business.

What’s the main reason you visit the blogs you like?

Probably because those blogs have awesome content that’s relevant to you. You find the posts interesting, engaging, and informative.

They’re likely written by someone who’s an expert in that niche (most bloggers are, which is why they create a blog around what they know best!).

It’s totally possible for you to start your own blog on a topic you’re interested in and have a lot of knowledge about, like cars, sports, gardening, or fitness.

Once you have several quality posts on the blog, start looking for ways to monetize it.

You can use Google Adsense to place ads that make money.

Start linking to your favorite products on Amazon using Amazon Associates for affiliate marketing.

You can even work on bumping up your traffic and followers so you can start getting sponsored post opportunities.

There are a lot of ways to make money with a blog if you’re serious about it, so why not use your expertise to become a full-time blogger?


I also think coaching is a good idea.

In fact, a lot of bloggers help to boost their own income by coaching others on the topics they write about.

Some bloggers coach newer bloggers on how to make money with their blogs if their posts are typically about starting a successful blog, for example.

You don’t necessarily have to be a blogger to become a coach, but it’s a good idea to have a website where people who are interested in your work can learn more about you.

Online coaches exist in a variety of industries, from life coaches to social media coaches and almost anything in between.

If you consider yourself to have expert knowledge in any area, you can likely succeed as a coach for that topic if you market yourself correctly.

Be sure to get a LinkedIn profile, keep it updated, and network with others.

You can also use sites like Udemy to create your expert courses with ease. Udemy will even market them for you for a fee.

Using Quora and Reddit

Finally, there are two other websites I want you to consider as your new homes for answering questions: Quora and Reddit.

These two sites are free and don’t directly pay anyone to answer questions.

However, people use them all the time to ask questions and others who know the answers to those questions respond.

In a roundabout way, you can use these sites to your advantage to drive traffic to your online business, shop, or whatever else it is that makes you money.

Quora is an excellent site for experts to join because you can set up your profile for others to learn more about you and your business.

You can also create a tagline that explains your expertise in a few words.

Maybe you sell candles online.

Your tagline might be something like “DIY Candle-Making Expert”.

You can search for “DIY candle making” and other relevant terms to find questions that people want to know about making their own candles.

Answer those questions, add a link or two to tutorials you’ve written or other helpful information you have on your site, and post your answer.

Anyone who looks at that question can now see your answer and may even click over to your site and make a purchase!

Reddit is similar, but you won’t have quite as much opportunity for creating an in-depth profile about you and your business.

Still, it’s super active, and if you hang out in relevant subreddits to answer questions, you could send traffic back to your business.

More traffic = more leads and sales!

One tip: Don’t be overly promotional.

If you get to sales-y in your answers, you’re likelier to deter people away from clicking through than you are to convince them.

Your priority is to answer the question thoroughly; your second is to sell.

Remember that and you’ll be on your way to making more sales in no time, just by answering the right questions.

Get Started Answering Questions and Earning Money!

Although this type of online work won’t likely make you rich, the more practice you have, the more efficiently you can do it.

Then, you’ll make more money!

Remember to always be thorough in your answer. Some websites allow others to vote on the helpfulness of your answers.

If they don’t really answer the question properly, they likely won’t get voted as ‘helpful’, and you may not have as much potential to earn more money.

Let us know in a comment if there’s any websites or apps we’ve missed that you’ve had good luck with!

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